Monday, May 07, 2012

Spam Comments

Just so everyone knows, and a reposting for those that don't.  I own the comments on this blog.  It's my blog and I've never deleted a comment that disagrees with me, nor deleted a comment that takes issue with any point I might like.  I know how to take criticism and honest criticism is manna for a writer.  I do my best work when I'm criticized.

However, those comments who link to a commercial site, who are rude or condescending, or otherwise outside the bounds of polite discussion are deleted immediately.  This is my house and the rules of deportment are simple and direct.  If you can't say something in my living room or on my back deck, you damned sure can't say it here.  I'll delete those comments in an instant, with no more aforethought than I would slay a pissant.

I live for comments, I love comments, but I won't tolerate rudeness.

Now, that's enough about that.

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