Saturday, December 20, 2014

Another Trip Around the Sun

I am reminded that today is my birthday.  Sixty-One years ago I came kicking and screaming into this world.

I'm just hanging on while this old world keeps spinning.
And it's good to know it's not in my control.
If there's one thing that I've learned from all this living,
Is that it wouldn't change a thing if I let go.

Thanks for the lyrics, Jimmy.

Friday, December 19, 2014

At the Auction

We went to the auction this evening.  Milady clerked and I enjoyed the show and visited with friends.  I did pick up two little items, identical signs that struck my fancy.

Got them for about half the price I found them here.  They're metal signs with holes already drilled for mounting.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

What's Fer Supper?

I had a craving flung on me today, so I texted Milady (yeah, I text) and told her I was cooking supper.  On the way home stopped at the grocer and got some good hamburger meat, then came home and made some half-pound patties.  Salisbury steak, if you will.

Frying them up in the pan, then I'm going to simmer them in a good roux gravy for a while, to let the flavors meld.

Then, put on a can of good LeSeur english peas and make some mashed potatoes.  That sounds just right for a rainy, drizzly, clammy Thursday night.  Salisbury Steak, Mashed 'Taters and English peas.  That's what's fer supper.

How a 1911 Works

A cool info-graphic that details the basic function of the 1911 pistol.


I'm putting this up for me, as much as for you.  Go look.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Freedom Expanded

It looks like the Connecticut Supreme Court, in a blaze of supreme common sense, has struck down the prohibitions on carrying police batons and dirk knives.  They reasoned it on Second Amendment grounds, but they could just as easily ruled on any number of other grounds, not related to weapons.
This widespread acceptance of batons within the law enforcement community also supports the conclusion that they are not so dangerous or unusual as to fall outside the purview of the second amendment. To this end, the fact that police batons are inherently less lethal, and therefore less dangerous and less intrinsically harmful, than handguns, which clearly constitute “arms” within the meaning of the second amendment, provides further reason to conclude that they are entitled to constitutional protection. Cf. People v. Yanna, supra, 297 Mich. App. 145
As they say, go read the whole thing, but in all my career in law enforcement, I've never understood those jurisdictions that try to ban things based on appearance.  A police baton is nothing more than a fancy stick, not at all different from the kid's baseball bat, or the trucker's tire thumper, or for that matter, any limb that you might cut from a convenient tree.  

I use the same reasoning on knives.  Knives are perhaps man's oldest manufactured tool.  Surgeon's use them, farmers use them, everybody uses a knife.  Trying to ban knives is a fools errand.  So, it looks like Connecticut got it right and freedom has expanded a little bit.  You can now possess a knife and a stick in that state.

Let Freedom Ring.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Exams, and etc.

It seems that a third year Harvard law student tried to argue that exams should be postponed because of "emotional trauma" over the Ferguson and the NYC problem.

Yeah, really.  You would think that a Harvard 3L would be able to make a cogent argument, complete with sterling logic and impeccable grammar.  You'd be wrong.
What followed may be among the most ghastly prose and problematic structure a Harvard Law Review editor has published in quite some time. Desmond’s achievement is a feat that could only be accomplished by someone who has never been subject to much in the way of biting criticism.
I remember when I was in grad school, I was taking a class under Jay Hix and he told us, basically, that if he was giving a test, and he was looking out the window and watched us running across the parking lot, and saw a garbage truck run over us, even that wasn't a good enough excuse to miss one of his tests.   Perhaps Harvard should adopt Dr. Hix policy.

I am heartened that the entire legal media is laughing hysterically at this special snowflake, who can't write, can't reason, and can't read a course schedule.  I bet he'll do really well on his bar exam.

Murthy Confirmed

I see that the Senate confirmed Dr. Vivek Muthy as Surgeon Gemeral, and it's another example of the largess afforded to the nuclear option.  Even Politico thinks so.
The Senate on Monday narrowly confirmed Vivek Murthy to be the nation’s surgeon general, making him one of the highest-profile beneficiaries of the Senate’s nuclear option.
The nomination was strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association because of Murthy’s support of gun-control laws and by Republicans who doubted that a 37-year-old physician was qualified for the public health position.
From all accounts, Murthy is an extreme left-wing physician who believes that guns are a public health issue.  He was actively opposed by the NRA, and narrowly approved on a 51-43 vote.  Harry Reid's nuclear option saved the day for President Obama and Dr. Murthy.

On a more local note, Mary Landrieu once again showed her undying loyalty to the Democratic Party, voting to approve Dr. Murthy.  Mary was the deciding vote on the nomination and shows once again that she is totally out of touch with the voters of the state of Louisiana and a willing tool for President Obama.

Thankfully, we have only a few more days before we will be shed of this troublesome Senator.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Harbor Freight

I loves me some Harbor Freight.  It's like ToysR'Us for guys.  I walked in there today during my break, and found just what I was looking for, but didn't know I was looking for it.
Little folding razor knife that uses disposable blades.  I picked up some blades while I was there.  Then found a carpenter's square to replace one I broke last week, and when I went to the register a scored a cheap freebie flashlight.  Every time I got in Harbor Freight, I get a cheap freebie flashlight.

It's amazing that I can never find one when I need one.  Wonder if the grandkids have anything to do with that?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Over Lubed? I Think Not

I know that the AR 15 likes a wet bolt, and we used to have one M60 machine gun in our arms room that seemed to run best when you poured straight 30-weight on the bolt between belts.

I've heard all the arguments, but I've never thought that a firearm runs best when it's dry.  These guys take it to a whole 'nuter level.

That should put this particular myth to rest.  Lube your firearm, please?

Sunday Song

In keeping with the Christmas theme, the incomparable Kathy Mattea.

Wonderful performance of an inspiring song.

Sunday Morning Dawg

The dog wasn't feeling good last week.  He had some sort of eye infection, so we took him to the vet, who told us that he had injured his eye, but with just a little attention and some antibiotics, he's be his old self in no time.  So, we've been squirting paste in his eye for the past 10 days.  Milady took him to the vet on Friday, who said that the eye looked much better, but to keep the antibiotics for another five days.

He's got a little spring in his step now, and he looks like he's feeling much better.  Even if he does need a haircut.