Thursday, September 17, 2020

Forgotten Weapons, the Zip 22

I've been watching Ian for several years, and I've never heard him describe a firearm in quite so desultory terms.  Evidently, this thing deserves everything he calls it.

I can see now why he calls it a horrible pistol.  Next, shooting it.  Or trying to shoot it.

I Lol'd, I did.


 Grandson and I were talking about it yesterday, and decided that it had been a while since I made enchiladas.  Fair enough.  Today, I made two pans, one with red sauce and one with green sauce.

These aren't your standard, store-bought enchiladas.  Good sauce, good cheese, good beef.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Voter Fraud in Louisiana

 Our Democratic governor and our Republican Secretary of State have been disagreeing about how Louisiana will hold the November election.  The Secretary of State wanted in-person voting with absentee ballots allowed.

The governor sued, and the Courts ruled with him.   Now, Louisiana is going to have mail-in ballots, with very little safeguard on the voting process.  The whole plan is rife for fraud.  Of course, the Governor is going to take a victory lap.

Thee Governor's statement is here.

The Court's ruing is here.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Tuesday Afternoon Fishing



Joe Biden Pushes Assault Weapons Ban

Old Uncle Joe (bless his heart), is now pushing for a full-out "assault weapon ban".  Whatever that means.Joe Biden is no fan of the 2nd Amendment, and sentient individuals need to reect him at the polls in November..  The Democrats have shown that they are not serious about protecting our cities, property, or businesses.  

There is no reason to believe that they are serious about protecting anything but their own power and privilege.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Does Caliber Really Matter?

Does caliber really matter in a citizen engagement?  Claude Warner discusses caliber with Lucky Gunner and brings up some very valid points.

Like so many, my background is military and police.  I am a student of Jeff Cooper, who also had a big military background.  But, the mission of a private citizen in a lethal force encounter is different than the mission of a soldier or a cop in that same encounter.  The citizen simply wants the threat to go away.

There are some compelling arguments here, and they deserve consideration.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

Why Not Just Win Games

 It seems that the New Orleans Saints, a football team with a strong fan base, are doing their dead--level best to alienate a big portion of that fan base.

The New Orleans Saints are looking to set themselves apart from the run-of-the-mill social justice message of Black Lives Matter. The team is launching a #SayHerName campaign that focuses on black women in specific. The idea is that black women who are victims of police violence or injustice, in general, are not given the attention that is given to black males who have run-ins with law enforcement.

I'm mot watching the NFL this year, but I haven't watched it since  whats-his-name began his kneeling.

The NFL should be about football, plain and simple, and all this social justice bullshit just detracts from the game.  I think that it might be a better strategy to just win games.  None o the NFL needs to worry about me watching them until they abandon social justice and simply focus on winning games.

Third Raccoon

 Yesterday, Belle say evidence of a third raccoon in the back yard, so we set the trap again.  

Somehow, he managed to drag the cushion from the settee and shred it.  Belle is not amused.

Belle has a friend whose husband loves barbecued coon.  We've texted them.  If we don't hear from them in an hour or so, I'll make further disposition.

Here Comes Sally!

 It looks like Louisiana is in the cross hairs for another hurricane strike.  This time in southeast Louisiana.

Sally is expected to make landfall as a Cat 1 or Cat 2 on Monday afternoon.

I am struck by the similarities between this season and the 2005 season.  In 2005 we had Katrina hit the southeast and Rita hit the southwest, about two weeks apart.  This year, we had Laura hit the southwest and two weeks later, we have Sally headed for the southeast.  I hope that the people in southeast Louisiana and southern Mississippi are ready. This is liable to get interesting.

Saturday, September 12, 2020

The Tyrant Proclains

 I just read the Facebook post that our petty tyrant governor posted yesterday.  It's interesting, and I took a screen grab of it, in case he takes it down later.

That last line is the most outrageous thing I've ever seen a governor proclaim.  "I also want people to be realistic, as Phase 3 with some relatively minor modifications, is likely where we stay until a vaccine is widely available.

Really?  We stay in Phase 3 until a vaccine is available?  Suppose a vaccine is never available?  We're supposed to wear masks for the foreseeable future?

It is withing the legislature's power to end this.  With a simple maority of either house, the entire public health emergency can be over-ridden.  It's time to end this madness and let Louisiana breathe free.

Saturday Morning

 Drinking coffee on the porch at daylight, I watched a flight of teal fly over the pond.  Teal migrate early, normally in mid-September, so this bunch is right on time.  

The Atlantic basin is busy this week, but we are at the height of hurricane season.  Currently, six different blips on the map.

In celebration of Phase 3, the club has decided to hold an invitational match.

The club is meeting today for a practice, and we're going to run some drills.  I'll start coffee out there at 9:00.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Edwards Trying To Kill Bar Business

 Governor John Bel Edwards is doing his dead-level best to kill the bar business in Louisiana.  In his move to Phase 3 of the Covid response, he continues to blame bars for all the Covid illness.

According to WAFB news:

Bars will remain closed to on-premises consumption in parishes with high incidents of COVID-19. The parishes that have a positivity rate of 5% or lower for two consecutive weeks will be allowed to opt in, meaning the parish government will have to make the final decision. Those that open will be subject to many restrictions, including indoor restriction of 50% capacity, indoors and outdoors customers will have to remain seated for table side service only, can have no more than 50 customers outdoors, and social distancing will be required indoors and outdoors, live music will not be allowed, all drinks will have to be ordered at the table and delivered by bar staff to the table, sale of service will end at 10 p.m. and patrons will be cleared from the building by 11 p.m. Individuals younger than 21 will not be allowed in the bar.

The bar business doesn't affect me much, but it is a large part of the hospitality industry in Louisiana, and bar owners and employees  have suffered during this crisis.

Louisiana continues to be under the autocratic rule of a petty tyrant, who wants to pick winners and losers in the local economy.  This latest attack on the economy should draw the ire of the legislature, but it's my opinion that they are a bunch of nutless wondwes.

Tucker: Anarchists are working to tear down America

Tucker Carlson's monologue for 9/12/2020 

Most of what we're seeing on the streets today is utter bullshit.  It's not about justice.  Justice is reasoned, peaceful, and respects everyone's rights.

I also notice that most of these riots occur in places where the malcontents don't have to worry about armed citizens.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Louisiana Moving to Covid Phase 3

 It's about damned time, but our petty tyrant governor ha decided that the evidence is so overwhelming that he can no longer keep us in Phase 2 without facing a popular revolt.  He tries to doom-and-gloom the announcement, telling us that the combination of Labor Day, the hurricane relief, and the opening of schools and colleges, that he is really concerned that we might slip back into the all-pandemic-all-the-time mode.

If you want to watch his barely palatable announcement, you an see it here.

He spent some time explaining why it was a hard decision to loosen restrictions, when if he were a freedom-loving individual, the decision should have been easy.  The one thing that strikes me as odd, is that he has had six months to plan this announcement, but he is putting it off till tomorrow.  Why?  He didn't know that he would have to move to Phase 3 at some point?

Project Update

 The generator is unboxed, assembled, ad running.  For the record, Belle bought this oe from Amazon at the height of the storm.  We were talking about buying a generator, and discussing options, and she clicked on her phone and said, "It'll be here in a week or so."  When it is time to make a decision, Belle doesn't mess around.

