Thursday, May 17, 2012


Tomorrow I'm doing something I haven't done in nine years.  Taking a day off that has nothing to do with hospitals or illness.  I'm going to watch my son graduate from the POST academy in Baton Rouge.  I've been there for every other graduation;  High school and when he got his BS degree.  I'll be there tomorrow for his induction into law enforcement.

He's a Probation and Parole Officer, the same job from which I retired in 2000 and I'm sure that I'll see faces I remember, those guys who stayed in the field and are running the show nowadays.  His boss is a guy I helped to train and with whom I've kicked a few doors.

He and his wife, after graduation, are going to slip down to New Orleans to celebrate their anniversary, so we'll bring the grandson home from graduation and he'll spend the weekend with us.

I've got to be suitably attired for graduation and for such an event, it's incumbent on me to carefully choose my accessories.  I'm thinking slacks and boots, a nice 5.11 polo, my barbecue gun and retirement badge.

Yeah, that'll be about right.


Dave O. said...

Congratulations on your son's graduation from academy! Hope he stays safe and has luck in his new career.

Old NFO said...

And don't forget the BBQ holster :-) And congrats to him for me!

cassierina said...

Thanks to him (and you) for his (and your) service.

El Capitan said...

Wow. Except for the grips, that's the spittin' image of my Springfield Armory .45ACP. Sights, slide serrations, trigger, & hammer. How's it shoot?

Rivrdog said...

You should take cuffs, too, just for old times sake.