Sunday, November 20, 2016

That One Rifle Cartridge

We were sitting around the club yesterday, discussing Old West stuff.  The visual idea of the single rifle cartridge in a revolver belt came into discussion.  We've all seen it.

I had read somewhere, years ago, that the single rifle carrtidge in a revolver belt was a counting device.  When the pistolero felt behind him for extra ammo, he knew that he had a particular number of cartridges left in the belt.  Probably six, or one full reload.

One of the fellows, Sinister Sal, said that he'd like a rifle cartridge to put in his belt, so I volunteered to make some.  

Those are dummy rounds, but just exactly what I used to shoot in my Sharps rifle.  .45-70, with the big Lee 459-500-3R bullet.  With a case full of Ffg, a grease wad, and a calm day, that load would group just under an inch at 100 yards when I did my part.  These, of course, are dummy's with no primer nor propellant.  They should do just fine as cowboy props.


Joe Mama said...

Those are pretty.

Good thing you crimped them heavy....those wax bullet kick like bejazzus.

Anonymous said...

In some of the old western movies I have noticed one round upside down in the belt. I finally figured it out to be a counting. I have since adopted the same.