Termite mentioned in comments that I should consider a lockout switch to prevent backfeeding electrical current into the grid.  He's right, of course, and I'll have to research that.  Probably b going to my local electrical supply and see what is available under our electrical codes.

Then, it's just a matter of contacting one of my retired electrician friends and seeing how much beer it's going to take to get the job done.

Are We Looking At Civil War

 PJMeia's Tyler O'Neil asks if we are looking at a second American Civil War, and uses the 1850s as a metaphor for where America finds itself today. He argues, as I understand it, that what we are seeing today closely parallels the political climate that America dealt with in the rum-up to secession

He also argues that many Americans are historically challenged and have a misunderstanding of what Lincoln propsed in the run-up to the Civil War..

In fact, abolitionists were the minority in the North and Abraham Lincoln won on a platform of restraining the spread of slavery, not abolishing it. Lincoln wanted to return to the conditions of the Founders’ grand bargain on slavery — allowing it, but with limits — while the South pushed to expand it, steamrolling the limits the Founders put on the institution.

The South arguably brought the war on itself by partisan overreach, and the Left is arguably doing the same thing in modern America.

It's a great argument, and a ten minute read, and I recommend that you give it a look. 

Wednesday, September 09, 2020

Projects Done

 Busy day today.

Got that leaky toilet fixed.  Of course, it took three trips to the hardware store.  The last trip to Coburn's a local plumbing supply house.  One of these days I'm going to learn to drive the extra three miles to Coburn's and be done with it.

Shortly after Hurricane Laura, the ice maker in the house took a dump.  I realize that having ice on demand is a rich man's problem, but I like having ice on demand. Appliance Parts in Alexandria took care of that, a one stop shop for all your appliance needs.

Tomorrow, I set up the generator.  During the aftermath of Laura, we ordered a generator that should power the shop, where  we can access everything we need during a disaster.  I plan to use the 240v plug on it to power the shop.  I'll run it outdoors, of course, but have a male plug hardwired into the main breaker panel.  Then, when disaster strikes, I'll turn off the main breaker to the grid, power up the generator, and plug the shop into it.  It will power lights and A/C, and keep the refrigerators running.

We won't be as comfortable as we might be in the house, but we'll be a whole lot more comfortable that we were during Hurricane Laura. We can thrown an air mattress  on the floor and sleep cool, at least.

Belle says that the way 2020 is going, we're bound to have an ice storm in December.  I can keep the shop warm, that isn't an issue.

The finger is fine.  The doc gave me some percoset, and I haven't taken one yet.   I'll flush them in another couple of days.

The Weather

 My daughter-in-law, who lives in Los Alamos, NM, records the following on Facebook:

The earliest recorded snowfall in Los Alamos county was previously September 18, 1971.

2020: hold my beer.

At this point, I think that 2020 is just giving us thee middle finger.


Rochester Burns

 It seems that the entire command staff of the Rochester, NY, police department has resigned in the wake of another black man's death.

The facts are clear.  Our perp made the decision to take PCP, a street drug known for its unpredictable effects.  Our perp's brother called the police because he was unable to deal with his irrational, intoxicated brother.  The police arrived and took the pep into custody.  Our perp suffered a respiratory event.  The police called for EMT and began CPR. EMT arrived and took the perp to the hospital.

A video appears to show Prude attempting to get up, and then, officers moved in to hold him down. A few minutes later, officers became concerned with Prude’s condition, and he was given chest compressions. When Prude was loaded into the ambulance, he appeared to be nonresponsive. He died a few days later.

He died a few days later?  How is that the polices fault?

Our perp made a cascade of bad decisions, and his brother made a cascade of bad decisions, and suddenly it's the police's fault?   Of course, BLM, Inc sends in a host of outside agitators and burns thee town down, destroying businesses and property.

I don't blame the Chief for retiring. If the city no longer stands behind the police fore, then it deserves to burn.

Tuesday, September 08, 2020



No Big Deal

 Last night, I slipped and fell at the church.  Not really a big deal, but I stuck my finger into a door hinge on the way down, and crushed it pretty badly.  Walked outside holding my bloody finger and fainted.  I wasn't out fifteen seconds, but when I came-to, Belle had called an ambulance. Embarrassing.

First trip in an ambulance.  Got to the hospital, they ran a bunch of tests, couldn't find anything wrong except my finger, and stitched it up.  I'm fine, really.  I got shocky and fainted.

Typing with nine fingers is weird.  Lots of back-spacing and spell-checking.

The big issue today is a water leak I can't find.  According to the meter, I've used 14,000 gallons since the meter was last read on 08/14,  That is about three times as much water as we normally use.  Can't find a leaky faucet, a running commode, or a wet spot in the yard.  I'm losing about 10,000 gallons a month, and I'm baffled.

I have an expert coming by later and we'll try to figure it out.

**UPFATE** We found it.  I had a toilet leaking that I couldn't hear, but my son could hear it.  This particular son is a Level III Water operator  He runs a municipal water system..

I didn't knnow how much water a leaking toilet would use.  From Google:

Since the water flows down the sewer, leaking toilets don't necessarily leave any signs of a leak, until you get the bill. The average leaky toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water per day. That's over 6,000 gallons a month ($70.06*) for just one leaking toilet!

Tomorrow, I'll re-plumb that toilet.

Monday, September 07, 2020

What Is A Stalking RIfle?

 Dave asks in comments:

Does a stalking rifle have to have open sights? Or are peep sights allowed?

We can agree that the "stalking rifle" probably came about during the heyday of the African safari.  A rifle of serious caliber that could be carried a lot and shot very little.  Most of those rifles had express sights, but I've seen a few with peep sights.  Back in those days, rifle optics were worse than not having sights at all.  Iron sights ruled, simply because they were durable,  quick, and reasonably accurate for the task at hand.

The staking rifle, as I appreciate it, is light, quick, and of sufficient caliber to do the job.  In this modern era, Jeff Cooper's Scout rifle could be considered a stalking rifle.  Light, quick, easy to use.  I have an old Remington 700 in ,308 Win that might fit the bill as a stalking rifle.  It has an 18 inch tube, a low power variable, and is very fast to get on target.  

For that matter, my Winchester 94 might be considered a stalking rifle.  It's light, at about 6 lbs, has a good peep sight, and if very fast in the woods.

To my mind, a stalking rifle is defined more by what it is not.  It is not a precision rifle.  It is no a bench rifle, it is not known for one-shot groups, although many stalking rifles are capable of good accuracy.  It's a rifle that you an carry all day, and take one good shot in the field.

If you're interested in good, classic British stalking rifles, here is a good place to start your education, but beware; this is a rabbit hole that you might not find your way out of.

Who Threw The Molotov?

In Portland, to celebrate 100 nights of rioting, some jazzbo thinks it's a good idea to throw a Molotov cocktail.  The guy who catches fire, disagrees.

C'mon, folks.  There are no peaceful protesters left in Portland.  The folks who show up for these nightly anarchy lessons are simply looking for opportunistic criminality.

