Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Fauci is a Dumbass

 Anthony Fauci may be a respected virologist, but he is also a dumbass.  Both of these statements can be true at the same time.  His messaging has been all over the place and sometimes inconsistent with pubic health.  He never admits that he is wrong, even in the face of compelling evidence.

Americans will never vaccinate if Fauci's retort to normalcy is "No, It's not okay."

There has to be a return to normalcy at some point, and this bozo keeps dragging the goal posts. Frankly, I"m tired of hearing him and sick of seeing his face.  He was okay to listen to for the first 14 days, but ever since, he's been tedious and inconsistent.  Whatever we do is never enough to make him shut up.

To paraphrase Shakespeare; Will no one relieve us of this turbulent physician?"  It's time for Fauci to go back to his office and shut-the-hell-up.

Talib's Hypocrisy

 Representative Rashida Talib (Isn't she the chick that married her brother?) is calling for a complete dismantling of the police department.

Okay, so what is your plan>  As I recall, Talib is sitting in the Capitol, which is patrolled by the Capitol police and secured by units of the National Guard. What are you going to do?  Tell them all to go home?  Not likely.

This goofy chick has no plan.  She's simply tone-deaf.

Looting in Minnesota

 Another police-involved shooting, another burst of rioting and looting.

By what is now being called an accidental discharge by a police officer at a traffic stop that turned into a felony warrant arrest, Duante Wright is dead, and the suburb of Brooklyn Center is the focus of rioting and looting.

Some business owners took steps to protect their property, some didn't.  The results were predictable.

The natural right of self-defense is what the Second Amendment is about. Not hunting. Anyone who interjects hunting into discussions of the Second Amendment is either trying to deceive or doesn’t know the amendment and its true purpose. The right to keep and bear arms is about the citizen’s ability to defend himself or herself and their family and property against tyrants. Sometimes those tyrants are from the government. Sometimes government breaks down, and self-defense is a matter of life or death.

I'm sure that it would take someone with an advanced degree in human psychology to explain to me why a tragic death becomes the motivation for opportunistic criminality.  With the police occupied at other scenes, it becomes standard procedure to loot a store?  That makes no sense, and the people involved in the rioting are despicable.  

In the wake of civil unrest, the biden administration is pushing for more restrictions on the natural right of the people to defend themselves.  That makes the biden administration despicable.

Monday, April 12, 2021

GUN CONTROL: Biden Announces SIX Executive Actions on Your Guns | The Ne...

While I was out this weekend, enjoying the 2nd mendment with like-minded enthusiasts, it seems that creepy joe decided to come after a right that shall not be infringed.

This morning, I found this episode of my favorite online news show talking about creepy joe's attempt to infringe.  What is really refreshing is that these folks are not really (or don't appear to be) 2A activists, but couch the arguments in ways that average citizen can understand.

It's about 45 minutes, so get a cup of coffee, or a nice beverage, and sit back.  You'll learn that we are now havinng an amazing run of disastrous boating accidents among the 2A community, and maybe we should focus more on boating safety.

What I find amazing is that this weekend, I hosted an indoor shooting event.  Approximately 60 shooters of all ages, fired about 7000 rounds of ammo and no one was hurt.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

What A Weekend

The Louisiana State Championship of Cowboy Fast Draw is in the record books.  I got ome about an our ago, and the range trailer is parked in the range.  We'll worry about it later.  Right now, I want a good, stiff drink, to take these boots off, and a warm bed.

The shoot was ab absolute success.  We had a great time, made some money for some good causes, and visited wit friends we have't seen since before Covid.

Somebody remarked that gong to a CFDA shoot was like going to a family reunion with people you like.  That is pretty close to the truth.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go lay down.

Wednesday, April 07, 2021

The Muffuleta Sandwich

 I'm sure that someone else thought of it first, but the muffuleta sandwich is claimed by the Central Grocery of New Orleans.  It's also hard to know whether it is an Italian, or French sandwich, but it does blend several cultures.  Central Grocery is just south of the old French Market on Decature street, a simple stroll from the market.

Belle's take on the muffuleta is easy.  On a fresh Kaiser roll, add olive salad, ham, salami, provolone and pepper jack cheese.  Add mayo or mustard if you like, but put in in a sandwich press and toast it all until it is a gooey mess.  Get plenty of napkins, you'll need them.

The Central Grocery doesn't toast their sandwiches, which cases some turmoil in one friend, who ate Belle's and then found themselves at Central Grocery.  She was quite disappointed in the original.

The muffuleta.  It's what's for lunch.

