Thursday, October 18, 2018

Welcome to Portland

A little snark on a Thursday afternoon.

Heh!  I'm just sayin'.

Why Do We Care?

I'm not being flippant, I'm just a bit perplexed.  It seems that this Saudi guy walks in to the Saudi consulate in Turkey and disappears.  It's all over the news.  And, evidently, the White House is interested, and I'm trying to figure out why?

Sure, it's an interesting story, and there is lots of speculation, but the guy was not an American citizen, he wasn't in the US, and both Saudi and Turkey are ostensible US allies. 

I simply can't see any reason for official US government interest in this story, but I'm willing to be convinced.  Yeah, the speculation and rumor is that this guy was killed in the consulate, hacked into pieces, and disappeared forever.  It's a gruesome story, but it's half a world away, and doesn't affect a US citizen.  Why are we interested?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

The Army's New PT Test

Back in the '70s when I first put on a uniform, the Army had a five-event PT Test.  It required equipment, and a training area, and it was hard to schedule and to conduct.  The Army was "getting over" Vietnam, and trying to simplify things, and one of the things they simplified was the PT Test.  The new PT test consisted of sit-ups, push-ups and two-mile run.    It took no equipment or specialized training area.  A Commander could run it anywhere.

It seems that the Army is considering changing the PT Test.  You can read ll about it here.  Now, they want a six-event PT test that will require a pull-up bar and deadlift equipment.

Bad idea, Army.  You need a PT Test that measures the readiness of  soldier, but that does NOT require any specialized equipment.  Re-learn the KISS principle (Keep it simple, Stupid) and don't burden Commanders with extraneous nonsense.

More Democrat Sleaze

What is it about Democratic women, especially elected officials?  I've been highlighting lately the unbelievable amount of unethical, sleazy, behavior that the Democrat women in the US Sentate are capable of.

LIz Warren of course, the prototypical white woman, claiming Native status.

Clair McCaskill, lying to her constituents.

This morning it's Heidi Heitkamp, the Dem out of North Dakota, outing survivors without their permission.  And, listing some as survivors who weren't victimized.  All for cheap political points.
The misstep has led some women misidentified in the ad to decry the Democratic candidate and question how their names landed on the list, with one group of women saying they are seeking “a lawyer who will take our case” because the ad has “interfered with, or downright ruined, our lives.” …
This is despicable.  Simply horrific.  I understand that she's in a tight race, and I'd think that she wants to take the high road.  Instead, she's now in the middle of a political disaster of her own making.  Anyone who would do this to people doesn't deserve to be a US Senator, and I'm sure that the good people of North Dakota will do the right thing.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Screachy and Preachy

I've been watching this whole Liz Warren thing with glee.  It's hilarious.  She wanted to establish her bona-fides with a DNA test and instantly became the butt of right-wing mirth and left-wing disdain all within a 24 hour period.

Kellyanne Conaway summed it up n nicely.
“In a matter of minutes, she managed to alienate Native Americans, whom she claims as her own, and high-ranking Democrats, whom she would need to successfully run for president,” Conway said in an interview Tuesday. “We saw this in 2016, we don’t need another female candidate who has a causal relationship with the truth, can’t get her story straight, blames everybody else and is screechy and preachy to the electorate.”
 I laughed aloud at that paragraph.  So, to sum up.
Hillary is a known felon.
Claire McCaskill is a left-wing progressive mascaraing as a moderate.
Liz Warren just made a mockery our of affirmative action.
Lets not even talk about Rachel Dolezal.  She's as white as Liz Warren.

And, today, no one in the whole US is whiter than Liz Warren.  That's not a bad thing, necessarily, but she's not handling it real well.

Moderate Democrats

Moderate Democrats, like... for example, Claire McCaskill of Missouri.  She claims to be a moderate Democrat, but Project Veritas is on the case, and it shows that she supports a semi-auto rifle ban, open borders, and basically all of Obama's policies.  Claire will say anyting to get elected, as this video shows.

I especially like the part where the staffers say that Republicans can "Get over it" after she is elected.

Get over it, indeed.  I hope that all those staffers get over being unemployed after she is defeated.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Pocahontas Steps In It

If you've been watching the hilarious travails of the Senator from Massachusetts,  Elizabeth Warren, you know that she has claimed Native American ancestry.   President Trump dubbed her Pocahontas.

Well, she got a DNA test that showed that, basically, she's a white woman and there might.  Might.  Be a little native blood in there somewhere.  Probably not as much as the average American.  But, she continues to maintain her Native status.

Now, the Cherokee Nation is disclaiming her.
"It makes a mockery out of DNA tests and its legitimate uses while also dishonoring legitimate tribal governments and their citizens, whose ancestors are well documented and whose heritage is proven.”…
Several years ago, my sister did the research and found that we have an ancestor on the Dawes roll.  Does that make me Native American?  Not to my mind.  I have much more French, Spanish,  German, Scots-Irish, and just plain American blood running through me.

Warren should let it go.  I's not going to help her Presidential bid, and that's where this whole mockery is headed.  The Cherokees don't want her, and neither do the rest of us.

UPDATE**   John Hinderaker makes a good point{ This should be the death-knell of affirmtive action.
Here’s the point: Warren’s defense of her claim to being Native American is good for America. Because if Warren is an Indian, then so are most of the rest of us. And most of us are also African-American or Hispanic. If everyone is an Indian, then no one is an Indian. This logic is fatal to the whole corrupt affirmative action enterprise.

Maybe Next Week

Like most Cajuns, I've been jonesing for gumbo.  Thick, hearty gumbo.  But, the weather hasn't cooperated.  Too durned hot.  Gumbo is for cool weather, and we haven't had much of that yet.  However, the weather-weenies are telling me that I might see a break in the heat, long enough to put a pot of gumbo on.

Hopefully, this coming weekend it will cool down enough that I can make a pot.  Some say that gumbo is an "anytime" meal, but Belle and I like to wait for cool weather.

F-22s Destroyed

It seems that almost 10% of our F-22 fleet is damaged or destroyed because someone didn't think to get them out of the path of Hurricane Michael.  Yeah, really.
The US Air Force’s Tyndall Air Base in Florida has taken a direct hit. Many of its ultra-advanced F-22 Raptor stealth fighters have been caught on the ground.
Exactly how many of the $475 million aircraft were damaged or destroyed by Hurricane Michael has not yet been revealed.
C'mon, guys.  Those things fly, or are supposed to.  IF a hurricane is coming, get them wheels-up and out of the danger zone.   Letting an advanced jet fighter get destroyed by weather is simply unacceptable. 

Someone's head needs to roll over this.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

The Lipsey's Special

Last week we talked about the Keith #5, a favorite revolver of Elmer Keith.  I linked to a video and you can go over and watch it.  It's a fascinating story about an iconic revolver.

None of us can afford a Keith #5.  It was a one-of-a-kind custom revolver that required the taleents of several gunsmiths, including the Colt factory.  But, it had several attributes that made it what it is.  A Colt Single Action Army in .44 Special, flat-top model with a ramp front ad adjustable rear sight.  It had an intriguing base pin of Keith's design and a custom grip that employed a Bisley top strap and a standard Colt trigger guard.  It was quite an iconic revolver.

In 2009 Lipsey's commissioned a run of revolvers from Ruger.  Basically a standard Blackhawk in .44 Special.  They sold like hotcakes and in 2010 Lipeey's commissioned another run, this  time with a flat top ad a Bisley grip frame.  Think of it as a Poor Man's #5.

My son knows my love for the .44 Special cartridge and he found one of those Lipsey's on the market.  He picked it up right and brought ti to me for an early Christmas present

It's a beautiful gun and well appreciated.  It has a ramp front adjustable rear, that lovely Bisley grip ad best of all, it's chambered in .44 Special.  It should be a perfect woods gun, especially when stoked with a cylinder of Skeeter's Load.  I had a hundred of those loaded and the boys wanted to shoot, so we went to second-son's place to burn a little powder.