I used to help manage an annual festival.  This little town of 20K would host 150K or more.  We'd set up a large misdemeanor booking area at the edge of the festival.    A large, outdoor area surrounded by a chain-link fence.We'd book 'em, cite 'em, and turn them loose after the festival was over.  We had very little repeat business, but we set up the booking area every year.

Portland needs to get a handle on their crowds, so Molotov guy can get extinguished.

Thank God For The Linemen

 I've been thanking these guys every chance I get.  When an entire grid collapses, it takes an army of workers to rebuild it.  Here in southwest Louisiana we have thousands of electrical grid workers trying to get us back into the 20th century.

Here is one post from a lineman to his home company.

We have heard sporadically from our men in Louisiana. When they do have a minute, they would rather reach out to their families which is understandable. However, one Lineman texted this information today:

We are turning two feeders back on today which will include a couple of towns. They are increasing the work force from 500 to 750 workers. The trucks at our location are going through 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel each day. Workers are getting sick from food and ending up in the hospital. It is very hot with lots of snakes in the trees and the fire ants are unforgiving. That’s not the bad part. It’s the fungus on our feet that blisters and bleeds and hurts when you walk. Our feet are always wet. We did find a cheeseburger yesterday at a restaurant and it was delicious. 

We are working our way to the coast and the closer we get, there is nothing left. It is all gone. 

Prayers are still needed for the victims and the workers.

I can't say  enough about the dedication of these linemen. 

The One You Have

 A good friend of mine opined on Facebook:

"In a SHTF situation, I would be hard pressed not to pick the Glock for my handgun and I don't even like Glocks that much."

That is a legitimate opinion from a guy who knows hi way around handguns.  In the past I have opined that in the pantheon of fighting pistols, the 1911, the K-frame revolver, and the Glock 19 all deserve serious consideration. 

But, what millions of people have discovered during the past eight months is that when the S does indeed HtF you will probably be unable to run out and buy the preferred handgun or rifle.  At that point it becomes academic.  What you use to defend home and hearth are the ones you have on hand at the time, whether grandad's 1903 Hammerless, or dad's Remington 11.  Both will suffice in a pinch, and have sufficed for many decades.

When the wind picks up, the limbs start falling and the electrical grid fails (or whatever SHTF scenario you might imagine), the things you have at hand are what you have to work with.  You can't run out and buy a generator, or non-perishable food, or another case of 9mm ammo. You are on your own for three days.  Help is coming, but for the first 72 hours you should not expect any help at all.

People in Louisiana learned this again last week.  Hurricane Laura was the strongest storm to hit Louisiana in the last 160 years.  This morning, many are still without electrical power.  In many locations, the grid was absolutely destroyed.  We are now 12 days into what may become a multi-week adventure for lots of people.This was not a zombie apocalypse of modern fiction, but an apocalypse nonetheless.  What people had when the wind quit blowing was less than what they had when the sind started blowing.  It was a resource-eating, asset-destroying situation.  The default position was what you had on hand when the wind quit blowing.

What is the best SHTF pistol?  The one you have on hand when the wind quits blowing.

Sunday, September 06, 2020

The Mauser 98

I'm much too old for a stalking rifle these days, but I've long considered the Mauser 98, in 7X57 to be perhaps the quintessential stalking rifle for North American game.  If you want ammo availability, go with the .20-06, bu the Mauser is one of the classic rifles in game fields all over the world.

Water Table

 After Laura, m first job was to erect a privacy fence that had been destroyed.  Not a bad job, but it required digging holes in the yar.  I'm an old-time post-hole digger, so I got out the tool and started drilling holes in the back yard.  I wanted to set an 8-foot treated 4X4, three (3) feet in the ground, and anchor it with Sacrete.  That is my standard fence building technique.  

The original fence had been put in with 2" thin wall pipe.  It lasted more than ten years, but eventually, the water gets in and rusts the pipes at ground level.  4X4s are best in this region.  Take my word for it.

I dug the first hole and went inside to cool off.  When I came out, the hole had partially filled with water.

That's what happens in Louisiana when we dig a post hoe after a storm. I sent this photo to my son, who lives in New Mexico.  He runs a crew that occasionally digs water wells, and I thought they would get a kick our of seeing water just under the surface.  It's not something they get to see every day.

Saturday, September 05, 2020

Moving Day

 Grandson Zach came to live with us in April, 2017.  He's been with us since.  He is a good student, and kept his grades up, graduated with  honors, and now is about to launch is college career.  Today is move-in day at the dorms at Louisiana Tech, and Zach has scholarships, and today is the day we load the vehicles with whatever he needs for college and drop his skinny butt off in Ruston, LA>

Grandson Quinton was supposed to move with him, also to attend LA Tech, his National Guard  unit was activated in support of the recovery effort for Hurricane Laura.  He's crashing with us as well because his unit is 15 minutes away and staying at PawPaw's house is a whole lot more comfortable than staying in the barracks.  Quinton will stay with us until his unit is relieved, then decide if he can salvage the semester, or wait until the next one.  Quinton was also an honor student, and has scholarships pending, but his unit was activated, and he is a soldier.

So, after lunch, we'll make sure that Zach is safely ensconced in this dorm room.  Belle is proud of Zach, and we've done everything we can to prepare him, but now it's time for him to launch.  I"m sure that she will shed a tear, and now I'll have to find another kid to mow the back yard.

Thursday, September 03, 2020


 Lets's face it, I'm out of shape.  And old man said to me a decade ago, "I can still do a full days work, it just takes me most of the week."

When I was younger ad had my hobby farm way out in the country, I could work all day.  Hard, physical labor, I'd get started about 7:00 a.m. and wok til about 5:00 pm, and I'd be tired, ready for supper, a beer and a bath.  

After Laura quit blowing, I started cleaning up, repairing stuff, and I've continued through till today.  But, I"d quit about noon, totally worn out.   I did the same today  I finished up the major hurricane project at about noon toady, rebuilding a privacy fence that Laura destroyed.  Now Belle can sit outside with her housecoat, her slippers and her coffee without having to wave at the neighbors.

This week I've used a post-hoe digger, a chain saw, and most of my carpentry skills.  I'm not complaining, it feels good to be tired from honest work.  But, like that old man from a decade ago, I can still do a full day's work, it just takes me most of the week.

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

New Gun Owners Surge

Gun sales are still surging, an indication that the Democrats message on gun control is not working.  With the pandemic, the riots in the streets, and the unwillingness of some mayors and governors to enforce the law and protect public safety, many Americans believe that they mst step up and make an attempt to protect their families.

I stand with Colion Noir and other freedom loving Americans who believe that we are our own best security.

Got Power?

 In storm-ravaged Louisiana lately, the most asked question to family and acquaintances this week is; "You got power?"  And, we're not really asking about the power grid, we're asking about air conditioning.  Air conditioning is vital in Louisiana's semi-tropical climate.  It is my contention that the greatest invention of the 20th century is refrigeration.  Whether to cool our food, prevent spoilage, or to cool our living quarters, refrigeration has changed the way people live.

I grew up without air conditioning, as did everyone who lived prior to 1950.  Yet, it's absolutely vital to my existence today.  This past week has seen thousands of small generators sold locally as people try to re-power their homes in the absence of the electrical grid.  To keep food cool, to keep themselves cool.

