Wednesday, November 16, 2016

No Real Value?

Oh, the butthurt is strong in this article.  Unlike the previous post, that merely wanted to abolish the Electoral College in favor of a popular vote, Lawrence Samuel in the Washington Post argues that it is time to abolish the states entirely, in favor of a single, national government.
Regional differences have drastically dissipated over the course of the past 240 years, turning the once radical proposition of the “United States” into an anachronism that now has little or no real value.
His argument is simple:  Cut out state government.  Keep federal and local government.   While he doesn't explicitly say it, abolishing the states would also abolish the Electoral College.

And, like the previous article, as soon as he can pass it through the Congress and get 38 states to commit seppuku, then we'll abolish the states.  Of course, the name United States would no longer apply, but that's a simple matter.

Good luck with that plan.

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Navy91 said...

Not while I can still pull a trigger. I'm sure I wouldn't last long, but I'm positive I would at least make someone change their boxers!