Friday, August 11, 2006


I'm blogging from Tuscaloosa, AL this afternoon, having recently pulled in and found a motel. Milady is having a combination funeral/family reunion this weekend. I've been designated the photographer.

We made good time. In motorcycling parlance, I whacked Mississippi, traveling at speeds over 80+ mph virtually the whole way. Mapquest calls it 365 miles and I traveled it in just over 6 hours. If Louisiana had better roads, we'd have done better. I traveled on 2 lane roads from our house, to Natchez, MS. We picked up good high speed roads in Mississippi and stayed on them the rest of the way. The road network in North Louisiana sucks, and doesn't seem to be getting any better. Alexandria/Pineville has just exactly one 4-lane road leading out of town, and it is an Interstate.

There is a town in Mississippi called Chunky. Whazzup with that? There is also a town called West, MS. It's in the north/central part of the state. Strange.


Anonymous said...

Hey dad, you dont remember on our way to alabama, we came across the chunky river in MS? Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Hey --

Don't go makin' fun of Mississippi. You gotta live here to do that.

In my town we have a street called "High School Avenue". Guess what's on "High School Avenue"? That's right. The Elementary School.

All the churches are located on "Park Avenue" and the park is on church street.

It's all done this way on purpose of course, to confuse any damnyankees who might visit.


Anonymous said...

Boyette's Fish Camp in Chunky, Mississippi: Great seafood. Wonder if they're still in business...