Monday, January 09, 2006

Against the Law, huh?

Thanks to Say Uncle, and Rivrdog, I learn of this little law that Arlen Specter snuck into the Justice Department Budget.
Your GOP friend and mine (irony intended), Arlen Specter, a tireless campaigner against the truth, the Constitution and political reality, snuck a rider into the Justice Department budget (that Bush signed, to his eternal discredit) that requires all persons utilizing any electronic means of communication to fully identify themselves while doing so. It's a felony penalty we talk about here, folks.
Well, Senator. I've got a few choice words for you.

That was a despicable thing to do. Most of the blogs in the known universe work on the principal of free unfettered exchange of information, ideas, and knowledge. Some of us are fairly anonymous, although I will be happy to reveal to you my identifying information in comments. Until then, I feel that the way you attached your rider to a budget bill is cowardly, underhanded, and unfit for the company of gentlemen. It is my considered opinion that anyone who would resort to such measures is a less than a low dog, stricken with mange, and unable to fend for himself. Such a person is worth less that a spavined mule, only fit to be sold for glue. Attacks on the free exchange of political speech are unconstitutional and anyone who would resort to such an attack is worthy of contempt and derision. You should be ridden out of town on a rail.

Oh, and while I'm at it.... Mr. President. You really ought to read the legislation you sign into law. See if it squares with your oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution". We expect you to uphold the Constitution, even if the Justice Department has to go back to Congress for a new budget.


Rivrdog said...

Thank you sir, and did you get my "de-anonymizing" advice in the last half of the post?

If you've been writing your blog for a while, and over the hundreds of posts, have let little identifying tid-bits out, so that if someone read ALL of the posts, they could figure out who you were, you are also identified.

No, even if this idiotic law sticks, which I doubt, any conviction under it would have to turn on "anonymous" as well as the vague "annoying". A second-class defense attorney could put reasonable doubt in the jury's mind.

Anonymous said...

As time goes by this administration seems more and more like Germany 1938.

Pawpaw said...

Thanks, Rivrdog, for the comments, and yeah, I have the information you left. My identifying data is now on my Blogger profile. It will be from now on. I am in compliance with this despicable law.

j.. Yeah, maybe so, but Germany did't get to pick a new President in 1940. We get to do this again in 2008.

Walter Jeffries said...

I've got another law, or about to be law, for you to be pissed about: The National Animal Identification System. The government wants to ID all our livestock, even for small farms and backyard flocks. Every homestead included. After the government gets done tagging everything you can bet your boots they'll start taxing it on an annual basis... I just wrote about this on my blog at: Please get active and write your congressional critters while we still are able to protest this. -Walter

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm . . . this new law makes spam illegal. It might be a tool against spammers.