Monday, May 30, 2016

Garry Owen

Officially the marching song of the 7th US Cavalry, it's been adopted by the whole branch as our theme song.  Whether Armored Cav or Air Cav, or even line Armor, troopers turn and salute when they hear Garry Owen.

It's our song, and today is a fine day to listen to it.

Jeff Cooper

Very few people could tell a vignette with fewer words than Jeff Cooper.  In evidence:
Goblin shows up late at hamburger dispensary behaving obnoxiously. Management calls the cops. Cop shows up and challenges goblin, who begins shooting at him. Cop sustains several hits before returning fire and goes down with a broken femur. Goblin runs dry and, bleeding from three wounds, commences to reload. Two Navajos are trying to get their car started on the parking lot. Analyzing the situation, they move in on the goblin and pound him into the pavement, leaving him for dead. They then go back to the car and continue fiddling with it. All manner of cop cars show up, complete with flashing lights. County deputy attorney, who arrives with the cops, approaches the two Navajos and asks if they can use any help. The answer is, “Well, yes. You got a flashlight?” Cops furnish flashlight.
 Moral: Always carry a flashlight in Indian country.
 Jeff Cooper
Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries
Vol. 2, No. 3, 1 March 1994
Hat tip, Joe Huffman.

Francis, the One Eyed,Mountain Dog

This weekend, while the kids were over, I got to know Francis, the One Eyed Mountain Dog.

A female mutt, brindled, with overtones f some type bull dog or pug, but mainly mutt.  Son Joey's wife, Melissa, found her while they were visiting his mother in Eureka Springs, AR.  Whatever her story was before they found her, she was spayed and her eye had been stitched shut professionally.  When Joey and his wife found her, she was showing a lot of rib ad the collar she wore was so dry-rotted that it was almost ready to fall off.  Obviously a stray, we'll never know what happened to her previous owners.

With good care and regular food, she's "slicked-off" and is really a sweet dog.  She's also a bottomless pit.  Probably an artifact of the time when she was hungry and eating whatever she could find.  Francis is a good dog, gentle around kids, makes friends easily, fairly quiet, but she loves to eat.  She's also an affection sponge; she'll sit quietly and et you scratch her for as long as you're willing.

That's a good dog, right there.  Both she and Joey did good when they found each other.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Fish Fry

Every once in a while, I get hungry for a fish fry, and in my family a fish fry is a social event, so I gathered the fish and the ingredients and told everyone that I was frying fish, Sunday at noon.

Left to Right.  Son-in-law Greg, PawPaw, son Joey and Son Barrett.
Our fish frys generally require two burners, one for fish and one for everything else.  Potatoes, hush puppies, chicken strips for the kids who don't eat fish, and fried okra.  Most of the menfolk gather around the burners.

Those folks that aren't needed, stretch out down the patio.  At this point, the grandkids are either in the pool, or eating under the shade awning.

Yeah, there is most of them, under the shade awning.  All told, I fed 22 people fried fish for the noon meal.  And we had leftovers.  When you thaw fish out, you've gotta cook it.

Those are full-size steam trays, and that is leftover fish.  No problem, though.  I've been a cop for a long time, and I understand what it's like to work Sunday nights out of a rural substation.  So, I bundled all up and took it to the Sheriff's substation down the road.  I left it in the care of the dispatcher and she'll see that the boys get fed.

That's how we do a Sunday fish fry at PawPw's House.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Memorial Day

I'm getting in the mood, I really am, but I'm a little tired and a little busy, and after the family gathering tomorrow, I should have a chance to reflect.

In the mean time, I'm thinking about the guys I served with.

Heh!  Just Heh!

The Long Gun

My son took up leather working several years ago, and the quality of his work is increasing by leaps and bounds.  He presented me with a new long gun rig last night.  He lives in Baton Rouge and came up to see us for the weekend.  While we had talked about the long gun rig, and I had seen pictures of it, I hadn't yet been able to coon-finger it, to touch it, or even know if it fit me.

He brought it with him last night and I am blown away.

I am very pleased.  Very pleased indeed.  If fits like it is supposed to fit, it feels like it is supposed to feel, it's made of very good leather, and the detail work is magnificent.  The badge holder is a nice touch.  I talked about the rig two weeks ago, and it comes with a hand-forged knife with sheath, and a set of leather cuffs.  It's a very nice rig for our game.  It's based, of course, on the California pattern, or Slim Jim (if you prefer).

Milady and I will be going to the range in another hour, and I'll be trying to figure out my draw.  It looks like I'm going to have fun with this.  Thanks, son!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Just Wrong

This is just wrong.

Hat Tip, Wirecutter.

