Friday, November 25, 2016

Detail Cleaning

Back about 2012 I stumbled upon an Airweight in a pawn shop.  More specifically a Smith and Wesson Model 38, the classic snubnose revolver both beloved and hated of revolver lovers.  Beloved because it's so light, almost the perfect pocket pistol, and hated because it's so light, recoil is intensified.  Whatever, it was on my bucket list.

I bought it, shot it a few times, qualified with it, then dropped it in my pocket where it has been almost a constant companion for the past four years.  I didn't clean it much, because I didn't shoot it much, but lately, I've noticed that the action got a bit stiffer.  I figured an accumulation of pocket lint and other goodies had worked its way into the action.

I don't know how to detail strip a J-frame, never bothered to learn.  I have that most valuable of assets, a kid that knows how to detail strip a J-frame, so yesterday after lunch, I asked the question that all fathers learn to ask.  "So, you want to teach me how to strip a J-frame?"

"Sure, Pop" he said, so we set up under the patio, and I got the cleaning gear.  He took off the grip, looked into the fiddly bits, and exclaimed "OhmyGod".

Then he unscrewed the side plate screws, tapped off the side plate, and asked "Have you been carrying honey in your pocket?  Maybe spilled Pepsi at some point?"  Evidently, the accumulation of pocket lint, gun oil and solvent make the interior workings of the little levers and springs something special to clean, so we got out a can of carb cleaner to help with the de-greasing.

About ten minutes later, it was done.  The interior of the frame was spotless, all the springs and levers had been de-funked.  A few drops of oil, judiciously applied, and the fiddly bits replaced.  A quick function check, and the trigger of my Model 38 feels much nicer.  Very much nicer indeed.

Thanks, son.  The old man appreciates it.


Old NFO said...

Huh, reminds me my carry pistol is due for a good cleaning too... Although it hasn't been four years! :-)

The Displaced Louisiana Guy said...

No problem, Pop. Glad I could help.