Saturday, January 28, 2006

Feeding friends

We kicked off the festivities at noon, standing around enjoying company. Some of the fellows got into the whiskey, and the ladies made a pitcher of pina coladas.

The lovely lass in the middle is my son Joey's fiance. One reason for the party was to introduce her folks to the family. That is her mother, Jenny on the right. The boy on the left is a family friend named Mike.

Some of my friends. The guy on the right is a lawyer. He and I roomed together in college. The guy on the left is a construction executive for a large utility company.

More friends. The guy on the left is an entrepreneur and has gone from boom to bust more times than I can count. Guys like him make the world go round. The cop is my best friend from high school. He was on-shift, but stopped by long enough to eat. His lady is to his left, and the lady in green owns the construction executive.

Of course, it rained. Grandkids playing in the rain. The Pawpaws laughed a lot and the grandmas worried about pneumonia. We took them in and gave them a bath and dry clothing before sending them home. Pawpaws keep extra clothes around the house. One never knows when a mud puddle will beckon.

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Kelly(Mom of 6) said...

Very nice!! And you know if there's even a mud puddle around, it's beckoning! Good to see y'all had a good time.