We put five shots o paper to make sure that the sights were regulated, then I gave younger son the honor of first ringing the gong with it.  Watch the video below.

It's a shooter, all right, and I'm very happy with it.  Thanks, son.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Finally Friday

What a Friday.  On the way to work this morning, I stop to pick up breakfast, ad when I get back to the van, it won't start.  Battery is dead.  Well damn.  I found a redeck with jumper cables, ad made it to work.  When it was getting-off time, I got it started and headed home.  Got it i the driveway.  LIfe is good.

Jumped int he truck and headed back to town with two empty propane bottles.  Belle is having a party tomorrow and I need propane.  Looked at the gas gauge on the truck and decided to fill up on the way to town.  Put $40.00 worth of gas in the truck and went to the grocer who also sells propane..  Got  out of the truck, and smelled gasoline.  Looked down, and saw a steady  stream of gasoline spilling out t the parking lot.  Got down on my back and looked under the truck.  I've ot a hole i my gas tank.  Found a pencil inn the console, jammed it into the hole and duct-taped it into place.  Got the cylinders filled and started home.

Some asshole on Highway 28 ran a red light. and t-boned an innocent motorist.  Traffic shit-the-hell down.  Major loblolly on the highway.  No traffic moving at all.  I re-routed.  Took an alternate route.  Got the truck home, scratching my head about the hole in the tank.  Called my expert mechanic son.  He's thrilled I'm home.  Doesn't have to tow a truck off the road.  Scratching his head over fuel tank repair.  We'll figure it out.

Tomorrow is a club shoot, then a party for Belle's co-workers.  In the meantime, I need a battery for the van and a patch for a fuel tank.  The  van is important, the truck can wait a day or two.

In the near time, it's Happy Hour.  I'm home safe and all the vehicles are in the yard.    My weeked is going to be interesting as hell.

We're All Going To Die!

Well, yes we are, because death is endemic to the human condition.  No one has escaped it yet, in a worldly, physical sense. 

It seems that the left is blaming the devastation of Hurricane Michael on science deniers.  Yeah, really.
Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers | John Abraham
 We know that climate change is making these storms stronger. The storms feed off of warm ocean waters, and those waters are much warmer now because of climate change. I have written about the science in more detail here and here. But basically, Michael strengthened because it passed over really warm waters. Waters that were hotter because of human-caused warming.
Dude!  It's a hurricane.  They called this one Michael to differentiate it from the other dozen that preceded it this year.  Folks in Florida know how to do hurricanes.  If you live in the deep South, your life is punctuated by hurricanes, and those hurricanes mark life events.  I remember Hurricane Audrey, which knocked our roof off in 1957.  I was three years old.  I remember Betsy in 1965, and Camille in 1969.  I could make a list, but you get the idea.  Of course, Katrina, Rita, and Gustav all affected my life, and recently, Harvey screwed-over the Texas coast.

Hurricanes aren't anything new, and the gloom-and-doom crowd needs to read their history.  A hurricane is weather, it's not climate.   While Michael was devastating, it's nothing new.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

One LOad

I think  that we can get it all in one load.

I ca remember cutting that much firewood to keep a house warm during a Louisiana winer.  Thankfully I don't have to do that anymore.

Slow News Thursday

Looking at the websites, it appears that the Democrats are still butt-hurt and the Republicans are hoping for a Kavanaugh bounce.  That's not news.

On my lunch hour, I went to Academy in town to look for some .44 Special ammo.  I have lots of Skeeter's Load, but I wanted some standard mouse-fart ammo.  No luck.  I guess that if I want mouse-fart ammo I'll have to load it myself.  But, all my .44 Special brass is loaded with Skeeter's load.

I did find some soft handgun cases on the rack, for less than $5.00 apiece.  I bought the three hanging there because we can never have enough handgun cases.  I also picked up a box of .38 Special +P ammo because the cartridges in my carry gun are probably 30 years old..  I'm sure that they would go BANG, but it's probably time for fresh carry ammo.

Not much to report today, it's just another slow news day.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018


So, there's this gun coming, and from the pictures I've seen, it screams for ivory.  Nowadays, we can't get ivory in this country, so we settle for the next best thing.  Some kind of faux ivory made from synthetics.  It's going to be okay.  They look fine, and I won't have to run afoul of the import laws.

So, we're stuck with faux ivory.   I ordered a set from these fine people, and got a reply email today.  Words to the effect of "will be made to order and is estimated to take 1 day to 4 weeks."  They gave me the option to cancel, but this revolver is screaming for nice grips.  So I told them I'd wait.  It's no big hurry, and I like the way these grips look.

One day to four weeks?  In this time of instant gratification and two-day shipping we tend to lose patience when ordering stuff..  Patience is fine, and I'm okay with waiting.  I can remember a time when I'd order something by filling out an order form, putting it in the mail, knowing as sure as shooting that I wouldn't see my package for four weeks or longer.   This four week wait will give me time to start learning the gun before I switch grips.  And, they said "1 day to 4 weeks" so it might be here much earlier.  We'll see.

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

More Socialistic Moon-Battery

It looks like New York is going to elect a died-in-the-wool socialist as one of their representatives. 
Lest we forget, barring some last-minute divine intervention, New York Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is on her way to an easy election victory next month and a seat in the House of Representatives.
One of the things she wants to do is abolish the Electoral College.  Good luck with that.  Her pie-in-the-sky idea is one we've heard before.  And the chances of it happening is just about zero.

You see, there are ways to amend the Constitution, and the most common way is to have two-thirds of both Houses of Congress approve it, then have three-fourths of the state legislatures approve it.   How does she intend to get thirty-eight (38) states to approve such a lame-brained idea?

Like most Democratic/Socialist ideas, this is a pipe dream of the left.  Simply, it ain't gonna happen.  New York needs a whole new political class.

Competing Polls

I'm putting this down just as a place marker.  It seems that on the Tuesday, four weeks from the midterms, there are competing polls, trying to take the pulse of the political climate.

Politico says that the House is in play.

Axios says that the GOP is set to make big gains in the election.

Of course, both may be right.  The GOP could lose the House and make gains in the Senate.  The idea here is not to get cocky, and don't get complacent.  We have to vote.  This is going to be a big election, both at the national level and locally.  This is going to be interesting.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Considering the Next One

Now that Justice Kavanaugh is sworn in, SCOTUS-watchers should consider the next chapter in this continuing drama.

Madam Justice Ginsburg might serve for many more years, and I certainly don't wish her any ill-will or trauma, but the simple fact is that she was born in 1933 and the actuarial tables are conspiring against her.  We do have a national referendum in five weeks, and if the adults turn out to vote, we might see a more solid Republican majority.

Lindsey Graham is certainly one of the adults in the room, and he has challenged Chuck Schumer (who needs to grow up) to pick a potential nominee from the list that President Trump has published.  That seems like an adult thing to do.  The President isn't keeping it a secret, and if  Schumer could act like an adult and take care of business, then maybe we will avoid all this nonsense next time.

The simple fact is that President Trump is liable to be privileged to nominate at least one more Justice.  Ginsburg could have done the honorable ting and stepped down during the Obama administration, but she didn't.  It becomes more apparent every day that Trump might pick her successor.  And, that's nobody's fault but hers.

Newtonian Politics

Simply stated, Newton's Third Law says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  We see this played out in the natural world and the mechanical world.  Recoil, for instance, is one example.

Reflecting on the political world and the news cycle of he past weeks, I am reminded that this law might also play out in politics.  Culminating this weekend, in a wailing crescendo,  it showed the whole world just how reasonable and measured the Left can be. ( I jest here.  Surely you can recognize sarcasm.)  The absurd wailing and gnashing of teeth were as like unto a tantrum of toddlers who don't get their way. 

