Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I ain't believing this.

I'm having hell with scope mounts for the Savage 110.

You'll recall my post earlier, where the Burris mounts didn't fit the rifle.

Dana at Brownells sent me some Leupold rings and bases. I found them in the mail this afternoon, so I went out a few minutes ago and tried to mount them. Tried being the operative word. I got the bases mounted and set the rings, but couldn't screw the top of the rings to the bottoms, because they hadn't been drilled and tapped.

Yes, gentle reader, you read that correctly. The Leupold rings aren't drilled and tapped to accept the mounting screws that Leupold provided for that purpose. Leupold is renowned for quality in their scopes. Their mounts are considered rock-solid. It's a shame that I am sending them back. Hopefully, someone at Leupold will read this and go beat the guys in the ring department.

I'd really like to get this rifle sighted in before deer season. I planned on writing it up for The Frugal Outdoorsman, and I still shall. It'll be an interesting article, because I intend to highlight the loss of quality control of a large, well-respected optics company. For record, this set of rings is a Leupold STD medium rings, #49901, matte.

I guess I'll order a set of Warne, or Weaver, or Redfield.

One problem that I now know I have with this rifle/scope combination is that the front ring is so far forward that I can't get the proper eye relief. I'll need some sort of base that allows me to move the front ring back about an inch from the normal mounting point. Both Warne and Redfield make bases like that. We'll see what Brownells has in stock when I call them tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

Don't the rings turn into the bases?

Pawpaw said...

Yeah they do. THe problem was you couldn't screw the top of the ring to the bottom of the ring.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Who woulda thunk it?

Anonymous said...

I bought an exhaust component once that was only "tack-brazed" together. If course I only noticed this *after* I installed it on my GF's car.

Picture starting up the car, and hearing more exhaust noise rather than less.

Of course in typical fashion, I had finished a half hour past dark, and now I had to swap it back out that night so it could be returned the next day.

I suppose my exhaust flexpipe, and your scope rings were either assembled on the production line on either a Monday or Friday.