I'll be watching Lucas again today.  Go look on the sidebar for real tidbits.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Day With Lucas

Last night, as I was about to pour a drink, I was called by my second son.  His family was at a church thing at the local skating rink when his wife fell and injured her wrist.  They were on the way to the emergency room.  Milady and I left immediately, beating them to the emergency room by scant seconds.  As they brought her in, we scooped up grandson Lucas, told then we have him, and left son to look after his wife.

We brought grandson home to spend the night.  Daughter-in-law's wrist is broken.  The doctors are dealing with it, but today when Lucas woke up, we realized that we hadn't planned properly.  Not much kid's breakfast stuff in the house, so PawPaw did what PawPaws do.

Breakfast down at the donut shop.  One chocolate filled, one glazed, with chocolate milk.

Then, we stopped by the local kids park to work off all that chocolate.  We noticed that they had added a splash-pad, so we went home for appropriate attire.

Inside the hour, we were back at the splash pad.

By now, it was nearly noon, so we went by Grandma's office with his dry clothes.  Grandma is an RN and L'il-bit had skinned himself during a nasty fall, so we received appropriate, professional medical care.  In gratitude, we asked Grandma if she'd like to go to lunch, (Which reminds me, I need to look in the pharmacy for Monkey-Blood.)

At Wendy's, Lucas' favorite 5-star restaurant.  After lunch, we came back home, where PawPaw is watching the boy beat all the games in Grandma's tablet.  His dad will be here in an hour or so, and PawPaw will take a break.

It's what PawPaws do.  This is the youngest reason that this blog is called PawPaw's House.

Semi-annual Checkup

So, I went for my semi-annual checkup yesterday.  Everything is fine, I'm an old fat man, and the doc and I are good with that.  My numbers look good, better than last time, so we're going through the usual litany of possible complaints.  Do I have blood in my stool?, excessive or unexplained bleeding?, problems with shortness of breath?, problems sustaining an erection?.there is a whole list of questions.  Then he comes to two that I haven't heard before.

"Suicidal?" He asks,

"Not likely." I respond.


"Sometimes." I reply, chuckling.

"Oh, geeze," he says.  "Don't tell me that.  It's one of the Obamacare questions.  If you are homicidal and have guns, I'm supposed to report you to the police."

"Well, doc," I reply, "I have a gun in my pocket, and I am the police."

"Okay," he says, scribbling in his notes. "I'll just report it to you then."

"Seriously," I ask, "Is that on the list of questions?"

"Yeah," he says, "It came out on a revised list a couple of months ago."

"Well, hell.  No one is going to admit to their doctor that they're homicidal."

He looks at me over his notes.  "You just did."

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trailer Update

I took the trailer over to my son's welding shop yesterday.  We found some pipe we could recycle from an old swing set, and cut the tubing into one-foot lengths to make stake pockets.  He welded them to the side of the trailer.

Plenty big enough for 1" PVC pipe, and I may be able to go larger.

So, I brought it home and located a joint of 1/4 PVC to give me a visual idea.  It looks like the concept is going to work, but I've got to fine-tune the length of the bow.

This looks like it's going to work fine.  Some fine-tuning, some more head-scratching, and we'll move forward.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Joe's Great Idea

Joe Huffman has a great idea.
Anti-gun people should vote against Hillary to keep guns out of the hands of the American people.
I like the idea, and it has basic logical roots.  Hillary is staunchly anti-gun, and Obama has proven to be the greatest gun salesman in the history of the United States.  Really, every time he opens his pie-hole to talk about guns, sales spike.

 Obama has sold lots of guns, as the 4473 records attest.  If Hillary is elected, and opens her pie-hole, sales will spike again, probably setting more records.  The logic is clear.  Anti-gun people should vote against Hillary.

This all makes sense after my second whiskey.  It's time to pour the third.  Then click over to Facebook.

The Gunbelt Pouch

When you strap a cowboy holster, often times the belt or holster covers the pockets on your trousers, making it inconvenient to get stuff out of your pockets.  Milady mentioned this to younger son one day, and over the next week or so, he designed a pouch that fits on her gun belt.

We're concerned with period correctness and he told us that he learned to make these pouches while he was re-enacting the French colonial period of the mid to late 1700s.  A simple leather pouch that can be looped on a belt.  It's convenient today as it was over 200 years ago.  While the early settlers didn't have car keys or cell phones, I'm sure that they had little incidentals they'd like to carry with them during the day.

Just a simple little pouch with a drop-thru closure.  It's remarkably secure.

With slots in the back to thread over the gun belt.

This one is big enough for a smart phone, but the craftsman can make it any reasonable size.  You'll have to decide how big you like it before you build it, but for carrying some lip balm, a key fob, and maybe a little folding money, this little pouch works great.  Blue Eyed Belle uses it pretty regularly when carrying a purse is inconvenient.