Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Trump and the Media

It appears that our president-elect held a sit-down with members of the national media yesterday.  They thought they were coming to talk about access to the new administration.  They were wrong. Some say it was like standing before a firing squad.

The mainstream media is having trouble catching up with reality.  They preen, they slant the news, they try to make a case for their preferred narrative.  We've all seen this image that cropped up during the election.

The thing is, most Americans do't need the media much.  We get our news in ways that are vastly different from the way our parents got news.  Actual paper newspapers are struggling. The explosion of digital media has changed the way that we get our news.  Some of it is from mainstream sources, but we're able to filter out the nonsense and get our news more quickly and with more revelance.  We don't have to sit and listen to an hour news show.

Trump doesn't need the traditional media.  Like millions of Americans he can turn to social media to get his message out.  A little scripting, a little fore-thought, and he can put it up on YouTube.  Like this.

Tell me again why Trump needs CBS, or NBC, or CNN, or any of the other traditional media?  He doesn't need to give press conferences, he can take his message directly to the people.

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Anonymous said...

The man is by orders of magnitude more wealthy than anyone else in politics yet more connected, or at least genuinely concerned for the middle class. Anti-Trumpers, shove that up your cogitaters.