Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hog Roasting

I started the hog last night and took some pictures, but Blogger was down. I couldn't access anything Blogspot. Then got up at 4:00 am to turn the meat and re-load the fire box, but my server was down for maintenance.

However, this morning, everything computer seems to be working, so I can post some pictures of pork. Last night at 10:00 p.m., the pig had been injected with marinade. I injected a full pint into the shoulders, hams and tenderloin. As we say in the area, he is "pumped up good." A dry rub (Tony Chachere's original) applied to the outside, and the fire lit in the box. My Microwave measures 48X20 inches, outside. There is 20 lbs of charcoal in the fire box.

By four a.m., the fire was getting cold, so I lifted the lid, poured out the ashes and turned the pig. This picture shows the turned pig. I had it cut into two pieces for ease of turning and so that it would fit more easily inside the microwave. This was a smallish hog, weighing 38 lbs dressed with the head off. The sides are 19 lbs each.

I went outside just minutes ago to check the fire. An old trick to check the heat of a fire is to place your hand, palm open and down within an inch of the ashes. Even if no flame is visible, you will feel heat. If you have to jerk your hand away in under two seconds, you have plenty of heat for cooking.

More pictures and updates as the day progresses. Weather is forecast as 100% rain. It is currently partly cloudy and breezy with temps in the 60's. The National Weather Service shows a line of thunderstorms coming in from the northwest. I have told Milady to lay on plenty of sunscreen, because with a weather prediction that ironclad, we are all in danger of sunstroke.

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