Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sunday Morning Cooking

I've got a chicken boiling on the stove, and sausage cooking in a black dutch oven.

Who-ee, the temps are cooling, and PawPaw is making a big jambalaya for Sunday lunch.

Jambalaya is a south Louisiana comfort food, designed to feed a bunch of people economically.  With rice, chicken, sausage, onions and bellpepper, in a couple of hours you can have enough food to feed a big gathering.  If you've been lucky in the hunting woods, you can use game.  Venison sausage and duck makes a great jambalaya.

Back when I was rabbit hunting with beagles, rabbit jambalaya was a staple around the house.  Today, I'm using more pedestrian ingredients.  A big ol' chicken and good smoked sausage.  I'll probably cook two versions today.  One spicier than the other for those who don't like the spice.

Uf you need a step-by-step, I put one up here in 2013.


Steve Sky said...

Hi PawPaw,
I read your recipe, and was curious. Would Jambalaya ever use a roux?


Pawpaw said...

Good question, steve, and it might. That's called a brown jambalaya. Put a little roux in the liquid to cook into the rice. It gives the rice a brown color and adds a gravy flavor.

I make a white jambalaya, which uses chicken stock as a liquid to cook the rice.

Then, there is red jambalaya, which uses tomato juice to cook the rice.

It's all correct, and I've seen it done each way. As a matter of fact, I ate brown jambalaya at church last week.

Old NFO said...

I do a similar one, but with pork rather than chicken. It's our family recipe, probably 100 years old. :-)