Tuesday, April 06, 2021

Switching Horses

 Regular readers know that I enjoy a cocktail in the late afternoons.  Belle declared Happy Hour a few moments ago, and rather than reaching for the bourbon that I normally enjoy during the cool months, my hand grabbed a bottle of vodka.  Luckily atop the refrigerator, I had an unopened bottle of tonic water from last year.  And, it fizzed when I un-cracked it.

So, in the week after Easter, I guess I've gone from bourbon and coke to vodka and tonic.  It's a seasonal thing.  And, the seasons, they are a-changing.

I learned to drink vodka-tonic at the old Fiddler's Green, the junior officer bar at Fort Knox, KY.  The bartender there, Susie recommended it to me one night when I ordered a Reuben from the grill.  I haven't had a good Reuben sandwich since Fort Knox, but I admit that their Ruben was the first one I had ever tasted, and Reuben's aren't big in the Deep South.

I was at the local deli last month, and asked about corned beef.  They don't stock it.  The only corned beef I could find was Hormel in the can, and I ain't going there.  

Away From Prying Eyes

 Like many people, I've been watching the unfolding crisis on our border with horror and disgust.  The Biden administration is using these people as pawns in an ugly game, and while I feel sorry for the human cost of this debacle, I am aghast at the way the administration is handling the crisis. The lack of transparency is appalling, and the mixed messaging is obvious.

Now, the administration is using military bases to house the migrants.  Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Fort Bliss, and now Camp Roberts, a National Guard base in California.  Military bases require ID to enter the base, as any service member of veteran knows.  Access is strictly controlled.

I don't know what the end-game is here, and I suspect that we won't know for several years, maybe many decades.  I do know that these people, who leave whatever they have behind, and start moving north, want something.  Presumably a better life, and I sincerely wish that they find it.

The Biden/Harris administration can couch this as a humanitarian move, to use the available space on military bases to process the human wave they are faced with, but it seems to me that they want to use the controlled access to move the these unfortunates away from the prying eyes of the press, the public and our elected officials.

This administration is depicable.

Monday, April 05, 2021

The Barrel On The Toe

 I didn't know shooters were still dog this, but let me give some background.

Along about 1966 or so, I started my working life as a skeet boy at the old McBride Rod and Gun Club, England Air Force Base, LA.  I was twelve years old, and it was a job made in heaven for a young fellow with boundless energy and a love for shooting.  I was pad the princely sum of 50 cents per hour, but got to shoot the extra shells at the end of the day.  Normally there would be a couple of boxes of what we called "breaks:, and the skeet boys got to shoot those at the end of the day.

One thing the range master hapred on was safety, especially the practice of resting the muzzle of the gun on the top of your foot.  It was quite common and it would set him off.

I understand that the gun was supposed to be clear, and after a couple of rounds of skeet, the gun starts to get heavy, but still, it's dangerous.

TTAG has an article about the practice, with some very NSFW photos of the predictable outcome of the practice. They ain't pretty, and you will hobble around for a while.  Let's not do this, please.

It's been frowned upon since the mid-60s and you would think we would have learned better by now.

Please fellows, don't rest your muzzle on your foot.

Getting Ready

 The big shoot I'm hosing is set for this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Hosting a big shoot takes a lot of preparation, and I think we're ready.  We held a leadership meeting this morning, and went over all the lists.  We're ready to pack the trailer and we'll do that Wednesday morning.  We roll out on Thursday to travel 100 miles to Shreveport, LA, where we'll set up the range and prepare for the shooters to arrive.

I think we're ready.  We'll find out soon enough.

If posting is light over the next several days, fear not, I"m okay, just up to my ass in alligators.

Sunday, April 04, 2021

Where Does The SUn Set?

 If you listen to Edward HOlt, accepting the Edward Murrow Award, you get a stunning insight into the way his brain works.  And truth has nothing to do with it.  I'll link it here, and quote the passage for brevity:

"That the sun sets in the west is a fact, and a contrary view does not deserve our time or attention."

 Except for the fact, Lester, that the sun rarely sets in the west, as any Boy Scout with a compass knows.  While it's true that it sets generally in a westerly direction, the sun often sets, depending on the season, somewhat to the north or south of true west.  There is a difference, it matters, and it deserves our attention.

Just report the news, Lester.  That is the job of journalism.

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter.  This is the day that Christians celebrate  the day that Jesus Christ emerged from the tom.  He had been crucified by the Romans at the behest of he Jewish authorities in Jerusalem, and proved that death had no power over Him.

He promised His followers that death would have no power over them, either.  It's a beautiful promise that I rely on, just as I rely on Jesus for salvation.  Today is the day we celebrate Easter.