Monday, November 14, 2016

Thorn Valley

We had a great weekend, filled with shooting, good friends, good food, laughter, catching up with long-distance buddies, and everything that I love about the Cowboy Fast Draw Association.

Thorn Valley Shootist Society hosted our second Invitational Shoot this weekend out at the Rustic Sky Horse Camp in Melder, LA.  Rustic Sky Horse Camp is an equestrian destination and is the home range of Thorn Valley.

Thirty eight shooters from four states descended on the camp with family members for a weekend shooting.

Great brunch of people, great venue, great weather.  We were plagued by gremlins in our equipment this weekend, but we're making plans to fix all that.  The club is already making plans to fix those equipment problems, and we'll have those sorted out in the coming months.

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