Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Hot Air is reporting that the US Attorney in New York,  Preet Bharara is indicting the top aides to NY Governor Andrew Cuomo on corruption charges.  Mr. Bharara is an indepentend US Attorney who apparently has no ties to either party.
 Remember that Preet owes no loyalty to either party and is absolutely relentless. When he detected corruption in the state legislature in 2014, he launched a lengthy investigation which resulted in former Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver – arguably the most powerful Democrat in the state – being sent to prison. He followed that up by sending the state’s senior Republican to keep him company behind bars.
Mr. Bharara is also the guy who is going after Anthony Weiner, and has said that he smells corruption in the New York offices of the Clinton Foundation.
Bharara is the guy who is currently going after Anthony Weiner… an investigation which produced all sorts of interesting information. And in August he announced that he was investigating corruption at the New York offices of the Clinton Foundation. 
Mr. Bharara conducts his business close to his vest, so don't look for any news over the next several weeks.  If he says he's investigating Clinton, there is every reason for him to keep his progress quiet.  He's rather make his arguments in front of a grand jury than in the public arena.  That's the way that corruption investigations are supposed to work.  If he makes his case, it may not matter what the Trump administration has said about prosecuting Clinton.

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