Yet, it's true that air conditioning takes a huge toll on the electric grid.  California has seen rolling blackouts during peak consumption hours.  Some innovators are looking at ways to make refrigeration more efficient, less energy-hungry.  I applaud their efforts.

At some point in the future, PawPaw's air conditioning unit for the house will crap out, and I"ll be forced to buy a new unit.  You can bet I'll be looking for the most efficient unit

Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Laura Recovery Update

 To give an idea of the devastation,  a copy/paste from my second son's facebook page.  He works for a small town in Grant parish as a water system operator, keeping clean water flowing and dirty water flowing.  But, he does other things as well.

My guys and I did some more storm cleanup  today, and finally got every road opened up in the town of Pollock.   So at least now you can drive on every street.  When we were finishing for the day, I stopped to talk to a tree clearing crew that clears rightaways for cleco.  These poor souls were from north Idaho,  and were melting.  I asked where they were staying, and he said some "Man camp" down the road.  I asked how many hrs they work a day, and he said normally 16.  I know a few of the Cleco hands, and they are out there just about around the clock.  When I left Pollock this afternoon, there wasn't anyone in town with power, but they are there working on it.  There are countless crews, from around here, and out of state, busting their ass every day to try to get power restored.  So please be patient with them.  Also, a huge thankyou to Mrs Debra Budrow Mrs Judy Sweat Shelton, and Michelle Dezendorf Bordelon for keeping us fed when we couldn't go get lunch.  We will be back at it bright and early tomorrow morning.

The storm hit Thursday morning, and five days after the wind quit blowing, many people are still without power.  cres from as far away as Idaho are here helping us restore power.  It's a Herculean effort with several hundred crews (and over 6000 individuals) helping us.

Belle's office does not yet have internet or phone service, but they do have power.  Just because the storm is over does not mean that the damage is repaired or that life is coming back to normal. 

Life gets a little bit more normal every day.

We Still Have Covid

 As we dig out and rebuild from hurricane Laura, we are reminded that covid is still with us.  I still carry a mask in the vehicle and wear it when necessary.  I understand that going through a major hurricane might play hob with the state's reporting, but a report from WBRZ TV sheds light on the utter incompetence of our state's testing regime.

The state said 532 backlogged cases were among the 1,645 new COVID-19 cases reported to state health officials since Friday.  The latest case information was revealed around noon Sunday and includes cases from both Saturday and Sunday.

Backlog cases?  Why are we getting backlog cases?  How old is that backlog>?

The backlogged 532 cases were as old as July 1. 

July 1st?  That is eight weeks ago.  Those people long since recovered, and the information, at this point, is totally worthless from any rational standpoint.

Our governor, of course, is thrilled.  He's soaking the federal government for both a public health emergency and a natural disaster emergency. He's riding the Covid beast like a spavined mule, and he'll take numbers from anyone who has them, evern if those numbers are eight weeks old and useless from a medical of planning standpoint.  

Monday, August 31, 2020

39 Missing Children

 I wasn't paying attention in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Laura, but it seems that 39 kidnapped or endangered children have been found in Georgia.

How was this not the biggest story reported in the US?  What is the national media doing that this story isn't being covered wall-to-wall?

The problem is that it doesn't reflect unfavorably on President Trump.  And that is the mission of the national media.  Anything else, including child trafficking, is third page material.

Disaster Tips

 If you are ever in a natural disaster, whether it be tornado, hurricane, wildfire, whatever, there are a couple of things you need to know.

Help is coming.  But, it's three days out.  You need to have whatever you need in a three day supply..  Whether it's gasoline, or food, or tobacco, or whatever.  Three days.

This is not your wife's fault, or your kids.  Their world is upended and you are supposed to be the adult.  Act like it.

A plan is essential, ever if you intend to hunker down and ride it out.  

Your vehicle is probably your greatest asset.  It has air conditioning, a radio, and is able to charge mobile devices.  In extreme heat and humidity, an hour sitting in the car with the A/C is priceless.

Don't forget your pets.  They're hot and uncomfortable too.  We'd put Beau (our little dog) in the back of the SUV wen we'd sit in there to cool off.    He loved it.  He'd sleep for an hour.  He was comfortable and with his people, and that's all a pet wants anyway.

Check on our neighbors.   They may need something that you have.  I do more loaning, or giving, during emergencies than any other time.  That is what we're put here for, to help other people.

But, remember: You are on your own for three days.


 Back in my single days, I dated a vicious bitch named Laura.  A hot redhead that lured men to destruction.  I had the good sense to leave her alone.

Belle and I laid down on Wednesday, August 26th, expecting a hurricane.

We were woken rudely at 4:30 am on Thursday, August 27th, when my CPAP machine quit working.  The electricity was off.  We got the day started by looking outside at the howling wind.  At daylight, we had a lull, and I got out the Coleman stove and set it up in the garage.  Belle will have coffee every morning, come hell, high water, or hurricanes.

Laura came onshore near Cameron, LA as a Category 4 hurricane, the worst to hit Louisiana inn 150 years.  She cut a swath of destruction across the western parishes of Louisiana   I have heard nothing from Cameron parish, which is little more than swamp land.  Yeah, folks live there, but they are very resilient ad self-sufficient.  The storm hit Lake Charles  barely diminished.  I have heard estimates that about 80% of the structures in Lake Charles sustained major damage.  

The storm moved into Allen , Beauregard, Vernon parishes at a strong Category 2 hurricane.  That is unheard of.  I heard from the lady who speaks for the Beauregard Elliptical Co-op..  They have 40, 000 electric meters in the parish and none of them were operating.  Transmission and distribution lines are down. Rebuilding will be a multi-week event.

Rapides parish, my home, fared little better.  We were basically thrown back into the late 1800s.  But, as soon as the wind quit howling, you could hear the generators crank up.  With no electricity and temps in the high 90s with 100% humidity, life got miserable very quickly.  However, your car has A/C and is able to charge mobile devices.

Our electrical company, CLECO, undertook a Herculean task of rebuilding thousands of miles of electrical service lines.  They called in crews from adjacent states and got to work doing hard, dangerous work.  in challenging conditions.  Communities pulled together, clearing roads, cutting downed trees, and helping neighbors.

I'm fortunate. We sustained very little damage (a fence is down).  And we were without power for only 39 hours.  Our lights came on at 9:00 pm, Friday, August 28th.  Power is slowly being restored across the parish, but for some folks, this will be a multi-week event.  

All the family is safe, and everyone has electric power to their homes.  A lot of Louisiana is hurting right now.  This has been a total disaster for lots of people.  I heard an estimate on the radio that places the damage at between five and nine billion dollars.  I fear that's low.  Many of us who got lucky sustained damage that no one will never know about.  

I have internet service for the time being.  We'll see how long that lasts.  Life gets a little bit more normal every hour.

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Democrats Mis-Read America

 On the one hand:

Democrats’ Unprecedented Embrace of Gun Control

The party is betting that support for restrictions is more likely to attract moderate voters than turn them off.

But, on the other hand.

Nearly 5 million Americans purchased a firearm for the very first time in 2020. NSSF surveyed firearm retailers which reported that 40 percent of sales were conducted to purchasers who have never previously owned a firearm.

