Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ann Romney Loves Horses

That's what I get from the LA Times article, that Ann Romney likes horses.  From what I read of it, they're trying to slant it to be a particularly expensive hobby, and if I had Ann's millions, I might have spent more money on my horses, but the basic consideration is that Ann is an equestrian.  As was I, as are millions of Americans.  Ann rides dressage, an Olympic sport.  I rode cattle ponies and let the kids show them in 4H clubs and shows.

Are horses expensive?  You betcha, although millions of middle-class and those not yet in the middle class can afford to ride.  Some of the best horsemen I knew never seemed to have two nickels to rub together.  Nobody needs a horse these days, but some of us love them. 

According to the article, Ann started to ride seriously when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Riding horses is good therapy for lots of things and I'm sure that riding helped with the MS.  It takes muscle to ride, and coordination to blend your movements with the horse.  For any that doubt it, go get a horse and ride for an afternoon.  Give it four solid hours.  You'll feel muscles you never thought you had, and you'll be sore in places that you didn't know were places.  Riding is good exercise.

Ann has dressage horses, and I had cattle ponies.  We both love horses.  I bet that Ann would have done just fine on my cattle pony, and her well-trained horse would surely have picked up the basics of herding cattle.  It's a horse, by God, not a machine.

That's just another reason to vote for Mitt.  His wife likes horses.


Titan Mk6B said...

You certainly don't need to be rich to ride dressage. I know lots of people that have ridden. You might spend 1K on equipment but that is not so much.

You know that the dims will try and make this an issue during the campaign. It will backfire.

Matt said...

Well I guess I won't hold that against her. Hell, in my opinion she could be Marie Leveau and I'd still vote for Mitt before Obama.