Wednesday, May 09, 2012

On Senators

I believe that Senators and diapers should be changed often, for the same reasons.  Lots of folks are cogitating about Dick Lugar's comeuppance in Indiana yesterday, and it was long overdue.  As Michael Walsh explains
In the name of “democracy,” the “progressive”-era amendment fundamentally upset the balance of state-fed power that had been built into the Constitution, tipping it inexorably in favor of Washington. Unmoored from state or region for a minimum of six years — and more likely, twelve or 18 — the senators now form a club without a purpose except for their own reelections. Far from enhancing democracy, the very nature of the office now mocks it. 

As a matter of public service, I'd like to propose an amendment to the US Constitution. That any person, lawfully elected, could serve 12 years in the US Congress. They could split that up anyway they liked, but a maximum term of 12 years in either the House or the Senate or a combination threreof, and we'd send them home to wherever home might be. Also, that they would be forbidden from working for the government or lobbying the government for a term of 20 years past their government service.

Here in Louisiana we have both Diaper Dave and Katrina Mary as our Senators. We are so proud.

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