Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Little Yard Signs

Those little yard signs, the political signs that are all over the US today?  We love them for several reasons.  First, they proclaim to the world our political proclivities.

Second, and more important to shooters, is that they make excellent target holders.  And, while I frown on taking someone's sign from their yard, by this time next week they'll likely be trash.  The election will be over and people will be discarding them.

I normally cover mine in white or brown paper, stick a target to them, and blaze away.  They are durable, weather-proof, and next week they'll be free for the asking.  As a matter of fact, I found six brand new ones in a dumpster yesterday.  They are now in the trunk of my car.

I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

And the signs themselves make great backing for targets of your choice!!!

Old NFO said...

Grumble... Not many signs out here... I think I counted 7 or 8. 1 Clinton and the rest Trump...