Monday, August 21, 2006


I called Brownells this morning about the scope bases for the Savage 110. It turns out that the scope blocks I ordered were for the older model rifle, without the Accutrigger. Mine is the other one.

However, Dana at Brownells did a masterful job. I'm going to mail her the bases and rings, she is going to send out some Leupold bases and rings that fit my action, all the credits will be applied, and she is going to eat the postage. You can't get better customer service than that.

Back 20 years ago I met my gunsmith, Mr. Pop Hyams of Natchitoches, LA. When you'd bring a gun in with some type of weird disability, Pop was likely to say, "Well, we'll check with Mr. Brownell on this problem. Come see me in a week and I'll have it ready. The big Brownell catalog was always prominent on the shelf over Pop's bench.

Today that same catalog is prominent on the shelf above my bench. Mr. Brownell is still solving my problems, and solving them with grace, style, and attention to the customer. They're a great company. If you need gun parts or supplies, give them a chance to fill your order. You won't be disappointed.

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Xavier said...

You're darn tootin' PawPaw! If more companies took the lead presented by brownell's, there would be more integrity, less thievery, more competence and less anguish and gnashing of teeth. Hell, I bet even the beer would be cooler and women better lookin'.