Thursday, December 08, 2016

Yuletide Cheer

Peter has a post up about George Washington's personal recipe for eggnog.  It looks pretty good.  It looks like it makes, I dunno, about a gallon.
One quart cream, one quart milk, one dozen tablespoons sugar, one pint brandy, 1/2 pint rye whiskey, 1/2 pint Jamaica rum, 1/4 pint sherry—mix liquor first, then separate [a dozen] yolks and whites of eggs, add sugar to beaten yolks, mix well. Add milk and cream, slowly beating. Beat whites of eggs until stiff and fold slowly into mixture. Let set in cool place for several days. Taste frequently.
That should certainly get the party started, although my eggnog recipe is a bit simpler.  I recently discovered pecan-pie flavored moonshine.  I doubt it's real moonshine, and it proofs out at about  80  proof, so the old moonshiners I used to know would scoff at it.  But, a jigger of pecan-pie 'shine in a highball glass filled with eggnog sure makes the spirit bright.

Not that I don't trust Peter, but I found the same recipe in the Old Farmers Almanac.  So, there might be some historical legitimacy to this concoction.  For myself, I'll stick w with the store-bought variety.

Over-wrought, Much?

The left continues its descent onto parody.  I'm not sure where this falls on the "stages of grief" scale, but the hand-wringing is becoming amusing.  For example, this guy asks if Trump is setting himself up as King?  Oh, he gives a laundry-list of things that our President-elect has already done or promised to do in support of his claim.

And, he says that Obama set it all up by his reliance on executive orders, but he goes on to say that at least Obama had a senseof self-restraint.  His final paragraph is a real tear-jerker.  I was laughing so hard that I had tears rolling down my face.
Even though our founders didn’t anticipate Twitter, they did warn us about Trump. It’s just too few of us bothered to care or understand. So now, our best chance to get something better than we deserve is based in little more than pure luck.
He doesn't sound angry, or in denial, so he's past that, but it looks like either the bargaining or depression stage.  It's good, I guess that the media goes through this process.   Still, his grief is amusing, only because it is so over-wrought.  He may still be in the bargaining stage, asking whatever deity he worships to not let Trump put on a crown.

Sometimes when I'm feeling blue, I put on this little clip to remind myself that it's not so bad after all.

Watching that makes me feel so much better.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Recounts

It appears that some of the recounts are proceding, but not the way that some would like them to proceed.

For example, in Wisconsin, Trump is gaining votes.  The final tally is likely to be larger than the election day returns.  The strategy is clear; tie up the electoral college and deny Trump the win he won. Throw the election into the House of Representatives, where Trump will win handily, then piss and moan for the next four years that Trump wasn't really elected.

It was Hillary Clinton, I recall, who was horrified that someone might not accept the results of the election.  Now, the Democrats as a whole are not accepting the results of the election.

Jill Stein, of course, is the Hillary analog during this exercise in frustration.  She is nothing more than a surrogate for the frustrated, angst-ridden Democratic party.  They forgot the rules on nwinning a national election, and in winning the popular vote, they lost the election.  It's true, Hillary got more votes, but she didn't get the votes where it mattered.  In fact, her surrogate (Jill Stein) may have cost her the election.

In this recount, Stein stands to gain nothing.  She can certainly not expect a different outcome from the one that is already in motion.  As such, her gambit is truly despicable.

The election is over, Jill.  Accept it an move on.  All the recount is doing is prolonging the agony.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016


At the Louisiana State Championship to be held in April, we just finalized the registration forms, which will soon be up on the CFDA website.

This is Louisiana, after all, and we do things a little different down here.  Hospitality for sure, and having fun is second nature.  For our out-of-state visitors, we want them to absorb culture,, and the French language is a part of that culture.  One thing they'll notice is a Lagniappe Match.  What is a Lagniappe Match?

Well, Lagniappe has a special place in Cajun culture. Lagniappe has various meanings, depending on use, but it generally means "something extra".   Lagniappe is important in Louisiana culture, it's a way of showing good will, of making sure that people are taken care of.  Our Lagniappe match will fill a small hole in the schedule, give the folks an extra match to shoot in, a chance to warm up before the main match on Saturday.  It's something extra, which is what Lagniappe is.

Monday, December 05, 2016

That's Funny, Right There!

I'm told that Castro's jeep/hearse/whatever broke down during the funeral procession and had to be pushed by his honor guard.

Mostly Cajun has pictures.

That's funny, right there, I don't care who you are.  And, it is probably a metaphor for Castro's whole revolution.

I was talking with a good friend last week, and the subject of Cuba and cigars came up.  My buddy is a bit of a cigar aficionado, and he opined that most of the good cigars these days come out of the Dominican Republic.  His view is that tobacco leaf for fine cigars takes many things, climate, care, proper soil.  With everything nationalized under Castro, the tobacco farmers suffered just as much as everyone else and as many of them that could leave, left long ago.

I have smoked Cuban cigars, and to my uneducated palate, they are nothing really to get excited about. But, I don't know if that's just my ignorance, or the state of the industry in this era.

Sunday, December 04, 2016


We took a ride this afternoon up to the town of Natchitoches, the place where we'll be shooting in April.  Zach and I did some measurements, getting the lay of the land.

Of course, you can click on the pics for a better view.  It's a lovely place, with lots of history.  Those red poles on the edge of the curb might be problematic, but they're spaced unevenly.  Some of them are over 60 feet btween them, the narrowest I measured was 43 feet between them.  It looks like Natchitoches put them up for specific reasons, without any plan to evenly space them.  It is what is is, and we'll work around them.

