Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I use Winchester Large Rifle primers for most of my rifle work. I've had good results with them, and I can buy them locally. All of my rifle loads were worked up using WLR primers and I kind of feel lost without them. I knew I was getting low on primers so I walked into my favorite supplier and found they were out of Winchester primers entirely, and they didn't have any CCI large rifle magnum (#250) primers. I use the #250s for my son's magnum loads.

I did buy a pound of IMR 4831 while I was there. They stock it for me and another guy who likes it, so I buy it when I visit their store.

But, no primers that I can use. They had box after box of 209 primers, which the inline guys use for their muzzleloaders, and they had box after box of Small Pistol Magnum primers. Why they have those, I'll never understand. The pistol loads I build for my .357 magnum pistol all use standard primers. Even the slowest pistol powder is lots faster than most rifle powders and pistol powder generally lights up easily. I've never felt a need for magnum pistol primers.

So, I've got to order primers online. I'd rather have bought them at my local store and support the local economy. I'd rather not mess around with hazmat charges. Yet, I really don't have a choice. I need primers.

So, I'm shopping for primers.

Junior, let me know if you need any. I'll be ordering them tomorrow. Leave a comment, cause I can't check email during the day.


Anonymous said...

Pawpaw, I'm good on primers 'til probably March. Got at least 2,000 of everything in the old fridge.

Anonymous said...


Check the thread you left on KdT's Forum.