Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dumbest Crook

This idiot gets caught trying to sell is counterfeiting operation to the Pawn Shop.  Seriously.

Kenny "Boom" Smith was busted by the U.S. Secret Service for making and passing counterfeit money. Smith must have thought his funny money skills are pretty good because he attempted to sell both his counterfeit cash and his counterfeiting machine to a pawn shop. Not just any pawn shop, either.
American Jewelry and Loan is where the hit TV show "Hardcore Pawn" is shot. The store near 8 Mile and Evergreen roads has become a destination because of the show.
I'm sure that he's re-thinking his whole operation.


Old NFO said...

One more off the streets... sigh...

Gerry N. said...

Mayhap he should have a radical cranio-rectal disconnection. If his head wasn't up his ass he might be able to get along in society. Then again, maybe not. Best just to put him in a cage equipped with a toilet and water tap and and provide him ten pounds of Idiot Chow once a week.