The width of that sidewalk varies as well, depending on if there is a bench concreted in place.  At some places there is barely four (4) feet between the curb and the edge of usable space.

It's a lovely place to hold the event, and I'm sure that we'll work it out, but we're going to have to wait until we're there, with ranges on the ground, to see how the final setup is going to look.

Another view of the sidewalk. This gives the planners some perspective of the issues.  They're workable, but we'll do some head-scratching.

In the next day or so, I'll be getting out the hotel information.  Natchitoches has a wealth of hotels within 5 miles of the shooting venue, and the folks there seem as excited about us coming as we are about beingn there.


It's chilly out this morning.  Not terribly cold, but it is the wet, dreary cold that sinks into your bones.  It's wet, in the mid-40s, not truly cold, but for Louisiana it would be a perfect day for duck hunting.  The view down my suburban driveway shows grey skies and wet pavement.

But, the house is warm and the roof is good, so we're not terribly concerned.  This is merely uncomfortable, not a survival event.  Still, there are things to do on a day like this, and warm food will be necessary.  So, Milady got up early this morning and made a big pot of chili.  Good, red chili for a chilly day.

That's an eight-quart dutch oven, practically full of red goodness.  When the kids come over for lunch, we'll break out the crackers, and corn chips, and sour cream and shredded cheese, and let them build their bowl.

Yes, for the purists that turn their noses up at such things, this chili has beans in it.  Here in Louisiana, we eat our chili with beans.  And we stir it with a roux paddle.

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Belt Fed

Sitting home on a rainy afternoon, surfing the book of Face, and we come upon this little jewel.

Indeed, Chuck, indeed.  Me and my Ma Deuce with a bustle rack full of ammo cans.  Or, my gunner running the 240 as a coax, with 5000 rounds of linked goodness in the ammo tray.  Those are good memories for an old Cavalryman.

Cold, Wet, Rainy

December came in like a lamb earlier this week, but it's showing its winter colors out there right now.  It's cold, wet, rainy.  A good day to stay inside and practice my sloth.  Alas, that is not meant to be.

Louisiana is hidden under that photo.  In another hour, we'll venture out and head to the range.  Lots of stuff going on, and we need to talk about it.  But, we'll be indoors, so that ain't bad.

Tomorrow looks like a great day for a pot of chili.

Thannks, Jill

Several people have pointed this out, but perhaps the most influential person in this election cycle is the lady who got the very least votes.  Jill Stein.  She may have pulled enough votes to elect Trump.
Trump's margin/Jill Stein's tally in the three decisive states, latest count:
MI: 10,704/51,463
PA: 46,765/ 49,678
WI: 22,177/31,006
— Alec MacGillis (@AlecMacGillis) December 1, 2016
Following that analysis, if Stein hadn't run, she may not have pulled votes away from Hillary, and in those three very important states, Stein's vote tally is more than Trump's margin over Hillary.  It may be that Stein's voters would not have voted for Hillary anyway, or it might have been that they would have stayed home, but the numbers are there, plain and simple.

Jill Stein may have been the most influential person in this year's presidential cycle.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Time In Bars

Jarlsberg nails it again.

I haven't spent much time in bars over the last eight years, but I have drunk a lot of whiskey.

As a matter of fact, it's Friday and late this afternoon I intend to declare Happy Hour.  Milady and I have an errand to run, and then we'll crack open a bottle to celebrate Friday.

Y'all have a great weekend.

Little Kim Wants to Talk?

Hot Air is reporting that the North Korean dictator wants to talk, to make a peace deal with the US.  What does he want in exchange?  A nuclear deal.  Yeah, really.
North Korea wants resources – specifically food – from suppliers other than China. That need leads them to make promises to other countries which they have no intention of keeping. As soon as they get what they want they move on to flip the bird at the rest of the world. I certainly hope that Donald Trump is smart enough not to fall for this bait and switch routine yet again. If Kim wants to cut a deal he should be the one putting one heck of a lot on the table (including all of his nuclear material on a ship heading for China) before he gets a single pound of additional rice.
It's fair to say that we've been in an adversarial relationship with the NorK leadership since the early 1950s, and any deal that lets Little Kim stay in power is a no-go.  It I were Donald Trump, I'd be crystal clear.  As soon as there is a change of leadership that shows little Kim swinging from a light pole in downtown Pyongyang, broadcast live on Fox News, we'd be happy to strike a deal with whatever successor wins free and open national elections.

Until then, little Kim can go piss up a rope.  Personally, I love the Korean people.  The ones I associated with while I was in the Army are marvelous folks.  But, little Kim needs to go.  Better by the hands of his own people.  A long drop to the end of a short rope would send a message that North Korea is willing to join the community of nations.

Fake News? Just Ask Rolling Stone

Really, folks, I can't make this crap up.
The man responsible for publishing one of the greatest media hoaxes in recent memory thinks it might be a good idea if the government provided the press with subsidies to help it fight fake news.
Yeah, seriously.  The founder and publisher of Rolling Stone magazine wants the government to help fight fake news.  Rolling Stone, of course, is the rag that published the most famous fake news story of the Obama era.  The "Jackie" rape story about the University of Virginia.  The story was proven to be totally false, and Rolling Stone recently lost a huge libel suit over the story.  Fake news from start to finish.

Now,  the publisher of this thoroughly discredited magazine wants help fighting fake news?  If Rolling Stone magazine would shut it's doors, fire its staff and sell its press, that would do more to improve journalistic integrity than any subsidy would.