The November midterms are just five weeks away.  Hopefully the adults will turn out in droves to remind the Godless Democrats that we are still a nation of laws, the a person is innocent until proven guilty and that elections matter.

Sunday, October 07, 2018

The Unhinged Left


The next time someone tells you that you should be civil i your arguments with Democrats, show them this clip.

They sound unhinged.  This is the result of the past twenty or thirty years of trying to reason with people who don't understand civil discourse.  It's like listening to three-year-olds throwing a tantrum.  This is what happens when the unhinged left does't get its way.

These people don't want civil discourse, they want to be spanked and sent to bed.  It's sad,but true.

The Keith #5

The tale of American handgunning can't be told without Elmer Keith.  There are others, of course, but Keith tended to be a dominate voice in the 20th century and was instrumental in shaping onions about what constituted the perfect revolver.  He is best known for his work with bog bore magnum revolvers and is considered the father of the .44 Remington Magnum.

In his long-range work prior to the introduction of the .44 Magnum in 1955, Keith worked with the .44 Special cartridge for a number of reasons.   Basically, both calibers were chambered in the same gun and the cylinders were the same size.  The .44 Special had a smaller diameter , so there was more steel in the .44 cylinder than the .45, so the cartridge could be loaded to a higher pressure without running the risk of a burst cylinder.    Plus, the .44 Special brass had a stronger web than the balloon-head brass of the .45 Colt of the era.

Keith's work in this regard also focused on the revolver itself.  Better sights, a stronger base-pin latch, a different grip.  This work culminated in a gun that he called the #5.  In 2015,  Keith's #5 cane up for auction and Forgotten Weapons did a video on this remarkable revolver prior to the sale.  They tell the story better than I do, so I'll let them tell it.

I'm a big fan of the .44 Special, preferring it over the .44 Magnum.  While the magnum has its place,  and if you are enamored of it, by all means, use it.  Were I going up north, where I might encounter big bears, I might carry more than the .44 Special could provide, but for the little bears we have hereabouts ad the other fauna lurking around here, the .44 Special provides all the thump I think I"ll ever need from a belt-carried revolver.

In the .44 Special, I prefer Skeeter's Load.  Promulgated by the late, great Skeeter Skeltonn, it features a hard-cast 240 or 250 grain Keith bullet over 7.5 grains of Unique.  My research tells me that Skeeter found it in Elmer Keith's writings, which ties us back to Keith, but it was Skeeter who talked about the load.   What I like about it is that it has more thump than the standard .44 Special at 750 fps.  This load runs the bullet out at about 950 fps which makes it perfectly suitable for 95% of whatever you want a big bore handgun to do.

I tell you all this because my love affair with the .44 Special ain't over, and I'm about to open another chapter inn my infatuation with this cartridge.  More to come, soon.

Saturday, October 06, 2018

Favorite Clips

One of my favorite clips from Clear and Present Danger.

I'm liable to watch movie clips on Saturday afternoon in lieu of football.

I Like Melania

I'm a huge fan of our First Lady, Melania Trump.  Elegant, refined, she seems to me to epitomize what a First Lady should be.  Belle is also a fan, comparing her to Jackie Kennedy.  The Trump-haters deplore her, of course, because she is the President's wife.  It turns out that she is in Kenya on a goodwill tour, and had the opportunity to tour a national park.  Sensibly, she decided to wear a hat to keep the sun off her head.  The left predictably went ape-shit.  From CNN:
Melania Trump's latest white hat evokes colonialist comparison
No, you imbeciles.  Hats make sense in many locations, and the location often determines which hat you wear.  The sun in equatorial Africa is murderous.  You want a hat that is lightweight, light colored, and stands off the head.  You want air to be able to circulate between the hat and the head, and you want that hat to be white, to reflect the sun.

I think that the hat is stylish, practical, and more importantly, I think that she is rocking it.  The pith hat makes perfect sense in that location, which is why it's been worn there for a hundred years or more.

But, the media losers gotta lose, and haters gotta hate.

Will The Court Have A Middle?

Justice Alana Kagan weighs in on the upcoming confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh by wondering if the Supreme Court will have a middle ground.  Go to the link for the analysis and video.

Her argument is that without a guy like Kennedy, who blows in the wind between the left and the right, it will be hard for the Court to find middle ground.  It's a self-serving argument where she is actually lamenting that Justices on the Court are predictable.  Yet, she is one o the more predictable.  It's fairly easy to say that she's utterly predictable.  As such, she could step up and find middle ground. 

My argument to her lamentation is that we already have an unpredictable middle in justice Roberts, who gave us Obamacare not once, but twice.  He should have gone ahead and joined with the predictable left when they legitimatized gay marriage. 

We'll see how Justice Kavanaugh opines on various topics in future cases, but I hold no great hope that anything conservative will come in the near future.  That part of his confirmation that actually focused on his judicial philosophy reveals that he believes in precedent ad stare decisis.  We won't see Roe overturned anytime soon.

Now, if Ginsburg would just do the honorable thing, we might actually be able to get a conservative Court.

Friday, October 05, 2018

Belief Is A Funny Thing

For the past couple of weeks (particularly the past couple of weeks), we've seen the signs.

I'd like to, I really would, but belief is a funny thing.  It requires evidence.  I have several beliefs that I hold dear.  For some I have evidence, for some I don't.  Those require faith.  I am a Christian, after all, and faith is the bedrock of my salvation.    I can testify to my faith, but non-believers will scoff. 

On the one hand, I've known some women (personally, not professionally) who would rather climb up a tree and lie to you than stand on the ground and tell the truth.  Three of them come to mind, and they were so toxic that I soon removed them from my social circle.  Their drama was simply so unrelenting, so hurtful, and so unbelievable that I quit associating with them.

I'm also a cop.  I've been a cop for 37 years. I've run a sex-offender unit and I have investigated claims.  Many of them proved true and we were able to obtain convictions.  Some of them did not prove true and we were unable to obtain convictions.  That's how the law works.  It is a hard thing to tell a survivor that while she may be sincere, her testimony compelling, her story heart-wrenching, that we simply cannot move forward.  We have no corroborating evidence.  Belief is one thing, proving it is something else.  Reasonable doubt is a tough standard, but it is the standard that has kept us civilized for hundreds of years.  Which brings us to the Kavanaugh conundrum.

In that case, there is no corroborating evidence, either testimonial or physical, so we must presume innocence.  Many have rightly pointed out that this is not a criminal inquiry, but that it is a job interview.    This argument is specious, because there are simply some questions that you can't ask in a job interview.

So, we're left with the political.  The Supreme Court is supposed to be above politics, (which is also a specious argument in my opinion) but the Senate is not.  The Senate is all about politics, and I feel that they correctly reflect the partisan mood of the country.  For better or worse, this is the Senate that we have today.  Is Kavanaugh the best pick?  Well, he's Trump's pick and that's what matters in this case.  Honestly, I don't know one thing about Brett Kavanaugh.  Supposedly, he's a good man, a solid conservative and has wide experience in the judiciary.  Can he serve credibly as a Justice?  We'll see.  I've been disappointed in the Supremes before.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Church In The Dirt

 Our church holds Prayer and Practice on Thursday nights, and I got there tonight just as the devotional was finishing up.

Young riders, on horseback, listening to the pastor preach a devotional.

Our pastor, Brother Herb, delivers the devotional on horseback.  I caught him, in this photo, either at the start or end of the prayer.

That's how we spend Thursday nights at the church.

The Big Nothing-Burger

Fox News is reporting that the FBI has forwarded their supplemental report to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The findings?  Nothing.
A source familiar with the supplemental report told Fox News it shows no evidence corroborating the allegations of sexual assault or misconduct against the nominee. Other specifics from the report were not immediately available, but Fox News is told the review included interviews with nine people, along with a sworn statement from another. This went beyond the original Senate request for interviews with four people, though the FBI did not dive into Kavanaugh's drinking habits in high school, one area of contention, because the Senate did not formally request the information.
Well, okay.  Confirm the guy, already.  I understand that the Senate has already voted for cloture, so the final vote should be almost immediate.

