Monday, May 28, 2012

Cry Havoc!

This is interesting.  It appears that someone at the Weather Service got caught with their hands in the till. 
Jack Hayes, the director of the National Weather Service, stepped down Friday in response to an investigation that top officials at the weather service had misappropriated $43.8 million by giving bonuses and extensions to contractors without proper justification.
It is my considered opinion that most weather-related science is bullshit.  Pure unadulterated bullshit.  Until the Weather Weenies can tell me whether or not, in three days, it will rain on my acre, they're full of crap.  I can give a generic weather report for three days out.
Clear to partly cloudy for the Deville, LA area, hot, in the mid-90s with 80% humidity.  Chance of a mid-afternoon or early evening thunderstorm.
That, ladies and gentlemen is the forecast for most of June-thru-September in my area.  The weather service can't do any better than that, and the idea that they're stealing from me galls me to no end.   It is my considered opinion that most of what passes for meteorology is hocus-pocus science, akin to reading tea leaves and sheep entrails.  There is no more science there than exists in a shaman's incantation, and until they can tell me, to a certainty, when it will next rain on my acre, they have no claim to my tax dollars, and certainly no claim to be a scientist.

Put the thieving bastards in jail.  Not just the ones caught stealing, but all the ones who claim to be "weather scientists".  They've been stealing from us for years.

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