Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I'll Call Your Bluff

According to Hot Air, 35% of federal workers think that they may leave their job if Trump wins.
A new broom sweeps clean in Washington when it comes to cabinet heads and appointed officials, but what about all of the millions of federal workers on the government payroll? Their jobs are supposed to be apolitical and largely independent of which party controls the White House or the chambers of Congress. According to a new survey conducted by Government Executive, a significant number of these workers are signaling that they might “reconsider their career in government service” if Donald Trump moves in to the West Wing.
They're bluffing.  A career bureaucrat with a good salary, excellent benefits, stable job hours, golden retirement is not going to leave simply because Trump is in the White House.  Besides, civil servants are supposed to be apolitical, serving the best interests of the people regardless of who serves in the presidency.

So, I"ll call that bluff.  Y'all quit.  Just walk in to your boss' office and quit. Drag up, haul ass, go to the house.  I dare ya.

If Trump immediately reduced the size of government by 35%, just by showing up for work, that would be a feature.  Smaller government is a Republican standard.  That would be excellent.


Judy said...

Pro tip for all those job seekers - There are no jobs in your specialty in the private sector and flipping hamburgers does not pay for your McMansion or your garage full of toys.

Jeremy Brown said...

This .gov worker sure as hell won't be quitting his job. I have kids to feed no matter who lives in that house. Granted I could work somewhere else for less money and still make it alright only because of my VA disability pension (OEF/OIF) but why the hell would I if I have a choice?