Personally, I think that this whole smear campaign has hurt Democrats more than it helped them.  It certainly hasn't done the MeToo movement any good.  Believe the survivor, but don't go off half-cocked.  Take a minute to review the details and see if the story makes any sense.  Not all "survivors" are believable.

The cruelest smear, though, is the newest one.  Can her be fair after what we've put him though?  Realy?  After smearing him, wrecking his family life, and trotting out wild accusations, you're worried that he might not listen to your arguments?

One thing I learned a ling time ago, as a rookie cop.  Don't piss off the Judge.

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Screw Islam

It seems that the New York Times is complaining that we don't consider Islam a valid religion.
It’s a “disturbing trend,” says Asma T. Uddin, a Muslim attorney, in the New York Times: “In recent years, state lawmakers, lawyers and influential social commentators have been making the case that Muslims are not protected by the First Amendment. Why? Because, they argue, Islam is not a religion.”
It doesn't disturb me at all.  One family that runs the Exxon station down the road might be Islamic, but they may not be.  I don't know.  The women dress in Western clothing and seem quite comforable selling beer and Jack's Links sausage, so I'm not concerned that they are a problem.  If they were, we'd take our business elsewhere.

But sharia is a political system disguised as a religion.  They hate gays,, lesbians, transgendered, the whole LGBTQ EIEIEO crowd and would happily push them off buildings or hang them or whatever other bit of barbarity they can dream up.  Women have no rights, and are chattel.

I have a huge problem with sharia, which forms the backbone of the political arm of Islam.   Besides, I still have't gotten over the fact that they fly airplanes into buildings.

Remember what William Churchill said:
Winston Churchill 1899: “Individual Muslims may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world.”
If the New York Times wants to live under Sharia, I think that they should try it for a while.  But, they'd better be ready to fire all the gays and women.  I'm just saying.


Much has been made of Dr. Blaey Ford's credibility.  I would submit three items that tend to work against her credibility.

1.  Fear of flying.  Much was made of this early last week, but testimony elicited shows that she flies regularly for fun and profit.
2.  The second front door on the home was put there not because she's claustrophobic, but she rents that room out to other practitioners or student/interns.
3.  She passed a polygraph, but she coaches others on how to game the polygraph test.

As I mentioned yesterday, she's demanding an FBI interview, and I suspect that she might get one.  She might consider, before speaking with the agents, taking the 5th amendment.  This might not be a job interview.  It might well be a criminal investigation.

Be careful what you pray for.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Ford's Lawyers Demand Interview

It seems that Dr. Ford's lawyers are demanding that the FBI interview her as part of the FBI background investigation.  Yeah, really
"It is inconceivable that the FBI could conduct a thorough investigation of Dr. Ford’s allegations without interviewing her, Judge Kavanaugh, or the witnesses we have identified in our letters to you," attorneys Debra Katz and Michael Bromwich wrote to top FBI officials in a letter obtained by POLITICO.
Katz is going to be interviewed soon enough, I'm sure, to testify as to who in Feinstein's office referred Ford to her firm.   I don't know why the FBI would want to interview Ford.  Her testimony is already on record, and from what I understand, an FBI background check doesn't carry a possible perjury charge, like testifying to the Senate does.

Katz should go pound sand.  She should know better than to make demands of the FBI.

Finally, the 21st Century

Finally, the 21st century might be turning out more like I expected.
For more than half a century, rockets have been the only way to go to space. But in the not-too-distant future, we may have another option for sending up people and payloads: a colossal elevator extending from Earth’s surface up to an altitude of 22,000 miles, where geosynchronous satellites orbit.
Imagine a huge cable, stretching from Earth's surface to a geosynchronous orbiting platform, with people and payloads traveling the cable, without rockets.
NASA says the basic concept of a space elevator is sound, and researchers around the world are optimistic that one can be built. 
Let's get after it, fellows!  (Then, get to work on my flying car.)

So, She Lied To Congress

Much has been made about the testimony of Dr. Ford being traumatized by the alleged event, even to the point of having two doors on the front of her home, so that she might always have an escape route.  Except that:
“The door was not an escape route but an entrance route,” said an attorney familiar with the ongoing congressional investigation. “It appears the real plan for the second front door was to rent out a separate room.”
Oh, really, but I thought she testified that she had the door added during a renovation over the wishes of her husband because she always wanted an additional exit route because of the trauma of the sexual assault.  Well, maybe not.
 Palo Alto city records show that a building permit for an additional room and exterior door was issued to Ford and her husband on Feb. 4, 2008 — more than four years before the May 2012 therapy session where, she says, she first identified Kavanaugh as her attacker.
So, she had not told her husband at the time the renovation occurred.    It looks like the whole double-front-door story was a lie.   And much was made about a legal assumption that if someone will lie about one thing, they'll lie about another thing, which throws the whole testimony into doubt.


Turning away from crass national politics we find a report from Bloomberg Economics that talks about the impact of $100 oil.
The good news is that Bloomberg Economics found that oil at $100 would mean less for global growth in 2018 than it did after the 2011 spike. That’s partly because economies are less reliant on energy and because the shale revolution cushioning the U.S.
Elasticity.  When the quantity demanded increases, the supply tends to increase and the equilibrium price floats on the new supply curve.   That's basic economic theory.  It's taught in most college classes in Eco 101.

Here's the deal with oil.  Oil companies exist to make a profit.   If it costs $XX.XX to take a barrel of oil from the ground, then if the price falls below t hat cost, t hey turn the pumps off and let the oil stay in the ground.  I know of at least one oil field that is sitting idle right now, not because it's dry, but because the price of oil is less than the cost to pump it out of the ground.

Right now, WTI spot prices are at $75.30 and Brent is running at about $84.90.  Let the price of oil rise to $100 and all across the US, pumps will whir to life and the supply curve will shift.  It's basic economics, and it's all based on equilibrium and elasticity of supply.

Monday, October 01, 2018

If You Don't Listen to Anything Else Today

Listen to Ben Shapiro.

The Democrats cannot be allowed to hold power.  They simply can't be trusted with it.

Not A Bad Gig

Searching around the internet today, I saw a reference to a GoFundMe for Dr. Blasey Ford.  So, I did a quick google.  Here's a screenshot.

If I'm reading that right, it's over a half-million dollars to fly across the country and testify to Congress.  Who says that there is no profit in victimhood? 

Just wow!

Fear of Flying

We've had the weekend to digest the ongoing drama of the testimony offered by Dr. Blasey Ford last week, and I admit that it was compelling.  What, to me, was compelling is her fear of flying.  Much was reported in the week prior that she didn't want to fly to Washington from her home on the west coast,  because she was afraid of flying.   She also testified that she has two front doors on her home because she doesn't want to feel trapped; she wants a way out.  I suppose (although I am no psychologist), that this is some form of claustrophobia.   Yet, she also testified that she flies for work and vacation.  This is inconsistent.

The other thing that bugs me is her attorneys.  The Senate reportedly offered to come to her to take her testimony in private and to respect her privacy.  During her testimony, I think that she was surprised that they had made the offer.  Her attorneys evidently wanted her to testify in public for the maximum political advantage.  I'm sure that one of the local bar associations will look into this matter.  They certainly did their client no favors, unless they were serving two clients simultaneously and decided to favor one over the other.

I'm hoping that by weeks end, we'll have a better idea of what the FBI finds, but I have no great optimism in that regard.  Hopefully, they will also investigate how Dr. Ford's story went from confidential to mass-media-viral.  There should be a price to be paid for that particular brouhaha, but again, I have no great optimism that regard either.  Dr. Ford was used publicly by her elected representatives for political gain, and that may be the biggest rape of all.

