Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Time To Upgrade

At last weekend's invitational shoot, Thorn Valley was bedeviled by equipment problems.

Our timer system is an older version that we've used for several years, and the accumulation of several years shooting and the normal obsolescence of electrical devices combined to bite us squarely in the butt.  Thorn Valley was embarrassed, frankly.  We had worked hard over the course of several weeks to spiff the place up, we had run new Cat 5 cables, we had thoroughly tested the system, we had convinced ourselves that we were golden, then almost from the first shot, we were plagued by gremlins.

Great food, great venue, great weather, great competitors, and we were frustrated by old equipment.  We can't allow that to happen.  It's time to upgrade.  So, after the match was over, we held an impromptu club meeting and decided to do whatever is necessary.  Thorn Valley is getting new stuff.

The shoot was a success.  The competitors were gracious about our problems because every club is at one time or another beset by these problems, Still, we wanted to do a better job.  To hold a better match.

We'll be ordering new timers, lights, etc, in the next week or so.  It's time for an upgrade.

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