Tuesday, August 29, 2006

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Ernest Hemingway once said:
There are only three sports: bullfighting, motor racing and mountaineering; all the rest are merely games.
Peter Capstick added dangerous game hunting to the list.

The rest are merely games.

I notice that we are beginning a football season, wherein players from Junior High to professional will be enrobed in pads and fiberglass and will strive mightily under the afternoon sun or evening lights to move a pointed ball down a marked field.

There are rules, of course, but without the hype, it would be a game played by young boys in sandlots, like baseball is supposed to be.

This type talk would get me lynched in Texas, or Alabama, but football is merely a game. If you took an honest poll, you'd probably find that not one person in 10 gives a tinkers damn whether or not football is ever again played. The Nielsen ratings guide shows that 14.3% of American households watch Monday Night Football, and you can believe that for every fan who watches the game, there is someone else in the home who doesn't. That 10% figure may be high. Probably less than 10% of Americans are football watchers.

Yet the hype is unbelievable, the salaries are astronomical and the news agencies dedicate time to it. Actually, very few people care about it.

It's not a sport. It's a game.

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Anonymous said...

Football, Pawpaw, is a way of life.

But on a more serious note, it is just a game. Being a former UL athlete and huge Ragin Cajun supporter, a catch alot of crap from LSU supporters, especially the hacks to claim LSU is the ONLY university in the state worthy of even being mentioned. However, 95% of their arguement is, "our football team can crush yours and we get 90k+ people at our games." If I counter mentioning that UL has some of the best engineering, computer tech., and architecture programs in the nation, they look at me like "uh..."