I'm disgusted at the whole lot of them.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Sunday Lunh

I made a bi pot roast this morning.  Seared it in hot oil, then cooked it in a roux gravy for several (4) hours.  Just like I learned at the knee of my grandfather.  I served it with mashed potatoes, english peas and brown-and-serve rolls.

After lunch, we went to second son's house to sight in deer rifles.  We got a little heavy recoil therapy with deer rifles, ad that ain't a bad way to end a weekend.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Saturday Update

Checking the news this morning, we find the usual political discourse on the Kavanaugh continuing drama.  All I can say for sure, is that a bunch of FBI agents have had their weekend disrupted purely for political purposes.    That is a damned shame.  While they're at it, they should look into who broached the confidentiality of Dr. Ford.

I've been reading Article II, just to refresh my memory, and I can't ind anywhere that the Constitution requires that a justice to the Supreme Court be a federal judge, or even an attorney.  That being the case, should the Kavanaugh nomination fail, I would recommend to the President that he nominate someone who will make the Democrats howl.  Perhaps, for example, a Jesuit priest who is also a lawyer.  I know that the local diocese has priest/lawyers who advise the diocese.

Assuming that we keep the Senate after the midterms, it might be a good time to make the Democrats howl.  Nominate someone who is more conservative than Kavanaugh, more conservative than Scalia.

All this aside, I'm hosting a club shoot in a couple of hours, so it's probably time to go turn the range on and let the AC units cool it down.  Y'all have a great weekend.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Flake Flips and Can We trust the FBI

Senator Jeff Flake, flipped today in a highly dramatic fashion ad got the Senate to agree to an FBI investigation of the sexual allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.  Good for him.  He's retiring.  Very good.

In retrospect, that might be the right thing to do.  It might clear up some questions, though I doubt it.

I'm sure that before many more hours elapse, someone is going to be knocking on Dr. Ford's door.  She will have to re-live this nightmare all over again.  But, hey, if it makes the Democrats feel better, it will probably be worth it.  And that's what this is all about; helping the Democrats to feel better .

That is, if you can trust anything that the FBI says.  They're the ones who couldn't find enough evidence to arrest Hillary after they found classified data on an insecure server.  But, they might bed heaven ad earth to find something, anything on Kavanaugh, because that would better serve their Democrat overlords.

The larger question is; can we trust the FBI?   Personally, I don't think that they can track a white elephant up a muddy creek bank.

I Don't Understand

Watching the confirmation hearings yesterday, I rally don't understand how the Democrats have sunk so low.  Evidently, the Democrats from the South are different from the ones from the North or the West.

Growing up in Louisiana, the Democrats reigned supreme.  Conservative, rural, agricultural, they resisted change for the sake of change.  Oh, guys like Huey and Earl would promise a chicken in every pot, and tried to help the little guy, but they were basically rational people who understood the basic difference between right and wrong.  They played by the rules.

Probably our most interesting governor of the modern age, Edwin Edwards, was a Democrat.  Many called him crooked, but he was beloved many people.  Belle would vote for him tomorrow if she had the opportunity.  Of course, Edwards wound up going to the federal pen for corruption, but he didn't complain about it.

Even as late as the early part of this century, we had the Blue Dog Democrats.  A group of conservative or moderate Democrats who served in Congress.  What I saw yesterday was the very worst display of close-minded arrogance I've ever seen.  The local Democrats may be colorful and amusing, but I believe that they're basically fair-minded people.

Unlike the display we saw yesterday.  From Stephen Green
It's been a show unlike anything we've ever seen, exposing for anyone willing to see just how venal and corrupt the Left has become, and how much they despise Constitutional government and simple standards of decency.
I mourn decency and civil discourse.  The Senate is supposed to be a debating society.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Watching the Hearing

I watched the hearing today.  It was a tear-jerker, with Dr. Ford coming forth as a compelling witness.  What was most compelling to me is that she testified that she asked for anonymity, and sent her letter to only three offices.  1 - her attorney, 2 - her member of Congress and 3 - Senator Feinstein.  She only decided to come forward when reporters started ambushing her at work and at home.

Which begs the question; who leaked it to the press?  I doubt that the attorney leaked it, which leaves her member of Congress or Feinstein.  Both, I'm sure, will deny it.  It there is anything for the FBI to investigate, that might be a good place to start.

Democrats are scurrilous. They are truly pissed that Trump is president, and they don't want him to make anymore Supreme Court nominations.  They will do everything in their power to stop him.  So, for political expediency, they drag Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh through the mud.

Scurrilous, I tell you.  Simply disgraceful.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Utter Nonsense

Now, they're accusing Judge Kavanaugh of gang rape.  Yeah, really.

The woman's story has so many holes, it's hard to tell where even a shred of evidence might be found.  They're trotting out these stories every day, and the tales are becoming more and more odious and fabulous.
Today, attorney Michael Avenatti released a sworn affidavit from Julie Swetnick, a D.C. resident and security-clearance holder in relation to her work with the federal government, stating that she attended several house parties in high school with Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, who Ford says was president during her alleged assault. Swetnick described "abusive and physically aggressive behavior toward girls" from Kavanaugh when he got drunk, "including not taking 'no' for an answer." She alleges that the pair spiked party punch with drugs or grain alcohol to lower girls' inhibitions and says she witnessed boys including Kavanaugh and Judge lining up to gang-rape an inebriated girl.
Wow!  Gang-rape parties and no one ever went to the police.  Somehow, I believe that the police should have been involved.  You can't keep stuff like that secret, even in the early 1980s.

Character assassination and smears are no way to conduct politics.  Let's get this charade over with quickly.

Confirm Kavanaugh quickly. 

About That FBI Report

It would seem that the Democrats wanting an FBI investigation in the Kavanaugh mater should recall the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings.  Uncle Joe Biden gets it.

There is still a presumption o innocence in this case, and it still lies with Brett Kavanaugh.  It is up to the accusers to make the case, which they haven't done, even to a preponderance of the evidence, which is the burden in civil cases. 

I understand that Mitch McConnell has hired a female attorney to examine the witnesses during the hearing.  That's good tactics.   I hope that she hammers facts, and utterly destroys "feelings". 

We'll see.  The senate should move to immediately confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Hang It, Drop It... Run Away

It looks like a heavy mortar, but I can't decide if it's us or them.  We use the 4.2 inch and other forces use 120mm but they work a lot alike.

In this crew drill, something goes horribly wrong.

That ain't good at all.

The Proper Response

Watching this whole social justice brouhaha, where a man can be accused of all manner of evil with no evidence whatsoever, and frankly, it makes me a little disconcerted.  No evidence, baseless accusations, it's this sort of thing that would make a District Attorney throw the whole case out. 

Chuck Grassley has to have a hearing, I suppose, if only to put the lie to this nonsense.  Hopefully, by week's end, the judge will be confirmed, and the Democrats will be crying in their beer. 

Still, I wonder what a good, honest, strong Southern gal would do with something like this, and I"m pretty sure how Belle would handle it.  Belle doesn't tolerate much foolishness, especially when a member of her family is involved.  We'll close the curtain on that, and turn to America's Sweetheart, Busty Ross 

Thanks, Stilton, I needed that.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Hey, Bear

I've seen this pic floating around the internet, ad with the proliferation of black bears i Louisiana it won't be long before it happens to someone nearby.

The problem would be crawling up in your deer stand before daylight and finding a bear in it.  Walking up on a bear in the middle of the day ain't no problem.  Just give hi the road and let him be.

