Friday, January 20, 2006

On the run again.

Ole Osama sent out a tape, didnt' he? Wanted a truce? Osama is on the run, and those that credit any victory to him for making the tape are dumber than rocks. All it proves is that he can still get batteries for the videocam.

This quote makes me howl.
Some analysts saw the message as a triumph for the leader of Al Qaeda. "The fact that he was able to record the message, deliver it and broadcast is in itself a victory for him," said Muhammad Salah, Cairo bureau chief for the pan-Arab daily Al Hayat and an expert on Islamist groups.
Kinda dumbing down the term victory, isn't he? The kids at the local high school can compose, record, and broadcast a videotape. They do it all the time in the jourmalism classes. If Ole Osama is able to do what any US high school student can do, I don't quite know how he can claim that as a victory.

Naah, Osama is on the run, and he wants a truce so he can catch his breath. The recent operations in Pakistan have shown him that he can't hide. We are coming for him.

He threatens attacks on US soil, but since 9/11 we've seen.... what....? Exactly none. He even says that operational tempos are slow in terrorist operations, but no attacks four years? Damn! That is one slow operational tempo. If he doesnt' do something quick, we might forget about him. Of course, he may be waiting for later in the year in an attempt to influence the elections. If he launches another attack on US soil, the only thing he will influence is the white-hot rage of the American people. These days, I only think about the GWOT about a quarter of the time. I suspect that many Americans think about it less. Another attack will give us increased focus, and sustain our will to win this thing.

We're winning, and the Osama tape punctuates that thought as completely as a period on the end of a sentence.

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