Friday, May 04, 2012

All these Things

Back in 1966 a little band from north Louisiana hit it big on the Billboard charts with a song All These Things.  Joe Stampley and The Uniques were a staple of the dance and honky-tonk clubs when I was a youngster and while the band broke up later, Joe continued to write music and make a living singing his songs.  I used to listen to Joe at a place called Curl's Club in Mansura and he'd play concerts and dances all over this great state.

When Milady and I were dating, Joe was playing at the Homecoming in Jena, LA a small concert in the park.  Milady and I went to listen and wound up dancing to that song under the stars.  When the song was finished, we realized that we were the only ones of several hundred people there who felt the need to dance.  Evidently, dancing in public is verboten in some places.  That would explain why all those folks go to honky-tonks in towns that aren't dry.

Tonite, Joe's playing at the casino down the road.  Milady and I have tickets and we're going to see him.  We might even dance.

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