Saturday, January 14, 2006

Harlan Sanders

In case many of you don't remember Harlan Sanders, he was the Kentucky Colonel who founded Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Back in the late '70's I was stationed at Fort Knox, KY. Louisville was just down the road and we spent many a pleasant weekend eating and shopping in Louisville. Harlan Sanders was still alive and we often spotted him driving his red and white striped Cadillac. He wore a white suit and was an Ambassador of Good Will for Kentucky Fried Chicken, for Kentucky, and for the U.S of A. The Colonel was an icon of friendly, family fun.

Sanders was a blazing entrepenurial spirit. Up or down, good times or bad, he believed in the spirit of hard work and belief in a dream. He was broke more times than he was flush but worked his way back to success each time.

I didn't know that a statue of him was placed at the state capitol, in Frankfort, but it is fitting and proper that it be placed there. He loved the state and he loved the people and talked about them at every opportunity. He truly loved his home state.

Pamela Anderson is an idiot.

Hat tip to Jeff.


Rachel said...

You got that right! She thinks she is something special though. WRONG!!

Anonymous said...

I think more womwn should eat whatever Pamela eats.

Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Too true.