Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Blood in the Water

After the President's speech last week the liberals think that they smell blood in the water over gun control.  It's the new cause du jour for the liberal/progressive machine.

Hillary Clinton vows executive action if she's elected.

Harry Reid thinks Republicans are puppets of the NRA.

The Brady Campaign is demanding that the sheriff in Oregon be fired for opposing gun control. (Note:  The Brady Bunch should go back to high school and re-take the civics class.  The Sheriff is elected.)

Numerous op-eds are calling for new gun laws.  I linked one, google it yourself.

Some are even calling for confiscation and mandatory buy-back programs.

While dancing in the blood, they act like they've got carte-blanc to make dramatic changes.  It's like they sense a reset button, or something.

The only problem with their line of thought is that the Founders also thought about a reset button, so they wrote it into the Constitution.  Everyone should be very careful about pressing it.  It'll be messy when it's pressed.

Monday, October 05, 2015

Fisking Johathan Alter

Jonathan Alter (over at The Daily Beast) puts up an odious post, exposing both his ignorance and his bias.  While I won't take iti apart line by line, it's certainly worthy of fisking because he cites so many of the strawmen that seem to become animated in these articles.  Let's begin, shall we, in the headline:
Time For a Showdown: Why Obama Needs to Debate the NRA President on Live TV
Mr. Alter is proposing a debate on national TV about gun control, yet in his headline he uses the word Showdown, a metaphor for an old-time gunfight.  Fitting?  I'll leave you to judge.

Then down around the seventh paragraph, we find:
I can hear the objections now: Why should the president lower himself to giving an equal platform to the odious head of the NRA? Why would Obama—who despises campaign debates—ever agree to it? Why do I imagine it would do any good in getting the bill passed that failed narrowly in the Senate in 2013?
 Wayne LaPierre, the long-time head of the NRA is odious?  Methinks you are exposing your bias, Mr. Adler.  Yes, the gun control bill failed in the Senate, largely because it wouldn't have done any good.  None at all.  You can review the various provisions of the bill here, and how they failed.  Interestingly, two provisions got widespread support.  The proposal to increase the privacy of law-abiding gun owners passed with at 2/3ds margin and the provision affecting federal mental health treatment passed with 95% of the Senate.

Let's move on, shall we?
But in the last two decades, not even the most heinous mass shootings have led to closing the gun show loophole that evades background checks, much less major new legislation. Instead, we get a dreary and familiar public narrative:
Allright, Mr. AAlter, explain to me the gun show loophole.  When I buy a gun at a gunshow, I have to pass a background check, just like I do at any retailer.  What gun-show loophole?  Expalain that to me, please.  I suspect what you want is full, universal, background checks for all transfers, whether I'm giving a .22 caliber squirrel rifle to my grandson for Christmas, you want the kid to trot down to the store and go through a background check.  You're a Grinch, Mr. Adler, who wants to destroy Christmas for much of America.

So, for the rest of America, there is no gun show loophole.  That's a false-flag red-herring that (to use one of Mr. Alter's adjectives) is odious on its face.  It's a damned lie.  There is no gun show loophole  What they want is universal background checks.

So, Mr. Alter, tell us what you really want.  Don't couch your rhetoric in the fashionably political.  Unleash your dreams. I've been playing this game for over 20 years, and the wish-list always looks something like this:

1.  Universal background checks.  Not the "gun-show loophole" that doesn't exist, but full-blown universal checks any time a firearm changes hands.

2.  Federal retention of ownership records.  By law today, NICS checks can only be retained for 24 hours.  After that, they're purged.  The fed.gov has no idea who owns what, or if if they do, they are in violation of federal laws.  One of the wet-dreams of the banners is to know where every gun is at all times, which historically leads to;

3.  Confiscation.  Turn them all in.  Regardless of criminality or intent, or whether the gun has ever been used in a crime.  Mr. Obama alluded to such last week during his address, when he brought Australia's experience into the debate.  However, if you go to the Wiki page, they conclude that the Australian law has been a failure.  The final paragraph of that article states:
The law has been judged a failure by The Liberal Democratic party, which has a policy to scrap the National Agreement on Firearms and allow law abiding shooters to once again legally own semi-automatic centrefire rifles. [30]
It doesn't surprise me that our president and Mr. Alter want to enact a law that the liberals in Australia have judged to be a failure.  I'm convinced that most of Mr. Obama's tenure will be judged by history to be a failure.

