Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Recount

Back during the campaign, Hillary Clinton said that Donald Trump's statement about accepting the results of the election, was "horrifying.  You can hear her words, below.

Now, she's joining a recount of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Three surprise states that Trump won.
Jill Stein claims that she isn’t trying to favor one presidential candidate over the other, but only wants to assure a fair process. That is nonsense. The states she and other liberal activists have chosen to challenge are not those where the race was closest. How about New Hampshire, which Hillary Clinton won by around 2,700 votes? Or Nevada, which she won by a little over 26,000? Even Minnesota was a whole lot closer than Pennsylvania; with its notoriously lax ballot security, Minnesota could be fertile territory for questioning election results.
Stein is being notoriously hypocritical.She doesn't want a fair process, she wants an outcome that advances the Democratic agenda.  She may have run as a Green Party candidate, but she's a Democrat, shot through to the core.

Hillary is also a hypocrite, refusing to accept the results.  Unlike Hillary's characterization of Trump (horrifying), it's simply her naked pursuit of power.  She lost and she knows it, but she insists on pursuing this course, simply because it keeps her name in the news cycle.  Hillary Clinton is truly a loathsome creature.  America will be a better place when she can no longer affect the news cycle.

We'll see how this turns out.  Most reasonable folks doubt that it will change the outcome, but it's one more reason why no one should ever trust Hillary Clinton.  She lies.  She lies constantly in a naked pursuit of power.

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Anonymous said...

The world will be a better place when Hillary assumes room temperature.