Tuesday, May 01, 2012

In the Mail

The Brady Bunch sent me a flyer with a survey and a business reply envelope, along with a request for a donation.  Ha!  I filled out their survey, then stuffed the return envelope.  I'll take it back out and put in the mailbox later.  Make them pay for return postage.  I had to trim the latest MidwayUSA sale flyer, but I got it to fit.

When they open the mail, they can see a sale on Bushnell Elite 3200 scopes.  That oughta make them cringe.


Kellie said...

LOL! love that "reply"!

Rich Jordan said...

I used to read about sending the envelope attached to a brick. The last times I got messages from the haters I sent back little pocketbook Constitutions with a note to read it and understand it.

Not that I expect much from haters, but they did stop writing to me. Besides the envelope probably goes to a processing house anyway, not the hater's offices.

Anonymous said...

I would have wrapped a brick and attached the reply label. The catalogue is a nice touch, though :-)


Michael W. said...

Love it!

I did something similar when the rapper Ice-T did the "Cop Killer" song. I found out that his record label and (I think) Time magazine were affiliated. So I checked around and picked up every one of the postage paid subscription cards they had stuffed in Time magazine I could find. I then wrote in Magic Marker "Boycott Ice-T" on them then dropped them into the mail. I must have done HUNDREDS of them.

It cost them both time and money to have to deal with all those cards. If you gotta hit them, hit them in the pocket book.