Another Unlikely Kavanaugh Allegation

We find early this morning that another Kavanaugh allegation has come forward, this one from The New Yorker, who gives a fanciful story about a party at Yale.  According to the fanciful tale, a gal named Ramirez was at a party, they were drinking, and Kavanaugh flashed his penis at her.In a room full of people.  Who never saw it

Matt Margolis does the yeoman's work of putting the lie to this tale.   None of the people at the party saw it, everyone who was there denies it ever happened, and even Ramirez's BFF says that she never heard the story.
The unnamed former friend said of Ramirez, “This is a woman I was best friends with. We shared intimate details of our lives. And I was never told this story by her, or by anyone else. It never came up. I didn’t see it; I never heard of it happening.” Ramirez and the unnamed friend were close all through their years at Yale, and said that Kavanaugh remained part of their “larger social circle.” According to the story, this friend of Ramirez initially suggested “that Ramirez may have been politically motivated” in coming forward with the allegation.
When asked why Ramirez chose this time to make her allegation, she said that she thought that it would help bolster the allegations of Christine Ford.
“Ramirez said that she hoped her story would support that of Christine Blasey Ford
It appears that the Democrats are now doubling-down on character assassination and political smears.  That's all they've got.  And, it reinforces my claim that most Democrats are despicable.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Meatloaf

Meatloaf is one of those recipes that is either loved or reviled.  For ourselves, we've played with the recipe and it is still under advisement.  But, we're still playing with it.

For today, we made a bacon wrapped stuffed meatloaf.  Five (5) pounds of 80/20 chuck, we added onions, bell peppers, bread crumbs, egg and milk.  Salt and pepper, o course, Then we laid parchment paper on a cookie sheet, laid macon on the paper, then covered the sheet in a layer of our meat concoction.  Then , covered it in cheese.  You could use mushrooms, sausage, or other yummies.  We only used cheese.  Then, roll the whole thing into a loaf

It went in the smoker an hour ago  I'm running the smoker a little hot, at about 300F and it will be ready in a couple of hours, in time for lunch.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go out to the barn and boil some potatoes for Ouida potatoes.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

An Argument for Octagon Barrels

I've been trying to learn to produce low-cost, YouTube videos.  It's a lot harder than it looks.  A little 8-minute video on the argument for octagon barrels took me seven hours.  You do not want to see the out-takes.  But, I feel pretty good about it.  Lots of editing.

Time for a stiff drink.

Dr. Ford's Coast-to-Coast

Hot Air is reporting that one reason Dr. Ford wants to push the hearing back (aside from the obvious delaying tactic) is that she doesn't like airplanes.  Well, okay.  I love airplanes, but I don't like commercial flying because TSA has made it a cattle-herd process complete with squeeze chutes and cattle prods.  Flying commercially these days sucks.

Driving across the country is always an option  But, I learned years ago that driving across the country in as little as 50 hours.  That's right.  50 hours.  Two days.  I learned this interesting fact back in the late '90s when I was doing long-distance motorcycle riding.  The Iron Butt Association documents those rides.

It is entirely possible for Dr.   Ford to start her journey in CA o Friday night, and be in Washington on Sunday night.  Check into a motel, get a few hours sleep, and be at the hearing on Monday.  The question is not whether it is possible, many have already proved that the journey is possible.  The question is whether Dr. Ford is willing to make the effort.

The Iron Butt Association requires that a rider make the whole trip in command of  the motorcycle.  In Dr. Ford's case, it would be easier.  She could have a co-driver help her across our great country.  But, it's entirely possible to leave California on Friday and be in Washington on Sunday. 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Let's Have Some Fun

If you're tired of politics (and who isn't?) lets have some fun with riles.

Courtesy of the Gunny.

Now, don't you feel better?

Veritas Update

Project Veritas is getting air time and the administration is taking it seriously.  From Fox News:

I'll be at the football field in another hour, but I'm happy that O;Keefe is on the job.


The political wold has gone batshit crazy over this Kavanaugh thing and the news has descended almost into parody.   Feinstein's office says that they've been receiving some really nasty phone calls and emails.  I bet so.  Others are calling for her censure, which makes a better case than just calling the office and giving her a good cussing.  Her handling of this entire matter has been despicable.

But, it is Friday, and we have a local football game.  So, I'll be in the stands tonight, cheering on the home team and talking politics with some of the other curmudgeons who attend.

Go Panthers!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Project Veritas Strikes Again

Yo'u might remember James O'Keefe, and his Project Veritas, a bright light that shines on government corruption.  In his latest video he takes on the Deep State and the Socialists, and the Social Justice Warriors and all the folks in government who are actively trying to resist President Trump's agenda. 

I'll bet that he has a lot of the Obama-era types crapping their pants.

We have to root these guys out, and O'Keefe is doing a wonderful job.

Well... Just Wow!

The decapitated corpse that was found on a judge’s doorstep in Aurora, Illinois has been identified as belonging to a notorious pedophile who was recently allowed to walk free on bail by the judge, according to reports.

Sounds like someone is sending several messages.

Hat tip; Say Uncle.

The Big News

The big news, obviously, is all Kavanaugh, all the time.  It's interesting that we're supposed to believe a woman who is sure what happened, but is not sure when or where or who was there.

I've been a sex crimes investigator,(and recently got in-serviced on sex crimes)  and I generally want to believe a woman when she tells me that she has been abused.  But, she has to help me build the case.  In the context of Dr. Ford, I feel that she's a pawn of the Democrats, a convenient foil for their ambitions, which is despicable. 

In this particular case it's been... ~35 years?  I'm sure that no physical evidence is left, and so we're left with witness corroboration, which so far appears to be slim.  35 years is a long time to re-visit the crime scene, even if we knew where it was.  So, we're left with the talking heads and endless speculation.  I did watch one video that was pretty good,

Give it a watch.  They bring up some good points.  But, in the end, I'm left with the feeling that Dr. Ford is an unwilling pawn of the Democrats, which makes then especially despicable.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Kavanaugh's Accusers Crumble

Some stunning developments.  It seems that even after Chuck Grassley bent over backwards to give Dr. Ford a chance to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, she has now declined.  Byron York, over The Examiner gives a good timeline of the events from the past week.

Evidently, Dr. Ford thinks that next Monday is too early to testify.
Banks suggested Ford is simply not emotionally ready to appear. "Since coming forward, her life has been turned upside down," 
Just exactly what did she think was going to happen?  Dr. Ford is a PhD professor of psychology, so she should at least have an inkling of the processes involved.  Also, she's 51 years old, so she should have had time to process whatever incident may or may not have occurred.  I mean, c'mon.  You make the accusation at the last minute, and you're not willing to testify about it?

 Senator Feinstein, of course, is a complete piece of work.  Now, she's complaining about a rushed process and questioning the veracity of the accuser.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the committee who has known about the Ford allegation since July, complained of a "rushed process." But Feinstein fed an atmosphere of uncertainty Tuesday when she said of Ford's allegation: "I can't say everything's truthful. I don't know."
This is looking more and more like a Democrat kerfluffle to delay the appointment of an esteemed jurist simply because the Democrats don't like his judicial philosophy.  Others are calling this despicable tactic as being reminiscent of Berea and Stalin's tactics, but I don't go that far.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Uncle Joe Wrecks It Again

It looks like goofy Joe Biden may be thinking about a 2020 run at Presdent Trump, and while that might be amusing, it certainly seems like a waste of time and money.

He thinks Trump supporters are "dregs of society".

Yeah, we've been downgraded from deplorables to dregs of society.   Good luck with that, Joe.

Lyman 17

I bought a Sharps reproduction in 2002, and got familiar with it over the course of a couple of years.  Wrote about the foibles of loading black powder here.  After a couple of years, my interest moved to other things, so the Sharps got put in the cabinet and became a safe queen.

Last weekend, younger grandson was asking questions about rifle actions, so we went to the safe and took out some samples.  I grabbed the big Sharps, and during the intervening discussion, I was holding the rifle with the barrel vertical and felt something hit the back of my hand.  The Lyman 17 globe sight had disassembled itself.