But, Mr Alter should be honest enough to tell us what he really wants.  I suspect I know the answer, and shame on him for being obtuse.

Saturday, October 03, 2015


Got up early, before daylight.  Drank coffee with my son, who is visiting for the weekend.

Piddled around with him until noon.  He went his way and I went mine.  I went out to the shooting club for the weekly meeting.  He went to his brother's house for some palaver and some chooting.

Came home, went to dinner with Milady, son, grandson.  Lots of good quality time.

Came home, built a fire in the fire pit outside.  Son and I drinking Vermont maple whiskey, on the rocks.  Youg'un has hot cocoa.  Milady sipping red wine.

It has been a very good day.  Milady put eight pounds of beef tips in two crock pots to cook overnight. Tomorrow, we'll feed the crew, then do a little wax shooting in the back yard.

This has been a very good Saturday.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Targeted Christians

s we learn more about the horrific events in Oregon yesterday, we are learning that the shooter targeted Christians for murder.  Specifically targeted Christians.
A gunman singled out Christians, telling them they would see God in “one second,” during a rampage at an Oregon college Thursday that left at least nine innocent people dead and several more wounded, survivors and authorities said.
As horrific as that is, and as I am a Christian, I don't think Christians are in any more danger today than they were the day before yesterday.   This guy was a mentally challenged loner who had more problems than we'll probably ever know.

Of course, our President, totally out of touch with reality, said that states with the strongest gun laws have less murders.  Chicago notwithstanding, who has had 98 shootings over the past two weeks, with the strongest gun laws in the nation.  The President revealed himself to be an idiot. One month's butcher bill in his home down dwarfs the murder rate in many states, and Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation.

The President aside, the public official who has best been handling this situation is the Sheriff of Douglas County, who refuses to use the goblin's name.  Like me, he believes that we should not give the goblin the infamy that he sought, and should forget his name as simply another miscreant that doesn't deserve to be remembered.  We should remember his evil, of course, but not his name.

I applaud Sheriff Hanlin for his stance and agree entirely with him.  We should bury the goblin in an unmarked grave and tell his family we don't know what happened to the body.  He's better forgotten.

Thursday, October 01, 2015


For a long time I've been looking at J-frame Smith and Wesson revolvers.  Several months ago, my son and I were discussing that particular frame and he told me how much he liked them.  A week or so later, I happened to find one in Jimmy Deramus' shop, so I put it on layaway.  It's a Smith Model 36 in factory nickel, .38 Special, with a 3" barrel.  I've been looking at Model 36s for years and very seldom have seen the 3" barrel.  It's a 36-1, which indicates the 3" heavy barrel, which was introduced in 1967,

I got it off layaway today.  It's got that old-time silky-smooth feel of a hand-tuned revolver, and the single-action pull must be felt to be believed.  I've promised this one to my son in exchange for some holster work. Promised kept, and he can pick  it up this weekend.  He's a cop, and it will make a great little off-duty or plainclothes revolver.  Perfectly suitable for serious social work.  I'll let him figure that out.

Another promise kept today.  In that same shop, I've been looking at a Ruger (Old) Vaquero in the glass case.  Deramus had it priced too high, at $750.00.  But, it's the old model, in .45 Long Colt, with the 7.5" barrel.  Bued steel, but the blueing is very nice.  Case-hardened frame, it's really a pretty revolver, but he wanted too much for it.

However, if you look at the Ruger website, they're not making 7.5" Vaqueros right now.  Of any flavor, so if you want a Ruger long gun, you either hit the pawn shops, or you try to find new-old stock.  I had promised myself that if Deramus dropped the price any, I'd put it on layaway as well.

