Saturday, August 19, 2006

Scope Blocks

I ordered some scope bases from Brownell's for the .30-06 Savage I picked up last week. Sometime last year, I bought a fixed power Weaver scope (K6) that I found on sale. The plan is to mount the scope to the rifle, and scope bases and rings are an integral part of that plan.

The bases and rings came in yesterday. Tonite I decided I had time to mount the scope so I got everything out, then noticed that the scope bases look wrong.

First of all, they don't look like the ones in the picture. This is my first time to use Burris rings and bases, so I don't know what they are supposed to look like. I do like the idea of both rings dovetailing into the bases. Mechanically, that should provide a rock-solid mounting.

One base is contoured to match the curve of the reciever. The other is not. It is still square. Also, both bases look almost identical except for that radiused contour on one and the square bottom on the other. As the reciever top of my Savage is contoured on both ends, the bases just don't look right. So, the mounting job is off till I can get in touch with Brownell's on Monday.

I have no doubt that Brownell's will make it right. Their customer service is legendary. I also have no doubt that when I call Monday morning that I will talk to someone who knows what I am talking about and can intelligently solve my problem with the least possible hassle. I trust Brownell's explicitly. There aren't many companies I can say that about.

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