We found the sight insert and the locking sleeve and attempted to put it back together again, and found that the locking sleeve is stripped and won't hold tight.  It looks like it's time to order another Lyman 17.  The rifle came out of the box with a nice, silver blade sight, but it really needed a nice globe sight for the best accuracy, and the Lyman fit the bill.  The next time I make an otder from Brownells, I'll have them drop one in the package.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Birds Head Grips

The era of the 1870s-1890s was a remarkable period on many levels, not the least of which was the rapid progression of firearms design.  I've been doing a little bit of research, and found some interesting stuff.  The first one is here:

The 1877 Colt Double Action Revolver
by Ed Buffaloe
Most likely, the Colt Double Action revolver of 1877 was a response to the introduction of the Webley Bulldog pistol in 1872, which was already being imported into the U.S. by late 1873.  The Webley was a double action pistol with a two inch barrel, the original version of which held 5 rounds of .44 center fire ammunition.  It was well received in the U.S. because it was well made, reliable, concealable, and relatively cheap compared to a Colt or a Smith & Wesson, plus it was “self-cocking,” advertised (in later years) as being able to fire five rounds in three seconds.  This gun almost demanded a response from the premier American gun manufacturers.
More at the link.

But, there is a post over at The Firing Line forum on poinnt, and one user, Mizar,  posts an interesting revolver with the following quote:
"Colt Single Action Army manufactured in 1880, and inspected by David Clark, and thus stamped with DFC on frame, bbl, and cylinder. No US markings found, and were thus most likely obliterated." Quote from the Facebook post.

If that is true, we know of t least one example of a Colt 1873 that had birds head grips.   This topic certainly bears more study.

Asked and Answered

Is Dianne Feinstein the Most Corrupt Senator in the United States?

Probably, but that is a pretty high bar.  You realize that we're talking about Democratic senator?

I didn't realize until early this morning, but this whole Kavanaugh debacle smacks of the Anita Hill allegations about Clarence Thomas.  History may not repeat itself, but it surely rhymes.  This is straight out of the Democratic palybook.

Feinstein sat on that letter for months, had plenty of  opportunity to bring it up, and waited till the 11th hour to make the stunning revelation.  The accuser is a piece of work as well.  She also had plenty of time to make those allegations.  From what little I've read, the woman in question is a PhD professor of something-or-other at a California university.   She is certainly educated enough to know that there is a time limit on everything.   In most wedding ceremonies that I've attended, there is an admonition to the witnesses to "speak now, or forever hold your peace".

I understand that some survivors of sexual assault need time to process the injury and indignity of the assault.  It takes time.  Make the complaint as soon as you are  comfortable.  But, know that in the public eye (and in the law) there comes a time when that complain expires.  It's over and done.  We've moved on.

But, regarding Senator Feinstein, she may not be the most corrupt Senator in the US, but she's certainly in the running.  Personally, I find her despicable.

Leadership Matters

Leadership matters.  In the military, in civil politics, in corporate life,  it's all about leadership.

In natural disasters, leadership is especially important.  Getting the electricity turned on, getting the stores re-stocked, and getting people back to work.  That takes leadership.  One recurring success story is the ability of Waffle House to be up and running as soon as possible, to feed people who are hungry, and to restore a sense of normalcy to a situation that is decidedly not normal.    That's leadership.
The CEO of all Waffle House is IN Wilmington. All 5 are open and he has been personally serving 1st responders & thousands of customers. That is how leadership works! Can your boss do your job and would he/she be willing to do it? Let's all eat there soon! 
They've brought in generators to restore service to the stores, they've gotten the people back to work, and they're serving customers and first responders who might not have a hot meal available.   Trust me when I say that in a natural disaster, when the power is out and you're working to help people who desperately need help, it's comforting to know that a hot meal is available.  That Waffle House is able to get up-and-running so quickly is a testament to the quality of the leadership of the organization. 

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sunday Lunch

Yesterday, Belle said that she was craving red beans and rice, so when we ran e errands, we picked up two pounds of good Camellia red beans ad three pounds of Conecu sausage.  Last night we put it all i the crock pot, covered it with water, and let them bubble all night.

Today, we made a pot of rice.

Before we gathered for lunch, Belle made a big cornbread, and the dog took a nap on the shop floor.

After lunch, grandson Lucas said that he'd really like a root beer float for dessert.

That's how we spend Sundays at PawPaw's house.  Cooking, eating, and hanging out.  Now, it's late Sunday afternoon.  Belle is doing laundry and I'm enjoying a vodka tonic.

Why I Carry

There is this piece, over at The Week, where the author opines that police officers in America should not carry guns on a routine basis.  The article sounds like parody in places, but I believe that the guy is serious about his hypothesis.  Or, at lest he believes that he is being serious.
What would happen if American police officers carried whistles instead of guns and dressed in old-fashioned blue uniforms instead of outfits that make them look like they are about to ask us how long we've had these droids? Would the country descend instantly into a chaos of looting, arson, and mass murder? Or would we just go on with our lives, commuting to jobs, raising children, watching sports, whatever — the same routine, albeit with a little bit less of the low-key anxiety that comes with seeing cops with weapons?
He goes on to detail a tragic, police-involved shooting in Dallas,   It was a tragic, bizarre set of circumstances where an officer shot a man who is by all accounts, an innocent bystander.   The officer has been charged, and jailed, and the incident, though regretful and horrific should not be used for any policy discussion.  You can read about it at the link above.  Even from the author's perspective, the facts are strange and likely to not be repeated.  Here's the link, again.

We carry guns because bad guys shoot at is.  The most common officer-involved shooting follows what is basically the rule o 3-3-3.  That is 3 shots, 3 yards, in under 3 seconds.    It's so very fast that sometimes we fail to appreciate that we are in a gunfight until it is over.

One of the best illustrations of this phenomena might be this video, produced by the Los Angeles Police Department as part of an officer Use-Of-Force investigation.    It shows very graphically what a gunfight looks like and the speed at which events unfold.  It also shows the thoroughness with which most agencies conduct their investigations.  Spoiler alert:  this video is graphic and not for the faint-of-heart.

Thus is why the police carry guns.  This is why I carry a gun.  This is also why cases like Heller and McDonald are so vitally important.  The Framers got it right with the 2nd Amendment.  We as Americans have a right to defend ourselves, and this extends to the police.  Gunfights are short, brutal and deadly.  We have the right to protect ourselves, and that's why I carry a gun every day.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going out to the shop to play with a recipe I've been looking at for a while.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Basic Rifles for Self Defense

Good advise from Clint Smith.

I'll just leave it here, in case you  need advise.

No Wonder They Passed.

I'm sure that many of you noticed that Senator Diane Feinstein (hank, spit), the Democrat from California (that doesn't narrow it down much, there are a lot of moonbats in California), sent a letter to the FBI that someone else sent her, regarding some alleged misconduct regarding Brett Kavanaugh, in the dim past.  As details trickle out, it seems that this is about some very vague allegations. 

The FBI passed, and referred the matter to the White House, probably for a raft of very good reasons.  We learn this morning that one of those reasons might have been that Feinstein (hack, spit) redacted the name of the woman before she forwarded the letter to the FBI.

I've been a cop for many years, and I was an investigator in past assignments.  If  an investigator doesn't have a complainant, he doesn't have anything.  If you don't have a victim to interview, you have nowhere to start.  Feinstein gave them nothing.

I suspect that this whole accusation is a huge nothingburger.    From the very instant I learned of it last week, I questioned if from an investigator's standpoint.  What is smacks of is a despicable political hack job trying to derail the nomination of an esteemed jurist from his nomination to the Supreme Court.    I've noticed that over the course of the past several years, these unconscionable tricks are often without merit.  I'll reference the Duke lacrosse team case, and the University of Virginia article in Rolling Stone, just for starters.  Juicy, salacious media events that turned out to be totally without merit.  I'll put this one in the same category.

Feinstein is despicable.  This is nothing but twardry politics.  She couldn't derail Kavanaugh's nomination in committee, she won't he ale to stop it in the Senate, so resorts to a cheap smear campaign. 