Gun sales are booming, at an all-time high.  And, a sizable number of those sales are to people who have never previously purchased a firearm. 

The American people are looking for security right now.  The Democrats would do well to shut up about any type of gun control.  But, if they think it's a winning message, they should go for it.

Storm Prep

 Everyone is focused on Hurricane Laura, a major storm in the Gulf.

She's expected to make landfall around midnight tonight

I'll spend the day in storm prep, putting things away.  I don't expect any major problems, simply because we'll be prepared for major problems.  It's not like we've never seen a hurricane before and I'm far enough inland that it should be significantly weaker by the time it gets to us.

This will be the first storm since I've retired.  This one will be different, because I worked through Rita and Ike and Gustav.  This time I'll be home.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

watching Laura

 Tropical Storm Marcos, thankfully, fizzled yesterday.  It got caught in some wind shear and fell apart.  It's dumping rain on Mississippi and the Florida panhandle, but its threat as a storm is pretty much over.

Not so with Hurricane Laura.  Everyone remembers the 2005 hurricane season with the twin disasters of Katrina and Rita.  Everyone focuses on Katrina because of the damage it did in New Orleans, but in terms of intensity, Rita was the bigger storm.  She came ashore along the Louisiana/Texas border and wreaked devastation in her path.

Laura is following that same path. Below is the National Hurricane Center's 5-day map of wind speed probabilities.

This map will change over the next several days, but it looks like this storm, if she intensifies, will cut pretty much the same path that Rita cut back in 2005.  We;ll have to keep a weather eye on her for the next several days.  

Another Varmint

 After we caught that raccoon last week, we thought that maybe we had solved the problem.  Not so mun.  We started noticing more evidence of another thief, so I set up the game camera.  Sure enough

That 'coon seems to have startled the cat.   So, the question becomes; Is that the same coon as last week.  I don't think so, for a couple or reasons.  First, I hauled last week's varmint eight (8) miles from the house in a straight line distance.  I doubt last weeks 'coon has found its way back here.  Seconnd, it would take an extremely retarded raccoon to fall for the same trick twice.

I'll haul this one off to reunite the family.  Hopefully, we've seen the end of our varmint infestation, but I"ll keep the camera set up for another couple of days, just to track the transients.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Kenosha Burns.

I see that there has been another shooting, this time in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  The basic video is below, and I'll warn you that it is graphic.

What you don't see is the context. We don't know what the perp said to the cops, or what led them to believe that he was a threat.  However, this shooting matches my training.  Depending on the circumstances, I night have done the same thing, and I can recall a couple of training scenarios where the instructors would have passed a  trainee in this scenario.

If a suspect tells you that he is going to the car and get a gun, then you don't let him get back in the car.  I don't know the circumstances that led those two officers to chase him around the car with their weapons drawn, but it seems that there has been some escalation.  Some threat, some indication that the encounter was about to become lethal.

We'll learn more as the days pass by, but this very well may have been a shooting done by the book.

Where is Marco Going?

 You see, that's the problem with hurricanes.  We're not really sure where they are going, until scant hours before they get here.  Oh, the weather-weenies do the best they can, but weather is an inexact science.

For example, here is the weather map I saw when I got up this morning at daylight.

Then, here is a graphic that our state rep put out just a few minutes ago.

The difference in those two tracks is that one of them is a near-miss for my area, the other one takes the storm right over my house.  It's a huge difference and we really don't know yet.  They're pretty sure that it's coming ashore at about noon today, but after that, it's a crap shoot.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Cajun Weather Report 2020 (Tail of Two Storms)

Ain't no use crying, we may as well laugh.

A Cooyon, for those of you not from South Louisiana , is someone who is a bit crazy.

Sunday Storm Update

 We're watching the twin storms, Laura and Marcos, and the tacks are beginning to firm up.  According to the National Hurricane Center, Marcos is expected to get here first, with landfall on Monday

Just about the time the wind stops blowing, we have to set up for Laura, which is expected here on Thursday.

This is going to be an interesting week.

Grandson Quinton is a member of the 139th Regional Support Group, LANG.  He just got a call from his boss, ordering him to saddle up and report for a possible activation.  He's dropping stuff in the duffel bag right now, and will report about noon.  

Shit's fixing to get real around here.

Saturday, August 22, 2020

Tropical Weather Update

 We're watching these two storms, Laura and Marcos, and it appears that they will get here nearly simultaneously.  The interesting thing is that they are coming o so closely in time.  Right now, it looks like one Tuesday, one Wednesday.  And their cones overlap in interesting ways.

That blue dot in the middle of the screen is my house.  Yeah, this might get real interesting real quick.  2020 ain't working out like I would have liked.

Saturday Morning

 Drinking coffee at sunrise, I checked the National Hurricane Center to see what the storms are doing.  Both Laura and Marcos are now considered named storms, and predictably, their tracks have changed, each slightly to the west.  They will change again as they get closer to the US, and we'll start to have a better idea by tomorrow afternoon.  Keeping an eye on these two are a good idea.

The club will be conducting the Monthly Match this morning, and I'll be doing prep work in another hour.

Shooting with friends is a great way to begin the weekend, and I really look forward to our monthly matches.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Voter Fraud Everywhere

 It seems that an election in New Jersey has been invalidated by a Superior Court judge, who ordered a do-over.

On Wednesday, State Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela ruled that the election for a Paterson City Council seat had been irreversibly tainted. A new election has been ordered to take place in November.

Democrats and the liberal media (but I repeat myself) tell us that voter fraud is a myth.   I have seen it, in person, and I have worked to make convictions.  It is my express opinion that people found guilty of tainting an election should be summarily taken out and shot on the front lawn of the courthouse. Elections are too important for such chicanery, and the perpetrators should be executed immediately as a subject lesson to the general population.

Poor Man's Beef Stroganoff

 The boys asked for it, so I made a pot.  Quick, filling, stick-to-your-ribs.  Total cooking time, about 40 minutes.

Pore Man's Beef Stroganoff


2 lb good ground beef.

1 bag frozen seasoning blend (onion, bell pepper, celery_

2 cans cream of mushroom soup

2 cans evaporated milk

1 can original Rotel

1 bag egg noodles.

Cook it

In a large dutch oven, brown your ground beef, when the beef is almost done, drop in the frozen seasoning blend and saute with the meat.  Drain beef mixture if necessary.  I generally use 90/10 beef and don't need to drain. Add the other canned goods.  Simmer on very low while your noodles cook.

In a separate pot, boil your noodles.  When the noodles are done, drain and add them to the beef mixture.  Stir it all together and call the crowd.

Hurricane Watch

 We're not under a hurricane watch yet, but the Weather-weenies are glued to the two storms working their way through the Caribbean.  

At this point, it's too early to know exactly where they are going to landfall, or even at which strength.  No reason to panic, but plenty of reason to have a plan.  My firm bet, at this point, is that we'll probably get a little rain ext week.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

NRA Accouncement?

On August 7th, Hickok 45 posted this video about an NRA announcement.

I must not have been paying attention.  What's going on with the NRA?

Goodyear Gets Woke

 It seems that Goodyear Tire has gotten Woke, telling employees that they can war a BLM logo, but MAGA hats are forbidden.

