Sunday, January 22, 2006

Reader Mail

Reader, jimWarmke asks...
I've been reading your blog for a while but never commented before.

This isn't so much a comment on your post, but it's a gun thing. Santa brought me a Winchester lever action carbine for Christmas (94AE) in 357 mag. I thinking about putting a peep sight on it and making it a truk gun. I have a pistol of the same caliber that I keep there now.

Any thoughts?
Oh, yeah. Lots of thoughts

First of all, a peep sight gives the Win 94 a longer sight radius and tends to make it easier to shoot accurately. I prefer the Williams, although others like the Lyman or the AO sights. Get what suits you.

Second, the 94 makes a great truck gun. Check your local laws to make sure you don't run afoul of the law, but I carry one in my truck with the blessings of the 2nd Amendment and local laws.

Third, you will find that the .357 magnum cartridge is a whole nuther animal when fired in a rifle. Knowledgable shooters find that the cartridge gets a new lease on life when used in a rifle, and becomes a 100 yard deer cartridge. While velocities of 1300 fps are all most people see out of a standard revolver, in a rifle the same ammo might give 1800 fps or better. With the standard 158 grain bullet, what you have is a substantial increase in range and muzzle energy. Most shooters who have rifles chambered for the .357 magnum really like it in a rifle and it makes a great companion piece to the revolver.

If local laws allow, do it.


Unknown said...

This is it, right? Mine would take the angle eject model.

Local laws do permit; I live in Florida and hold a permit. The law here, translated into English is basically: Get a permit (shall issue state) then carry what you like. The one condition is that under no circumstances are you allowed to scare the tourists. Fair enough.

By the way, I realized after leaving that comment that I didn’t leave any way for you to reply other than the way you did. Thanks for that.

Web page: www.warmke,com

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I had a Rossi 92 in 454 casul but sold it. I sure liked it but eyes are not that good for open sights and there is no good way to scope one. Handgun hunters use that caliber for almost anything in the world and out of a carbine it is something else. I did hit a jackrabbit one night at about 75 yards with 45 colt loads, I dont think I would bet on doing that twice though. That was a good comment on his carbine.