Another Harbinger of Autumn

Mowing grass this morning, at the base of the white oak out front, I noticed a red spider lily trying to bloom.

So far, we've had a wet September.  It has, in fact, not rained o this acre o two days of this month.  This day, the 15th, might be the third day this month that we haven't gotten rain.  But, today ain't over yet, so we'll see.

However, spider lilies are a sign of the season, and mine are jumping up.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Finally Friday

Tonight is the home-game opener of the local high school.  They've been on the road for the past three Friday nights, and grandson Zach is a trombone player in the band.    I'll be heading to the stadium shortly.  It's Friday Night Football!

Thankfully, the temps are fairly moderate, at least for Louisiana.  At kickoff, it's predicted to be 87F with 75% humidity.  Not a bad night to sit in the stands.

Several years ago, when I was working as Resource Officer at my alma mater, I spent a lot of nights in the stadium that were much worse.  One night, we had a tropical depression overhead and the coaches declined to call it off.  It was 90 degrees and raining sideways.  Sometimes it would rain from the east, sometimes from the west.  I turned my security detail loose early, simply because, except for the teams, we were the only ones in the stadium.  All of the spectators had wisely un-assed the stadium for drier locations.  Gawd, it was miserable.

Friday Night Football.  I"ll guarantee that no one will take a knee when the band plays the national anthem.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Reproductive hormones related to how attractive a woman smells.  Imagine that!
Researchers at the University of Bern demonstrate that some women smell better to men than others—namely those who are "fittest" for reproduction.
So, there is a difference between men and women, and gender does matter.  Imagine that.    I would also speculate that perfumes or other  artificial scents are designed  to level the playing field.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

More on Florence

Hurricane Florence is going to be bad, guys.  Take it from someone who has watched these things his whole life.  This is going to be horrible. 

Having said that the weather weenies are trying to give everyone the worst case scenario, and maybe they are over-blown maybe not.  This is a very dangerous storm.

They're still not sure where this storm is going after she stalls, and the next 24 hours should prove definitive.  She's a bad one, and the Carolinas are in for a whupping.

Stay, Or Go?

Stay or go.  That is always the choice a person makes when faced with a violent weather disaster, like it appears that Hurricane Florence is shaping up to be.  The latest tracks are getting interesting, from a survivors perspective.  Hot Air has all the news.
 At this point, the computer models project that the storm will stall right off the coast and then drift slowly south before turning inland. That means the Carolinas could be facing literally days of winds above 100 mph combined with storm surge and inland flooding at deadly levels. There is a mandatory evacuation order in place for more than a million people. (ABC News)
Faced with this (and we all hope it is not as bad as predicted), the folks in charge are telling everyone to get out.  And, they're telling folks that the first-responders may  not be able to help them.
This brings up the question we wind up dealing with every storm season. How much of an obligation do our first responders have to risk their own lives in an effort to save people from their own stupidity? 
 I've done it both ways, literally stood in the eye of the storm as both a first-responder  and as a willing participant.  And, if we've learned anything from major storm disasters over the past decade, it is these two lessons.  1) First responders may nit be able to get to you.  It may be simply impossible to get to you.  and 2).  Don't expect any help for three (3) days AFTER THE WIND STOPS BLOWING.

If you want to ride out the storm, that is your absolute right, but the practical realities of doing so may put your life at risk.  We're sorry, we really are, but we may not be able to help.  It's a sad reality, but it's something we learned during Katrina, Rita, Gustav, and most recently, Harvey, last year.    Help is not always available, and may in fact be three days away.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Lest We Forget

I was working the night shift at the parish jail, came in and went to sleep.  Phone rang about 9:00.  I didn't get much sleep the rest of the day.

Monday, September 10, 2018


Belle made dumplings for church tonight.  She starts with a chicken, and a bag of all-purpose flour.  If anyone knows anything about dumplings, it's Belle, and she can't tell you the recipe.  She just makes them.  Thin, light, lovely dumplings.

We took a big ol' crock pot, and they didn't last long.  But, they never do.  I don't ever have to worry about leftover chicken and dumplings, there simply is  no such thing around here. 

They didn't last long at the church, but Baptists are a hungry lot.

Three Hurricanes

I don't think I've ever seen a National Hurricane Center map like this one before.  Three hurricanes churning in the Atlantic at the same time.

Florence has been churning out there for a while, but those other two are fairly new.

We'd best keep an eye on this .

Heroes Indeed, Heroes All

It seems that the PC bunch in Texas is recommending that the word "heroic" be struck from the curriculum when Texas students study the Alamo.
A panel advising the Texas State Board of Education on curriculum is recommending that the word "heroic" be dropped from study materials that describe the defenders of the Alamo.
The reason? Apparently, the panel believes that the word "heroic" is a "value-charged word."
It is indeed, a value-charged word.  And entirely appropriate for those brave men who gave their lives in support of freedom.  None of them wanted to be there, but all of them knew it was necessary.  The men of the Alamo knew what awaited them, but intended to stand to the last, to give Houston time to build an army.  That is heroic.
"Many times the Alamo gets boiled down, as it often does in movies, to the Mexicans are the bad guys and the good guys are good Anglos in coonskin caps," Buenger said. He noted that many Mexicans fought alongside Texans in the siege.
Only cursory students of the Texas Revolution would believe that.  In fact, many patriotic Hispanics fought with the Aglos to free Texas.  One of the most prominent was Juan Seguin,   Seguin was at the Alamo during the seige, then was chosen to carry a message to Houston.  After delivering the message, he tried to return to the Alamo, but found that it had already fallen.  He t hen led a cavarly company screening Houston's retreat during the Runaway Scrape, and fought with Houston at San Jacinto.  Juan Seguin is truly a hero of Texas, and deserves to be remembered as such.

The men who fought and died at the Alamo, and the others during the Texas revolution are all heroes, and striking that word from the curriculum is political correctness run amok.

Sunday, September 09, 2018

Steak and Gravy

Grandson Lucas told Belle that he wanted steak and gravy for lunch today, and as that was the only request, Belle honored it.

Round steak, seasoned with salt and pepper then cooked overnight in brown gravy mix.  It was fork-tender, served over rice, with creamed corn and yeast rolls on the side.  Belle also made a peach cobbler for dessert served with or without ice cream as you please.

During the peach cobbler phase of the operation, I introduced Lucas to a beverage called a root beer  float.  He considered that an interesting combination of two of his perennial favorites.

The kids have gone home now, the dishes are washed, and we're settling in for the remainder of Sunday afternoon.  I hear thunnder off to the northeast.

Talking Heads

If like me, you've been watching the Kavanugh hearings, you've seen an interesting circus.

I really liked the time that Senator Graham spent in front o the cameras, pointing out the political hypocrisy of the various parties.

Brett Kavanaugh is probably going to be a pretty good associate justice, but you can never tell from the confirmation hearings.

We thought that John Roberts was a conservative, and a rational thinker, but we were wrong about that.

Friday, September 07, 2018

At The Auction

Belle heard that the local auction had a couple of trombones on the block, so we went to look.  With two grandsons who play the 'bone, it seems like a good idea to puck up a horn when the price is right.  We scored both of them tonight, a King 606 and a Conn Artist, for $120.00 cash.  Even for used trombones on Ebay, I think we did really well.

We brought them home to Zach, and he seems pleased.  He's playing the King right ow and likes the slide action very much.  It sounds like a good horn.

We also picked up some old cast iron cookware for the shop.  A large Dutch oven and two 12" skillets.  About $70.00 fr the cast iron, and I think that we did pretty good.  Old cast iron is a joy to work with, even if I have to re-season it.    When I opened the lid on the old Dutch oven, I smelled old oil, which is a good sign.   I've been cooking in cast iron for 50 years and I still don't own enough of it.

We're home now, enjoying a toddy, and it won't be long before we're in bed.