Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Louisiana Shorts

It appears that Governor Blanco is in Holland, looking at levees. You all know what I think about that, and she should get back here and look after her state.

It turns out that President Bush has scheduled a visit to the state this week, and the Queen Bee is out galavanting. Wonder who is going to greet him. Now, I know that the Presidential calendar is something that governors should be able to check, and being out of state when W gets here looks like she is snubbing him. Even if she doesn't like the guy, we are a flood-ravaged land, and it doesn't make any sense to annoy someone whose support could be crucial for this state.

Oh, and we learned this morning that a recall petition has been filed against Governor Blanco. I didn't know such a thing was possible. All the supporters need is to get one third of all the registered voters in this state to sign the petition. Hmmmm. That is a pretty steep slope to climb. I wish them luck, and I'll sign the petition if asked, but I don't hold out much hope.

Governor Blanco can still redeem herself in my eyes, but if I were writing a performance appraisal on her right now, she wouldn't score any better than Needs Improvement. For one thing, she needs some better floor leaders in the Statehouse. For another, she needs to get busy courting help to rebuild almost everything south of I-10. Galavanting ain't getting it done.


oyster said...

Honestly, I wouldn't call the expedition to the Netherlands "gallavanting", because it concerns the number one issue to south Louisiana.

As far as snubbing the Prez goes, I really don't think (after not inviting Blanco to the WH when the 2.9 bil for levees was announced) that Bush will miss her at all.

Anonymous said...

The best headline on this subject was "Blanco Dumps Bush For Dikes."

Bad I know, but that one had me in stitches!