Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Couchon de Lait

I'm having a Cochon de Lait this weekend at my house. We have one every year about this time, traditionally the last weekend of January. We call it the Celebration of Life.

The tradition began many years ago when I lived in the country. Everyone needs a party this time of year, in the doldrums of winter. And, I have two childrens with birthdays really close together near the end of January.

It became the biggest annual party on the bayou. You never knew who might show up. One time, I had a cajun band set up in the barn. One of the band members had come to the party and decided we needed music, so he called the rest of the band. Another time, I had a major league pitching staff drop in on the party. The son of a friend was pitching for Detroit and was in New Orleans for a clinic that week. He remembered the party and brought the whole staff in a Greyhound charter bus.

The menu is going to be
Roast Pig.
Dirty Rice
Crawfish etoufee
Potato salad
Baked beans
Some sort of bread.

Plus of course, assorted and sundry beverages. Some of them might be adult beverages, but there will be plenty of Cokes for the kids, and iced tea for anyone who wants it.

The pig will be roasted in a Cajun Microwave. No pictures, but you can see a fine example here. No, I didn't buy mine. I knocked it together a decade ago and make corrections and adjustments as metal burns through and wood rots over time. My son and I made a new fire-tray for it this afternoon as the old one was starting to rust through. I didn't know anyone was making Cajun Microwaves for sale, but Google educated me. I damn sure wouldn't spend $400 for one when any backyard handyman can cobble one together in a couple of hours on a Saturday.

I'll take some pics when I cook the meat.


oyster said...

I am salivating-- y'all enjoy yourselves!

And post the pics when you get done.

Anonymous said...

The cajun microwave looks like a project I might want to do. One question though, do you know if cyprus is used because of tradition or are there other reasons? Not sure how easy cyprus would be to find in West Texas.

Pawpaw said...


The cypress is traditional, and that is probably because it resists rot and is insect resistant.

Any wood would be fine. Even white pine boards. Next time I build one, I am probably going to use 1/2 inch marine plywood.