Wednesday, November 09, 2016

We Did It

PawPaw went to sleep last night about the time the polls closed.  Awoke this morning to a stunning revelation: the American people have repudiated the establishment.  We elected a man to the presidency who has never held elective office.  May God have mercy on our souls.

Hillary isn't toast yet.  She's retired, for damn sure, but the over-riding question is whether she'll be held accountable for her crimes in a court of law.  That's important to me, personally.

But, the American people did what American people do.  We elected a person who owes nothing to the political establishment.  As I type this, the MSM is on in the living room, and the media is taking a collective dump.  They're horrified and they're not sure how to react to this news.

It's a new day, and the sun will rise in another hour.  We'd better get busy.

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Anonymous said...

My prediction is Clinton will be pardoned by Øbama using the same reasoning Ford used to pardon Nixon. He might also do the same for Comey and Lynch. I would hope that regardless Trump has an investigation into the mess at DOJ and FBI even if no convictions of them can be obtained. The good people that work there need to have light shined brightly on what's happened so they can go about rebuilding their reputations.