Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sanctuary Cities

It looks like the Democrats are hunkering down and trying to defend a failed social program that they call Sanctuary Cities.  This is a program whereby the Democratic mayors of Democratic strrongholds intend to defy the political will of the nation on immigration.  For the last several years, they've shielded undocumented migrants illegal immigrants from federal laws designed to protect our borders.  This is a tactic that is doomed to fail.
Emanuel also shrugged off Trump’s call to cut funding."I would say to the president-elect, that the idea that you’re going to penalize Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia -- these are the economic, cultural and intellectual energy of this country," Emanuel said in a radio interview. 
The law as I understand it is fairly settled.  Nixon threatened to withhold federal funds when he instituted the 55 mph national speed limit, and Reagan used the threat to raise the drinking age.  If Boston, New York, Los Angeles, et al, want to buck the federal system, then they should be prepared to lose their money.

Personally, I think that it would be an exercise in federalism.  Take the federal dollars out of the cities and see how long they can continue to provide services out of their own local tax bases.  So, shortly after the inauguration, Trump should cut the federal funds to those cities who defy federal law.  If, after a year or so, the cities are doing well, we will have conducted a tremendous experiment in local government.

So, go ahead, Mr. Emmanuel.  Run Chicago with local money and we'll see how that works out for you and the city of Chicago.  It should be quite an interesting experiment.


Anonymous said...

I don't know the Left can justify sanctuary cities with a straight face. A person who can be detained and sent back when over HERE would be left alone when they are over THERE. A few miles can make the difference of whether they stay or go.

If someone were propose similar laws, only different circumstances, it is painfully obvious of the error of that thinking. Robbery is illegal HERE, but legal over THERE. Drunk driving is legal over HERE, but not over THERE. Yes, it is that black and white.

Just unbelievable.

Joe Mama said...

Yes. That would be a good experiment. Nice of them to volunteer.

Bradley said...

I would hold the funds from the STATE, that will get the State to push on the cities as well.

Anonymous said...

I admire Reagan, but I'll never forgive him for that. If you're adult enough to get shot at, you're adult enough to buy a beer & tell war stories.
--Tennessee Budd

Anonymous said...

All part of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan to destroy the West. Here's a piece on it

Genocide of Europe -