On Tuesday, a Goodyear Tire employee leaked a diversity training graphic claiming that “Black Lives Matter” and “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride” (LGBT Pride) slogans are acceptable while “Blue Lives Matter,” “All Lives Matter,” “MAGA Attire,” and “Political Affiliated Slogans or Material” are unacceptable. Conservatives condemned the double standard, and President Donald Trump called for a boycott. Goodyear responded by disavowing the graphic but doubling down on the hypocrisy, claiming that asking employees to refrain from making political statements is entirely different from allowing “forms of advocacy” involving “racial justice and equity issues.”

Of course, President Trump jumped into the fray, and the media was asking inane questions about it yesterday.  

When I was buying tires for the state o Louisiana, the Goodyear Eagle was the standard tire for police cars.  Goodyear had a contract with the state to provide speed-rated tires  The standard at that time was the P255/65R15 and Goodyear would sell them to state agencies for $25.00 apiece.  Mounting and balancing were another $10, so I could buy a whole set for $140.  It was a great deal on a great tire, and I bought hundreds of sets during my decade as a fleet manager.

If Goodyear believes that BLM< Inc is not a political organization, they are sorely mistaken.  BLM is an organization with stated political goals, many of which are radial, leftist goals unsuited to a free society.  It would be one thing if Goodyear had a policy disavowing all political satements on the shop floor, but it appears that they have chosen sides.

And, they may well learn the meaning of that other political phrase": Get Woke, Go Broke.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Factory Ammo

So, this is how they make Federal Ammo.


 Over the past several days, Belle and I noticed that a varmint was paying us a night-time visit.  Things would be re-arranged on the patio, and we were going through a lot of cat food.  A lot more cat food than our single feline could use.  So, I set a trap.

Lookee what I found on the patio this morning.

This one is mightily upset.  His dignity has been heartily offended.   But, how many raccoons can say that they've taken a ride in a pickup truck?  This morning after coffee, I drove him to an undisclosed location and offered him a second chance.  When I opened the gate, he didn't hang around long enough to bid me farewell.

This is the second raccoon that Belle and I have had to deal with.  The first one was so big that the cage was filled completely with 'coon.  This one weighed about five pounds. I suspect that he is a yearling.

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Smith and Wesson Model 30-1

 Some husbands buy flowers, but Belle loves revolvers in .32 caliber.  

Yesterday, cruising around my Merchant of Death (tm), I happened to see a little Smith and Wesson Model 30,-1 in .32 SW Long.  The Smith and Wesson Model 30 was produced from 1903 until 1976.  I have not yet been able to nail down a birth date for this particular little revolver, but the warranty card inside the box is dated April, 1953.  I know that the I-frame Model 30 was discontunued aat some point in favor of the J-frame Model 30-1, but I also know that they overlapped for a while.  At this point, 1953 is a pretty good bet, which makes this revolver 67 years old.

Looks nice, doesn't it?  Here's a shot of the model number, under the crane.

She hasn't seen it yet.  I bet she will be pleased.

Bel Takes A Victory Lap

 Yesterday, a federal judge in New Orleans declined to get involved in the Covid restrictions in Louisiana.  His decision stemmed from a suit brought by several bar owners who claimed that the Governor's restrictions were unconstitutional.  

The Governor, of course, is taking a victory lap.  From his Facebook page:

Today, Judge Martin L.C. Feldman in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana upheld restrictions on bars in the state as part of its efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Louisiana. The restriction is one of the critical mitigation measures put in place to slow the spread of COVID-19 in Louisiana to protect and save lives

He's pleased as punch.  The legislature gave him the authority to enact emergency measures, and by-God, he's enacting them.  And, the federal court said, basically, in layman's terms, that  these decisions are best left to elected officials who were democratically empowered, and were accountable to the people.  I understand the judges reasoning.  

It galls me that the Governor has the power, but the legislature gave it to him.  I have no doubt that Governor Edwards thinks he is doing the right thing.  That a federal judge agreed with  him makes it no less galling, and no less a restriction on freedom in Louisiana.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Support Your Local Gun Shop

 I wandered in to my local gun shop today.  It's a local guy who loves guns, and he really tries to support the community.

"What't'cha looking for today?" He asks.

"9mm Luger, if you have it."

"Yeah, " he replies. "I've got a couple of boxes of Blazer Brass, but I have to charge and arm and a leg for it."

I checked the price.  A lot less than scalping prices, indeed, under 50 cents a pop.  I bought a box, just because.  He's my local dealer, and I'd rather give my money to him than give it to the big box stores (which are currently out of handgun ammo).

He always has neat stuff in there.  Today, it was a Smith and Wesson Model 30, produced in 1953.  It appeared to be new-old-stock, with the box, papers, and cleaning rod.  I was sorely tempted.  I told another .32 junkie about it, and I may regret doing so.

Support your local gun shop.

Training Changes

 In 1975 I picked up the first pistol that someone had the audacity to hand me.  It was a Remington Rand 1911A1, and it was handed to me by an armorer at the Armor School at Fort Knox.  One day of training in a classroom, and one day of shooting on a range, and I was smitten.  It became a life-long love affair with handguns of all types.  1911s would come and go, based on the whims and needs of the Army, but I retained the training that they gave me back in those heady days.

It seems that there was this little doo-hickey on the left side of the slide.  It conveniently locked the slide back when the pistol was out of ammo.  The Army called it a slide stop, and the instructors were quite adamant that it was never to be used to release the slide.  To use it to release the slide would cause untold damage to the firearm, resulting in unauthorized damage to the weapon, rendering it un-usable and requiring costly maintenance.  They were quite explicit on that score.

Once the slide stop engaged, the proper method of reloading the pistol was to eject the magazine, then slingshot the slide home.  That's the way I was trained, and it was ingrained into my handgun DNA.

Fast forward to last week.  My grandson and I were out shooting, and when he changed magazines, he reached for that little doo-hickey, thumbed it down, and the slide went home.

"Who taught you that?" I asked.

"The Army."  Grandson is a school-trained small-arms repairman, MOS 91F, recently returned from that school at Fort Lee, VA.  Evidently, there has been a change in the curriculum.

Being the inquisitive type that I am, I did some Googling, and evidently there is a huge debate on how to use that little doo-hickey on the side of the slide.  It's a huge debate that seems to me to be a tempest in a tea pot.  Oh, the spittle is flying on both sides of the issue.  And, the ignorance is entertaining.

For myself, I'll continue to slingshot the slide.  It's the way I was trained.  I suspect that grandson will continue to thumb the doo-hickey.  It's the way he was trained.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Stuffed Meatloaf

 What go you get when you start with five pounds of good ground beef, then add onion,, bell pepper, salt, pepper, bread crumbs, tomato paste, a pound of bacon, and almost a pound of shredded cheese?

Bacon-wrapped, stuffed meatloaf.

About two hours in a 350 oven, or about three hours in a warm smoker, and it comes out about the same.

I suspect that the boys will be eating meatloaf sandwiches before the night is over.

Four Rules of Firearms Safety

It never hurts to review, and when you have the Gunny and the Glock firearm team, it's a bonus.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Saturday Lunch

 Poking around in the freezer, I found some catish that I needed to cook before it freezer-burned.  So, I got out the corn meal, and started heating some oil.  I prevailed upon Belle to make some hush puppy batter and found a bag of fries in that same freezer.

