Friday, January 06, 2006

Weekend update

Time for the weekend, and it is going to be a busy one. Milady is working, so I am without adult supervision. However, my big mouth has got me working projects on Saturday. Tomorrow morning I am going to help a friend sweat some copper joints at a house he is buying. Not much of a job, but one that needs doing. Then, tomorrow afternoon I am going to try and finish the transmission on my daughters '93 Mustang. A new clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing ought to see me through.

Sunday morning, while Milady sleeps, I will steal away to the range for a little long overdue trigger-time. I think some .30-30, some .243 (still working loads on those two), some .45 ACP and some .22LR should be sufficient.

After work today I am going to hie myself over to Harbor Freight and see if I can find a tool box to store my propane torch and related tools. I find that as my tool collection continues to grow, having storage containers for each of the different types of tools makes a lot of sense. I have a mechanics box, a household box and a carpentry box. Some of the smaller tools, like staplers, drills, and timing lights get their own cases. I made a really nice case for a fuel pressure gage, out of an old Kimber case that I had laying around. It unclutters the bench when things are on a shelf with a labeled case.

My shooting boxes are a whole nuther story. I use an ammo box, a stapler case, a target holder, a chrony case, a tripod, and a spotting scope every time I go to the range, in addition to whatever firearm I am shooting that day. Sometimes, just getting set up takes a half-hour or so.

Y'all have a nice weekend. I'll check in later.


Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Tools Rule!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds familiar. I found a big box at the hardware store that holds my front and rear rests, the tripod, spotting scope, glasses and hearing protection, a few targets and a roll of duct tape. A six gallon bucket with a lid/seat holds the extra (cheapie) rest and a rug for the bench, it's also more comfortable to sit on than the seats at my range. The Midway range box goes too and it has all the tools and cleaning supplies I should need for virtually any eventuality. More tools, more boxes to put 'em in. I think I need to build a shed.