Monday, August 14, 2006

School Daze

First day of school today in central Louisiana.

I haven't even had a chance to look at the newspaper. I didn't discipline myself to get into the swing of things, and I let myself sleep too long this morning. So, I got up in a rush, made a pot of coffee for the thermos, threw on a uniform and headed out the door. Even Pawpaw gets in a hurry sometimes.

For those of you who haven't figured it out, Pawpaw is a school resource officer. I'm a highly qualified police officer with specialized training who walks a beat at the local high school. It's good work, if you can find it. Steady hours, working with kids, looking after the administration and faculty. In this day and age of terrorism, Columbine, and the myriad problems on the streets that tend to bleed over into the schools, the powers that be here decided that we needed resource officers. There is a sizeable percentage of officers who get tired of writing tickets, or working wrecks, or doing any number of other things in police work who find that working in the schools is uniquely suited to their experience and ability. I love my job and hope to do it for a long, long, time.

It was a good first day. The best I've had in my time at the school. But, Pawpaw is tired and the elder son is due over here in an hour or so to work on the pool house. We're putting up fascia today.


Anonymous said...

Pawpaw, I fear that pool will be the death of you. . . .

Pawpaw said...

Naah! I'm learning a lot. This is the first building I have ever built from scratch. I'm sweating regularly, which helps my gut. I'm breathing hard, and doing it all without the benefit of a costly gym membership. I feel good, just tired.

However, my helper (eldest son) has commitments tomorrow and Wednesday, so I intend to stay inside and plot and plan the next phase of construction. We turned a corner today. I'm feeling good about this project.

Anonymous said...

How about some updated pics of this palatial undertaking?


Janean said...

School resource officer?!?! I KNEW there was SOME reason I liked you! :D
It is because of a school officer that took the time to sit down and have lunch with my kids that they felt comfortable enough to come to me when my "husband" started hurting them. They were not afraid of the police, because the school officer showed them friendship and trust.
God bless your socks off and keep up the good work!