Friday, November 04, 2016

Yeah, This

Parents of the guy who walked into a closed Pizza Hut with a gun, intent on robbing the store, are wondering why an employee shot and killed him.

I can understand the grief of parents who lost a child, but they really should grieve in a more private manner.  This seems like an open-and-shut case.  No ambiguity here.  The guy walks into a closed restaurant with a gun, an employee defends himself, and that's pretty much the story.

Too bad, so sad.


Anonymous said...

Another example of group think. In my mind, group think is, you want the "group" to commiserate and "understand" you. It's that whole "a village raises the child" BS that started in the 60's.
What you are witnessing in this video is a natural progression of that tripe. People aren't strong enough in their own character to handle a tragic life event. So they need a group hug.


Joe Mama said...

Some of the more cynical pointed out that there is no point in sueing a minimum wage pizza-flipper for $4 million. They cannot sue Pizza Hut because the employee was clearly in violation of their policies. They cannot sue to the police because their son was not shot by the police. The cynical point out that the source of the angst could be that the parents have been denied a big payoff.

Termite said...

Darwin won.....................Again.......LOL