Fried catfish, hush puppies and french fries.  Not a bad way to start Saturday.  Now, I'll be in the air conditioning while the temps climb into the high 90s later today.

Good News Saturdy

 Clicking around with my coffee, I find this bit of good news for the 2A crowd.  It seems that the 9th Circuit has declared California's prohibition on standard magazines to be unconstitutional.

California deemed that the use or sale of magazines with a higher capacity than ten bullets (LCMs) are illegal. Voters passed the measure. The three-judge panel in the 9th Circuit Court ruled that the limitation is unconstitutional.

Evidently, President Trump's appointment of judges is starting to take some effect.  The Court opined:

 …nor do we speculate about the legitimacy of bans on magazines holding far larger quantities of ammunition. Instead, we only address California’s ban on LCMs as it appears before us. We understand the purpose in passing this law. But even the laudable goal of reducing gun violence must comply with the Constitution. California’s near-categorical ban of LCMs infringes on the fundamental right to self-defense. It criminalizes the possession of half of all magazines in America today. It makes unlawful magazines that are commonly used in handguns by law- abiding citizens for self-defense. And it substantially burdens the core right of self-defense guaranteed to the people under the Second Amendment. It cannot stand. 

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Kamala On Guns

She's not inherently anti-gun, she just wants her police to have guns.  Not you and I.

Kamala Harris is a huge threat to the 2nd Amendment.  She has changed her position on many subjects over the years, depending on how the political wind blows, but the one thing she is consistent on is gun control.  She wants you disarmed.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Light Blogging Friday

 The heat is brutal in Louisiana during August and this August seems to be setting itself to maintain the status quo.  Yet, life goes on in the Covid era.

PawPaw plans his days to get it done before noon.  Before the heat starts reaching toward triple digits.  This afternoon, for example, is predicted to be 98F with 90% humidity.  The heat index is going to 106 in the shade.  And, there is always that chance of an afternoon thunderstorm.  With this heat and humidity, it makes sense that the air mass gets unstable ate in the afternoon, and thunder-bumpers spring up randomly.  Belle and I sat on the porch yesterday and watched them all around us.  We didn't get any rain, but those nearby us did.

Politics seems to be the driving conversation this week.  Either Biden/Harris or Covid.  One topic is as bad as the other, simply because they both smack of piss-poor government over-reach.  I'm ot one of those who ignores the government warnings, but I am one of those who believes that in many locales the petty tyrants have come to enjoy unchecked power.

I am watching the saga of Firehouse BBQ in Watson, LA.  The owner of the restaurant was concerned about Covid among her employees and customers, and trying to do everything she could to minimize the health risks.  However, several employees exhibited problems with the mask requirement, and she decided to make the masks optional for employees and customers.  The health inspectors didn't like her stance, and puled her food permit.  She continued to operate.  A suit was filed and a district judge ordered her to close.  She continued to operate.

In the latest news, a district judge has enjoined any government agency from harassing her until a hearing can be held next week.  In an interview with Moon Griffon, the lady lays out her case for continued operation against the government protocols.  She's trying to do the right thing for her customers and employees and she says that the support from her customers is overwhelming.

Now, I need to go turn on the A/C in the shop.  I have some cooking to do before lunch time.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

2nd Amendment Wednesday

We are fortunate to have a private range on my son's land.  And, we're fortunate that sometimes I can help upgrade the range.  Recently, I bought two sets of 8" steel plates from Yankee Thunder, and today we decided to try them out.  We were running my Kimber 1911 and my SW M&P Shield.

Grandson Lucas wanted to get involved, so we let him pick his pistols.  He wanted to run my 1911 and his Momma's Springfield.  After running the 1911 he had a little trouble on the 

An hour spent on a Wednesday afternoon.  It will be another couple of years before grandson Lucas can be allowed to run a pistol without close adult supervison, but it looks like he's well on his way.

It's a little slice of heaven in the woods.

Black Residents kick BLM out of Chicago Neighborhood!

It looks like some of the citizens of Chicago are starting to push back against outside protesters.

This is good news, and I sand with the residents of Englewood.

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Pay Attention, People.

Joe Biden wants your guns.  Kamala Harrish is his VP pick and she wants your guns.

We are rushing headlong into a very chaotic period.  Is it better to be armed, or disarmed in a time of massive civil unrest and attempts by radical Democrats to defund police departments/

Kamala Harris? Really?

 It looks like Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's pick or VP.


New Sights on the Shield.

This is an update.  I left this here for a couple of hours this morning, and went about other business, like installing the XS DXT2 sights on my SW M&P Shield.  I needed the video to get my grandson on the right track.

Grandson is a school-trained 91F (Small Arms Repairer).  The conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hey, Slick, want to put some sights on a pistol?"
Him: "Yeah, we did that in school."
Me: "Great!  Sit your butt down here and weatch this video so that you can see the process for this pistol."

Ten minutes later we were out in the shop, putting soft jaws on the vise.  Thirty minutes after that, the sights were installed.

Now, I have the same sights on my 1911 and my little Shield.  Serendipitously, after the tools were put away, we were able to enoy a noon meal of Red beans and rice, fried squash, and cornbread.

Now, I'm in for the afternoon.  We have another proect planned for tomorrow.

The New Prohibition

 There is an article over at Reason magazine that talks about business during a pandemic.

It appears that government-imposed restrictions on travel, business, and social contact don't become more palatable with age. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to simmer, the one competency that officials have consistently displayed is in tightening the screws, using the licenses and permissions they require as enforcement tools. For people tired of being bossed around, the obvious response is to carry on without the government's imprimatur—and they're doing so in droves. It's an attitude likely to live on long after the crisis has passed.

Earlier this week, I talked about a Denham Springs restaurant who is doing business in direct violation of government orders to shut down.  And business is booming.

Belle and I were talking about his the other day.  Belle is an RN and understands why the health department has to inspect restaurants.  I'm a libertarian, and don't want government involved in very many human decisions. So, there is a natural tension between the two belief systems.

Government at all levels is using the business license as a cudgel to enforce compliance.It's happening in Louisiana and it's happening in Texas, and I suspect that it is happening all over the US.  But, government forgets that the last great prohibition spawned, in great degree, the rise of organized crime in the US.

That the rebellion among Texas taverns is alive and well is obvious from a desperate-sounding open letter issued last week by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC). "Recently we have spoken with business owners who tell us they don't intend to follow the orders," wrote A. Bentley Nettles, the commission's executive director. "When a business tells TABC it doesn't intend to follow these orders, you leave the agency with no option but to revoke your license and shut you down."

The regulators may pull the license, but whether the business shuts down is a matter of claim.  It may simply go underground, like the speakeasys of the 1920s.  It's one thing to tell people that they can't do something, it's another thing entirely whether they do it or not. Governing against human nature is always a bad idea.

Lest we forget, there was another group of Americans who penned these words in a document that celebrated our independence.

He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance.

Let reedom Ring.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Passive Revolt

 So, there is this whole coronavirus thing, and there's this whole government thing, with a mask mandate and restrictions on occupancy.  Then there is this thing called Freedom, and sometimes they collide.  They are colliding inn Denham Springs, LA.  Denbam Springs is a suburb of Baton Rouge and one restaurant owner has had enough.

