Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tamko Rustic Black

I finished the roof on the pool house this afternoon. Tamko, rustic black shingles, to match the house.

My daddy taught me how to roof, a long time ago. It's not a skill you forget, and of all the building trades, I am fairly competent on a roof. I hate it, but I know how to do it. That roof, by God, is done. Hopefully, I won't have to climb up there for twenty years, although around here, a roof only last fifteen years. Next time, the grandsons will be old enough to help and I will superintend while they roof it.

My daughter snapped that photo as I was laying down the last line of shingles, prior to putting the ridge crest on it. Funny, I just noticed that my fascia board has one heck of a gap at the crest. I think my son was on that end of that board. We'll cover that with aluminum fascia.

Like me, my oldest is just a peckerwood carpenter, incompetent by any trade standard, but his main trade, his love, is sheet metal. People who know the sheet metal business say that Barrett is one of the best. He learned the trade in the Air Force, where he was a body and fender man for large Boeing aircraft. He parlayed that into contract work for a while after he left the service, then quit it to raise a family and have the stability of home. He is taking a job at a local manufacturing plant on the mechanical maintenance crew.

I'll have him working his magic when we put the siding on the house. Still, that is a helluva gap in that joint, isn't it? But, the roof is done. A couple of hours a day and eventually this project will be finished.


Anonymous said...

Good deal. I'm glad you got the roof finished before any serious hurricanes (that might reach up your way) came around dropping & spraying a bunch of water.

Just keep it up, a little at a time and it'll be done before you realize. Just like eating an elephant, one bite at a time. said...

Did a roof job with my dad 35 years ago in Tupelo, Mississippi during summer break. Other than the evening in the graveyard with the owner's daughter, I swore I'd never roof again and haven't.

Have visited a few graveyards though!