Thursday, August 31, 2006

New Month

I just finished sitting down and writing checks to pay bills. Yeah, I know it is easy to do online, but I like the routine of actually sitting down and looking at statements and writing the checks. I'm old fashioned in a lot of ways and this is one of them. It's a habit I started after the divorce. On the last working day of the month, sit down and write out the checks. When money was tight, I'd mope around for a few days, broke and discouraged. Now that the money is better (and the kids are mostly self-sufficient) it is fun to look at the checkbook and see a positive balance.

To all you struggling parents out there, it gets better with time. Believe me.

I took a little of my extra cash and made a large (for me) order from Midway. Dies for .30-06, ammo boxes, scope covers. Things I had been putting off buying, but are nice to have. In a couple of days I'll have them. I basically dumped my wish list into the checkout cart and put it all on the check card.

Funny, I like paying bills the old fashioned way, but I'll order online in a heartbeat.

Now, though, my wish list is empty. I'll have to put a few little items in it for Christmas, so the kids won't have to wonder what the old man wants this year.

I know that my regular readers are disappointed with the blog lately. I apologize. Next week I'll get that Midway order and spotlight a few products that I've been wanting to spotlight. There will be more gunny stuff for the gun folks at least. Nothing much politically has stuck a chord lately. The world is getting madder by the minute and I'm not sure what I feel about it that I haven't already said.

Tomorrow night, the home team kicks off their football season. It's a standard rivalry game and we are playing outside our district and our league. It'll be interesting to see how the boys do. Pawpaw, of course, doesn't give a damn about football but is forced to attend the game to protect and serve the people of the parish. I'll get to see some cops I haven't seen in a while, and if the crowd behaves I'll get to spend some time hanging out.


Anonymous said...

I'm like you I like to see the money come and go as paper in my hand. But I'm all about ordering online too. Have you tried any paper patch reloading? I'm thinking of trying a batch of 32-40 for an old Win. lever gun. It has some bore wear and I thought maybe a an extra .001 paper would snug things up and seeing as how I don't shoot it much anyway a box of 20 might be in order. I'm using bullets coming in at .321 so my patched ammo would be coming in a .322.

Janean said...

Hopped over here from a link on LawDog's page and wanted to say that I appreciate your comment in this blog about parenting and how things get easier. :D
It's nice to know! Sometimes one wonders if one will survive.

I had a Papaw once! Little Rock native. He's gone on.
I've enjoyed reading your blogs! Give Milady my best..