Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Like many of you, I'm watching the fires in Gatlinburg, praying for people, hoping that this national treasure survives the inferno.  Pigeon Forge, from what I'm able to learn, is pretty much gone.  Lost to the flames.

Then, clicking around, I see that some of our leftist friends have a whole 'nuther take on the tragedy.

That's just one example.  Here's another.

Really?  That's our inclusive, diverse Democratic Party?  And they wonder why their politics were rejected by half the nation? I think it's easy to see.

Hat Tip, Irons In The Fire.


Old Grafton said...

May those jerks suffer worse.

Anonymous said...

Nice folks, aren't they? I don't much like a lot of northeastern states, or CA, or...ahem. Anyhow, I always hoped the folks there, however much unlike me they might be, would be come through all right.
Times like this, it's hard not to feel superior, even though I'm told excessive pride is a sin. We really aren't like those folks.
For Dread Pirate Tony's education, Sevier County is not dry. I used to stay over there every year to attend the Honda Hoot in K-ville. Too touristy for me, but it was cheaper. I'll be not far away in March for an onsite; I expect to be shocked by the aftermath of this fire.
God bless all those folks. I almost wish I were a lesser man, so I could damn those who wish them ill, but I just can't do that. I will say I wouldn't feel very sympathetic if Tony or Tobias were to break down in rush-hour traffic in whatever liberal paradise they each call home.
--Tennessee Budd