Sunday, January 22, 2006

Disjointed Sunday

Work has been rough the past couple of days. Lots of long hours, though nothing much of any substance to report. Just long hours.

Surfing the news and the blogs, I am struck by a couple of thoughts:

The Dems talk about Iraq like it was a mistake to go there. We hear the daily toll of death and destruction, yet the Iraqi people have been through three separate elections and are forming a government. Not necessarily a government we might like, but a government based on the will of the people. During this whole process, we have lost a combined total of what? 2300 people? That is a daunting number. However, seen in the context of history, we have to remember that Meade lost a couple of thousand at a place called The Angle one July afternoon at Gettysburg and Grant lost over 6,000 a few months later at Cold Harbor. In more recent history, Eisenhower lost a bunch one June day in 1944 on the shores of France. As horrific as the IED attacks have been, we have to judge our losses in the context of history.

Osama is still on the run. His world is getting smaller. If we don't actually capture him soon, his world may consist of the rapidly growing orb of a VT fuse. He'd do well to give up.

Hillary, bless her heart, is set on a run at the Presidency, so she compares Congress to a Southern plantation. The blowback on that little blurb is going to come back to bite her. Her padna, Ray Nagin, continues to bite himself in the ass. Taking points from Hillary, no doubt. It must be some sort of weird Democrat fitness regimen. Plant both feet firmly, then bend backwards at the waist and bit yourself in the butt.

Another example might be Senator Ted "Swimmer" Kennedy lecturing Alito on ethics. Teddy is in over his head.

I am struck by the plight of the New Orleans crowd. No housing. FEMA is behind on trailer orders. I thought about my own personal history and reflected that when I made the big moves during my life, I didn't have a clue where I would land, just that I needed to be in a particular place. I had to get there, get the job, then find a place to live.

Well, folks, there are lots of jobs opening up in South Louisiana. I'm actually seeing billboards in this area with job advertisement down south. Good jobs. They need people. The housing situation might be challenging for a while, but the FEMA hotel train is running out, so it is probably time to grab your ass and make a move.

Later today I am headed to the range for some well deserved trigger time.

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