Monday, July 02, 2012

The Wobbly Tax

On the way to town this morning to rent a Rug Doctor (don't ask) I was listening to Glenn Beck on talk radio and he proposed a wonderful idea for another taxing scheme, and it fits wonderfully into Wobbly Roberts new tax initiative.  It goes something like this.

There are very many constitutional activities that some people don't participate in.  One of these activities is the 2nd Amendment protections on the owning and using firearms in the home for self-protection.  Now, we know that the Pittman Robertson act helps to fund many ranges, clinics,  educational experiences relating to the shooting sports.  Pittman-Robertson money also funds non-shooting pursuits that are available to those people who don't hunt or shoot.
Although Pittman-Robertson is financed wholly by firearms users and archery enthusiasts, its benefits cover a much larger number of people who never hunt but do enjoy such wildlife pastimes as birdwatching, nature photography, painting and sketching, and a wide variety of other outdoor pursuits. Almost all the lands purchased with P-R money are managed both for wildlife production and for other public uses. Wildlife management areas acquired by the States for winter range also support substantial use by hikers and fishermen, campers and picnickers. Wetlands for summer waterfowl nesting are useful to nature lovers in other seasons. Recent estimates indicate about 70 percent of the people using these areas are not hunting, and in some localities the ratio may go as high as 95 percent.
What? These people (birdwatchers, nature photogs, painters and sketchers, hikers, fishermen, campers, picnickers, nature lovers) are not participating, and they're enjoying the benefits of this money. In the words of Nancy Pelosi, they're free-riders and should pay a ta-penalty.  See, even Nancy Pelosi is on-board with  similar taxing schemes. 

So, how would we do this?  Simple.  Save your receipts when you buy guns, ammo, archery supplies, arrows or bows.  When you do your taxes at the end of the year, add all those supplies and put them on a block on your 1040 form.  If you don't have anything to put in that block, simply put in 50% of your adjusted gross income and send it to the government to fund the Fish and Wildlife service.  Even as little as one box of ammo a year would prove participation and would save you from the confiscatory Wobbly Tax.  However, non-participation is now taxable if you're taking benefits and walking through the woods without paying Pittman Robertson is now subject to a tax penalty.

Sounds reasonable to me.   It's time for another letter to my Congress-critter.

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Old NFO said...

Good point! Lets tax ALL the freeloaders for every system :-) I can get on board with that!!!