Tuesday, January 17, 2006

His will be done.

Jeff Crouere slams one out of the park in this article that talks about the Mayor's irrational nuttiness.
After hearing his remarks, many New Orleans voters will question whether a leader who uses such inflammatory rhetoric and puts his foot in this mouth so often is qualified to lead this great, historic city for another four years. Yesterday’s speech also continues a recent Nagin administration trend of heightening racial tensions.
You know, after reading the rest of the local media this morning, I wonder...

If Nagin thinks that God is sending us "hurricane after hurricane after hurricane” to show his displeasure, then perhaps he should hire Pat Robertson to intercede. Everybody knows that Pat has a lock on the intentions of God. Of course, we all know that God Himself wants New Orleans to be a "chocolate" city. "It´s the way God wants it to be."

Yeah, right.

Doesn't anyone in New Orleans have a rail that Hizzoner could ride out of town on?

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