Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday, Running My Ass Off

Just after posting the joyous news about Fidel meeting his maker, my second son's family came by.  I was expecting them.  I took them to the airport where they passed through TSA and boarded a plane for Disney World, taking the grandkid to the land of the big mouse.

Then off to the range.  Belle and I stopped at a gas station in Woodworth, LA for gas station food.  For those of you who aren't familiar, gas station food has pretty much replaced the little diner in most small towns.  Every gas station in every small town has a grill and a fry-station, and they do breakfast and lunch.  It's pretty durned good food, too.  Belle had fried chicken livers and fried okra, while I went more conventional with chicken strips, french fries and a biscuit.

Oh, yeah, gas-station food is what's happeing in the Small Town South.  Yeah, there are tables in the place and we ate sitting down, with napkins and everything.  If you haven't eaten gas station food, you've never lived.

Then, off to the range, where we talked about the upcoming Louisiana State Championship and did some practicing to keep our eye on the target.

Big Mark on lane 1, Sinister Sal on Lane 2
Cajun Greg on Lane 3, Squirrel Girl on Lane 4.
Squirrel Girl is my daughter, Cajun Greg her husband.  Squirrel Girl has been her nickname since she was in diapers.  My father tagged her with that one day when she was walking around the house, chattering like a squirrel.  "She chatters just like a squirrel," the old man said "we're going to call her Squirrel Girl."  And, she has been, ever since

And, of course, Blue Eyed Belle, calling the line.  We all take turns being a range officer, so that everyone gets a chance to shoot.  Belle recently got her Rangemaster Pin from the association, so she's a certified Rangemaster.  Even though Thorn Valley is a small club, three rangemasters will come in handy with the State Championship coming up.

And, while we're at it, one more plug for the event.

Planning continues, and it's not that far away.  It'll be here before we know it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Paw Paw, this is AggieWalt from the Gun Counter and if your going to be there be aware of a couple of things. 1. that is the bike rally weekend and 2 I'll be there for a different reason (getting married to a local). I'd love to drop by and say "hi" just not on the big day.