When I walked in the shop today to get the Model 36, the counter guy put the 4473 directly over the Vaquero.  I, of course, noticed that the price had been reduced to $600.  Crap, crap, crap!  I put it on layaway as soon as the first transaction was complete.

Hey, Joey.  When I get that one off layaway, you've got one more holster to make.

Active Shooter in Oregon

It's still breaking and the story has yet to develop, but we're seeing reports of an active shooter at a community college in Oregon.
CNN BREAKING: Preliminary info: 10 deceased, 20 wounded at Umpqua Community College in Oregon -Oregon State Police

I won't get a chance to do much on this story for the next several hours, but i bet that there will be continuous coverage on all the news feeds.

My initial thought is that this is impossible, but I'm not sure if this is a gun-free zone or not.  

Fastest Gun Alive

This weekend in Fallon, NV, the Cowboy Fast Draw Association is hosting its World Championship, The Fastest Gun Alive.  All the big names will be there, but PawPaw is stuck at home.  Duty forbids my attendance, and the club has a shoot planned in November.

However, I  know several gals and guys who are there and from all indications, it's a heck of a party.  Maybe next year.

It looks like it will be quite a colorful event.  With crafts, vendors, and even a classic car show.  This thing gets bigger every year, and more colorful.  And, of course, shooting.  Lots of shooting..

But, Milady likes the dresses, and intends to start "upping" the wardrobe.  My question is how do these gals shoot with a holster that's not tied down?  More research is certainly in order.

It looks like quite the show.  Maybe next year we'll get to see it.  If this thing gets much bigger, it might become the Sturgis of Fast Draw.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mystery Pistol

According to The Firearm Blog, there's a mystery machine pistol showing up across Europe.

Evidently it's marked "MADE OF USA TEC-9 FOR HOLLAND & HOLLAND" and I snorted coffee across the desk when I saw that.  It's not a Tec-9, and I doubt seriously that Holland & Holland wants anything like that associated with their name.

Interesting.  I had heard of firearms made with no markings, to be untraceable back to a given country.  I get that, but what good does it do to mark a firearm so ridiculously that no one believes the marking in the first place?  Only the most idiotic dullard would believe that this is either a Tec-9, or was made for Holland & Holland.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Watching Bullets

The post yesterday got me to thinking and reminiscing about the few times I've seen bullets fly.  That post yesterday was the first time I watched a bullet fly all the way to the target, but there have been other times that I've seen bullets fly.

Of course, tracer rounds, from every caliber from 5.56 to 120mm.  Tracers don't count.

Back in 1974 I was at Fort Riley, KS, and went through an artillery familiarization, to show non-artillery types how a firing battery works  We worked the Fire Direction Center, then went out to the guns, reviewed the sighting system, then did a crew drill on the guns.  On firing one round, I happened to look at the muzzle, and watched a 105mm round leave the gun.  For just a second I followed it as it sailed across a cerulean blue sky.

And mortar rounds, of course.  I used to be fairly adept at seeing a 4.2" mortar round on it's terminal plunge.  I'd ask the other soldiers if they could see the round just before impact.  Some of them could, some of them couldn't.

Studying long range riflery, many of us have seen the "trace" of a bullet as it displaces the air around it, especially on a humid morning.  We're not looking at the bullet, but we're seeing the air around it move.  It's pretty cool if you've never seen it.

Once, years ago, a bunch of us were qualifying for the yearly police quals, and we were on an outdoor range in north Louisiana.  The weather threatened to be hot, as Louisiana summers are, and the folks wanted to get done early before heat exhaustion became an issue.  We got started early, and as I was watching the line, I noticed sparkling downrange.  I realized that the targets were oriented to the west, and the rising sun was coming in over the shooters left shoulder.  What I was seeing was the sun glinting off the base of the bullet as it flew to the target.

Pretty cool stuff, sometimes.