It seems that the owner of Firehouse BBQ, a restaurant, is not abiding by the mask mandate, claiming that it has causeed health issues with her employees.  She is running a "mask-optional" restaurant, and she is not turning away customers.  And business is booming.

Well, our petty tyrant governor can't have people making their own decisions, so he pulled her license.  And she kept operating anyway.  Then, the governor had a district court judge issue a Temporary Restraining Order, forcing her to shut down, but the restaurant is too busy to close, and is still serving her delicious BBQ.

And business is booming.  She claims she's too busy to shut down.  It's a great story.  It's part of the American tension between government and personal freedom.  The business owner is in passive revolt.  She is simply not complying.  It's a story as American as apple pie.  And I applaud her for it.

But, it leads to some interesting legal questions.

Sunday, August 09, 2020

How Quickly It Happens

Another officer-involved shooting, this time in Sheboygan, WI.

Notice how quickly it happens.  One minute, the officer is in a conversation, the next second, he's in a fight.  Notice how each officer addresses the perp by his first name, Kevan..  He was obviously well-known in the neighborhood.  The video is long enough that we can get a sense of the officer's disbelief that he had just been involved in a shooting.  The first responding officer did a great job of helping to focus the first officer, and reminding him to breathe.

This is how it happens, folks.


 Belle and I do a big Sunday lunch, and we literally never know who will show up.  Today was fairly standard.  We cooked chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, white gravy, with Lima beans.  We planned for about 10 people, but only six showed up at the meal  Eventually, we ed another six folks.  With two eighteen-year-old boys in the house we don't worry about leftovers.  Very little gets thrown out.

Today we spent a great deal of time talking about concealed carry.  Termite brought his wife and we sat around the table after lunch and talked about handguns and holsters and other accessories.  It sounds like a cop-out, but I told her what I tell everyone.  Find something that works for you.  No husband should pick his wife's handgun.  That decision is as personal as the type underwear you choose.If it works for you, use it.  It may not work for anyone else.  Same thing with holsters and the way you carry your gun.  Inside waist band, outside waist band, appendix carry, strong side, whatever works for you and your individual body type.

The choice of revolver or pistol is, again, another individual choice.  I know ladies who absolutely disdain semi-autos in favor of revolvers.  I know other ladies who like semis.  It's an individual choice, and it should be left to the individual.   "Nuff said about that.

It was a great lunch, with good people, and now we're back i the house.

Friday, August 07, 2020

How Quick It Happens

Body-cam footage from a cop who was called to a convenience store.  The first encounter is with two citizens, who aren't the problem.  The second encounter is with a guy who tries to snatch the officer's weapon.  Bonus!  One of the first citizens in the encounter body-slams the perpetrator during the encounter.

Well done, guys.

Thursday, August 06, 2020

Support Your Local Gunfighter

Sometimes you gotta watch a silly western.


 Normally, it's cool-weather fare, but I decided whatthehell. and made a big pot.

The boys didn't seem to mind.  If you want my recipe, look under this link.

Wednesday, August 05, 2020

The Gimlet Knife

Common in New Orleans during the mid 1800's the gimlet knife was a favorite of gamblers, saloon girls, businessmen and politicians.  Also called the push knife, or push dagger, it was an easily concealed blade that could be employed nearly instantly.  This example has a sheath on a latigo thong, so that it can be worn around the neck, concealed beneath a shirt o waistcoat.

US Quarter con for scale.

It is constructed of CPM 154 stainless and is razor sharp along the 2" blade.  This particular knife was crafted by FP2 Custom Knives and has a n antler handle.

The knife is employed in a closed fist, with the shank of the knife between the 3rd and 4th fingers.  It can be used in either hand.

They were outlawed in New Orleans in 1879, but were common among the sporting set in other locations, and I'm sure that they never went out of style in New Orleans

It's an interesting bet of kit, and might be useful today.  I'm certain that it would open a letter or Amazon box with aplomb.

Damned Pos Office

Last month I ordered some steel targets.  They were shipped promptly and the company sent me a tracking notice.  No complaints with the company.

The US Post office says they've been in transit for two weeks now.  With no updates.

Two weeks?  Really?  C'mon, guys, you gotta do better than that.

Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Peaceful is One Thing. Rioting is not Protected

Senator Cruz is right.  Peaceful poests are one thing, rioting is another thing altogether.

Shots Fired

Phoenix, AZ,  this guy was really trying hard to get shot by a cop.  The young officer responding to the call was a lot more patient with hi than I would have been, and she still had to shoot him.

Good job, officer.

Monday, August 03, 2020

Pore Ol' Bear

It seems that there is a bear near Asheville NC that has been tagged and tracked by the local Wildlife guys.  Somebody put a Trump 2020 sticker on the bear's collar, and now the local do-gooders are offering a $5,000 reward for information on the culprit.  Seriously.

Pore ol' bear.  He has two ear tags, and a collar, and he's probably a freedom-loving bear.  Given the opportunity, he'd probably vote for Trump, because Freedom, and America.  And ow the local Democrats want to take his sticker off.
“We have so many places in this world to put stickers and express our political views,” Chapman says. “Using a wild animal for that is cruel and inhuman. It’s not OK.”
Inhumane?  The bear is not a human, but he's a freedom loving animal, so he doesn't want to live in a world that the Democrats envision.  And now, they're offering a reward for the culprit.

That bear ain't hurting nobody.  Leave him alone.  USA!  USA!

Crime in the City

It seems that the Minneapolis police department is telling residents to be ready to comply with violent criminals.
The Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) told residents they should “be prepared” to hand over their phones, wallets, and purses to robbers.
If tis sounds odd, or out of touch with common practice, recall that Minneapolis is going through a "defund the police" spasm, and the activities of the Minneapolis police department have been severely curtailed.  As a result, violent crime is on the rise.
 Police in the city’s Third Precinct alone have received more than 100 reports of robberies and 20 reports of carjackings in just the last month.
The idea of complying with criminals is repulsive to me.  While the Minneapolis PD may be doing what they have to do to try to keep the citizenry alive and unharmed, it is still repulsive to think that a citizen should be forced to cower in the face of violence.  Rahter, I'd prefer that the criminals cower in the face of outraged citizens.

“If violent crime is to be curbed, it is only the intended victim who can do it. The felon does not fear the police, and he fears neither judge nor jury. Therefore what he must be taught to fear is his victim.”

I was a police officer for 37 years, and I've learned that by-and-large, the police are seldom in a place to end a violent encounter.  We generally show up a few minutes later.

Still, it rankles me that the Minneapolis PD are telling citizens to comply with criminals.

Sunday, August 02, 2020

The Campaign Hat

Or, the Smoey Bear hat, or the Bden-Powell hat.

It's history that deserves to be remembered.

Toward the end, he talks about cords, and with respect to the professor, I believe he got that detail wrong.  I was taught that, particularly in the Cavalry, the enlisted wore a yellow cord, the company grade officers wore a gold cord, the field grade officers wore gold and black, and General officers wore black cords.

Which is why my hat, today, wears a gold/black cord.