Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Primitive Weapons Season

Louisiana has a Primitive Firearm Season that, charitably, does not require primitive weapons.  During that two week season, hunters can use modern firearms that mimic primitive weapons.  And, it is being continuously modified.  Last week the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries announced new changes regarding caliber.  Now, hunters can use .35 caliber firearms. 
The new definition of a legal firearm for the primitive firearm season will now include: single shot, breech loading rifles, .35 caliber or larger, having an exposed hammer that uses metallic cartridges loaded either with black powder or modern, smokeless powder.
Interesting. I guess that a .357 magnum Handi-Rifle will now be legal for the Primitive Firearm Season


Old NFO said...

LOL, good 'read' of the regulations, but I'm betting some DNR folks will argue that point with ya...

Termite said...


Baby Termite did take her 7 pt with a .357 Mag rifle; it was a lever action, but she only fired one shot.