Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I was over at the LawDog's looking around and saw this post on emergency medicine.

The AED (Automatic External Defibrilator) is a great, wondrous, magnificent device. It saves lives. It is simple to use. It costs about a grand. If you are having a heart attack, you would gladly spend that grand for one.

Any fool can use an AED, if that fool has had the course. I think they should send a trained monkey out with every AED sold. All the first responder would have to do is whistle and point, and the monkey would spring into action. That would be cool to watch.

If you haven't had the course yet, go get the course. It's easy, it's fast, and it might save a life. AED's are very cool. Having a monkey trained to use it would be cooler yet.

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The makers of AED's are having a few problems recently with about a 20% recall rate:

Hope all the buyers updated or replaced the older ones.

Anonymous said...

There alot of new ones available now, that automatically make a diagnosis, and then adminster a shock if necessary - Phillips Heartstart Onsite springs to mind. Keep in mind that these things use very expensive, non standard batteries, that have to be replaced every coupla years - you don's start to see ones with rechargables until you get into the $3K range, because they're not meant to be used regularly, they're considered a first aid item.

DefibrillatorHub said...

I recently published an article on drug rehab – here is a quote from it, in case you are interested:

Statistics give us more and more pieces of information that are bound to worry us, to make us react and change something if we can. More and more people and in earlier and earlier stages of their life die of a heart disease. Statistics, only in the US, are extremely alarming:
- Every 30 seconds someone dies because of a heart disease;
- More than 2.500 Americans die daily because of heart diseases;
- Every 20 seconds there is a person dying from a heart attack;
- Each year 6 million people are hospitalized because of a heart disease;
- The number 1 killer is a heart disease.
Although AEDs are not a universal panacea for all heart diseases, nothing else can compete to its major feature, that of actually re-starting the heart after it has been stopped by a sudden cardiac arrest. Under these circumstances is it necessary to ask you why anyone in this world, any family, in any home would hope for having such a device in their first aid locker?

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